The Bottomline is yes, at a grassroots level you can defeat the New World Zombie Disorder. If you are not Complacent,Lazy or Ignorant you can make a difference.

In this Post I will Uncompartmentalize what has been Compartmentalized, I will shed light into the Vicious Global Secrecy being executed on the Entire Human Species. You can feel free to study the Information further because what I am saying is 300% Accurate.

You see the Whole Global System has been Infiltrated by Alien Influence, the "SHADOW GOVERNMENT" IS THE "SHETU GOVERNMENT", in laymans terms it is the "Alien Nation Government".

The Economies will not only Collapse they will Implode, the reason for this is simple, the whole system was designed to Implode at the will of the Alien Masters who Designed the Financial Systems and Systems of Governance. Financial Instruments such as Derivatives were Designed to Crash Economies at a moments notice.

Legislation such as the Carbon Tax and Carbon Footprint is specifically Designed to Shutdown Industry and create a Great Depression at the will of your Alien Overlords.

The Fairness Doctrine Legislation is also designed to Destroy Free Speech in the USA.

Possible Manditory Vaccinations to Euthanize the Public like a Flock of Mindless Geese.

The Deliberate Sabotage of Organic Crops via the E-coli Outbreak by the NWO Spooks to blame the Outbreak on Innocent Farmers so they can be shut down perminently.
The Takeover of Agriculture by MONSANTO INC. to Patent Seeds and to Genetically destroy Crops Nutrient Value so your families get sick and die from Malnutrition and other illnesses.

The Delberate Attack of Japan via Haarp Earth Quake and Techtonic Weaponry to make the Japanese Elite follow Orders to Cull their Populations. They aren't telling their people about their eventual demise via Radiation which is many times worse than the Russian Chernobyl Plant Meltdown.

The Selling out of Nations Sovereignty via Government Bailouts and the Alien IMF BANK, this Alien BANK gives Nations Money with Ludicrist Interest Rates which they can never be able to pay back and then have the Country sellout it's Sovereignty via Corrupt Politicians.
The Rockerfellers ( Alien Priests ) , The Rothchilds ( Children of Marduke who is an ambitious Canus Being, son of Lord Enki), the Monarchies ( Reptilian Bloodlines) and the Ultra Wealthy are all in Bed with each other to Destroy you all!.

They do not attack you folks right away, what they actually execute is an attack called "Beta Tests", and "Incrementilization".
They will Beta Test attacks on the Public and see what they can get away with from the public, like certain Liberties, if the Public does nothing then it's full Steam ahead!, a total removal of Liberties and Rights of Citizens, simply because Citizens are Lazy, Ignorant and Fearful and uneducated in the Ways of History and how Tyranny works.

Incrementilization works like this , every year the NWO Spooks take away one piece of your Liberties via Corrupt Politicians, one bite at a time, little pieces so that the Public won't notice and the Introduction of New Draconian Laws that get passed below the Citizeneries Radar.
Slowly but surely Eroding Civil Rights and Liberties to the Point were People begin to live in a PENAL COLONY without realizing that they are living in a Prison Camp.

The Attack on Citizens rights to Own Guns and the attack on the right to own Guns entirely. When Sleazy Politicians attack your right to own Guns they are Selling out your Civil Rights and Liberties your Ancestors fought so hard to fight for and to maintain.
Guns are for Citizens to defend themselves against Tyrannical Government, Guns were not just for Hunting Ducks or Deer!. "Tyrants agree Gun Control Works!". It enables the Tyrants to keep you in compliance and starving you and your families to death at the same time!.

The Control and Capping of Media Information. Many Mainstream Media Outlets simply report Agendas and not the Real News. News that pertains to Attacks on your Rights and Liberties are Capped and not Reported. Ideologies and and Political Propaganda is now the Norm. The Truth has become the Lie.

The Selling of Narcotics via the Alphabet Agencies that serve the Cabal Worldwide to fund the Secret Space Program that no one in the outside world knows about. The Colonization of Mars and other Planets without the Approval of the People of the World.

The Signing of the 1954 Greada Treaty via President Eisenhower with the Orion Greys and Omiputus Krill. The Exchange of Advanced Alien Technologies for Human Ginea Pigs which were Abducted and Slaughtered at random. The Creation of Wars to keep the American Public asleep and unaware of what was really going on regarding the abductions and disections of live Humans in Alien Grey Spacecrafts.

The Abductions of Homeless people and Children which were taken by Covert Agencies to Deliver to D.U.M.B.( Deep Underground Military Bases ) to Feed the Draco Reptilians.
The Homeless would be dumped into Vats to form a Stew to feed the Alien Nation, the capture of young kids to feed the Draco.
The Draco like their food live and Kids are the desired food of choice because of their energy and atomic particles are very potent at this tender age, the Draco would eat the kids while they are alive and kicking.

This is the Deal these Monsters have with the Surface Shadow Government, "the Draco won't attack the Cities of the World as long as the Shadow Government feeds them down there" Inner Earth Monsters.

Eventually they will come up and feast on Humanity, it's getting close to that time, if they don't get fed they will come up for a Human Buffet.People will think that the Dragons will be part of a Prop for a fancy Hollywood Movie and be entertained for a brief while without realizing that these Dragons are the real thing and then when they see that the Humans that are being disembowled are real all Hell will break loose!it will be total Pandamonium out there in the Big Cities.

Then there is the Star Gate treason where the Shadow Government engages in Time Travel and Planet Travel to achieve more and more Piracy of Planets and Star Systems.

Then there are the Remote Viewers who use their special abilities to spy on other Nations by sending their Astral Selves to Spy on Military Instellations via thought Projection Techniques.

Then there is the Shadow Government Super Soldier Program where they train Genetically Engineered Soldiers with Animal DNA to fullfill Orders without Question, Deadly Supersoldiers with the strength of 20 Men.

Then there are the Alien Wars going on out there in Space via the Shadow Government and the Pleadians. Particle Beam Weapons are being used against Friendly Alien Crafts. These Beams can blow up Moons and Planets.

Plus there are Big Mother Ships coming to Earth between the GOOD , the BAD, and the UGLY!.

There is alot going on, you just need to do your homework and then you will get the whole picture, it's frieghtening but the truth must be told.

P.S. we do have Heroes from outerspace that are helping us , Primarily the Andromedans and many Brave Men and Women of Valor that defend Humanity and Freedom.
To all those who defend Humanity!, I Salute You!.

Keep Fighting the Good fight Humanity will Prevail!.

The Possible Microchipping of Humanity if humanity is Lazy and Complacent, like your Dog or Cat but much worse for Humanity since these Microchip Implants cause Cancers and Tumours.

You must make your Politicians more Accountable, and you the people must take more Responsibility for your Lives, if there is an injustice take action you can no longer be complacent and just sit on your butt , do something for friggin sake.
Peace, take action tell everybody the deal and what is going on!.
Your Childrens future is at Stake!, Resistence is Victory!.


Fal: I have a picture of a decal I

I have a picture of a decal I am going to put on the rear window of my car. It says "resist, rebel, reclaim" with a fist in the middle. It's kinda like reduce, reuse, recycle, but for the anti oppression type people. If law enforcement tells me to take it off, I won't. Freedom of press all the way. If they say it is anti government, I will say no, it Is anti oppression.

Come at me, bro! I'll row row fight the powah, and giga drill breaker my way to pierce the heavens!

highplainssister: some just that dense

Friggin do something, that is right, I'm going to have a bumper sticker made, " LIZARDS ARE POOTIE COOTIE, JOIN THE RESISTENCE". Then when everybody asks me who are lizards I will say the NWO. Then when they ask me who is the NWO, I will say the Greys. Then when they ask me who is the Greys, I will say your slave masters behind all the corruption in the world, and if they don't think there is any corruption, I ain't talking to them.

Fal: Hahahaha! You gotta send me

Hahahaha! You gotta send me one of those bumper stickers.

Kingkonger: question

How did enkis grandchildren end up being such bitches

Fal: I am not sure if that was a

I am not sure if that was a rhetorical question, but there have been answers all over this site. Money, material possessions, power, etc. Being slaves to such things makes you weak. Then again, the darker side of it are people who know, and place these things above freedoms and life itself.

I'd rather live with as little as I have, than have a lot and be someones bitch. Remember the saying "count your blessings"? It applies.

edisonik: Easy , the Lust for Power! can Seduce the most Fragile!

Both the Sirius and Orion Systems are Empires, but Sirius there is a War going on, the Battle for Freedom goes on in Sirius , while in Orion the Colonies of the Serpent Queens are slaves unfortunately.

This same battle goes on in the Baad Star System, this is your Star System Kingkonger.

Chris: scientist

hey esdisonik do you know how to aquire advaced technology i want to build a laboratory to create gravity ships robots everthing imaginable do you know were i can get advanced technology from i need this technology to defend myself against the negative et,s they fly around in ships waitiang to destroy us thats. i will build triangular shaped craft Tr3Ultra class triangular ships with invisbilty warp drive using the technology bob lazar talked about elemnet 115 that creats antigravity i will this element 115 to create anti matter core to power these ships i have greate creativity i want to build this ship its in my imagination i want to pull out into the phsyical world.

edisonik: Research , do the research

Nothing can stop you. Pray for this knowledge and it will come to you my beloved.

Kingkonger: between who in sirius

? If enki is of the feather then why is marduke a Canus? Dogs can't fly..or can they

Son of Leod: I believe Enki was in

I believe Enki was in relations with the Great Eagle Ones, but he was still a Canus/Sirian. I'm still trying to connect the dots myself. I have absorbed different facets of this diamond so far in my 19 years. First I disregarded Christianty because an unconditionally loving god couldn't just take your free will away that he gave you. Making you fall down and worship him and his son otherwise you go to a place called "Hell". That is NOT Free Will. Your freedom of choice should not be motivated by fear of something bad happening unless you comply. Secondly, I have believed in Aliens and otherworlds beyond this all my life. I care not what book or beig says otherwise. It is simply a matter of Math. An infinite Universe(s) with infinite number of solar systems and galaxies within them, can NOT have simply one planet in infinity with life. It makes no sense. Then last year I became aware of Ancient Aliens which started my deeper investigation of Sumer. I had learned about them and the Mayan calendar in school, but had no idea to the extent that it went. I found out about Enki and Enlil, interestingly enough as a small child I remember asking my pastor if God and Satan were brothers. This is right about the time I denounced Yahweh. I think of the Universe as the archetype Primal Creator. But we were not a creation of theirs, yet the creation of their creation. Finally I have made the spiritual significance with the Pineal Gland to it all. This is where the rebellion must take place. Whether or not I can manifest my powers now matters not to me. I KNOW I have these powers because I believe this whole truthful reality and by believing all of this, I can't not believe in myself and my powers. One can not be truth without the other, attribute this to the if Satan is real then God is real argument. I let no man think for me, simply advise me, or share their opinions/intellect. I live in a financially deficient family. Bills are hard to be paid and family member understand even less. They don't understand the way I am changing. I have trouble fully convincing them. They are a prime example of humanity. Nobody wants to question their reality and something as exponential as this is, it's hard to believe. People are afraid of what to do if it's true so they'd rather not know. What you don't know CAN hurt you. That is why they bury their thoughts. Namaste my light brothers and sisters. I love you all with my entire being, body, mind, and soul x3 I am attempting at this time to sue the United States for what they have done. I may be unsuccessful but I will never die and am not afraid to. I would die for anyone even a complete stranger. I am not Edison or Anu....I am simply a 19 year old man who is taking it as his personal responsibility to live for something even an idea than to die for nothing, a meaningless death. I am one who was endowed with traits and qualities for reasons I now understand. I did this myself, I gave myself these traits for a reason when I incarnated this time. I did it for a reason and I believe it was for ripping down this tyrannical empire. I am no mans Slave and I am my own God. Take care my family.

wmarkley: nice

very well said, spoken like a true warrior of the light, The forces of darkness are collapsing, including the government crooks. good luck.

Son of Leod: Sorry to bump such an old

Sorry to bump such an old topic but I thought I might be able to assist KK.

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