In the begining there was nothing

by Annunaki77 on September 10th, 2012

Then when the Kods came to this Rock, Life was created, Life was brought to Earth, a barren Planet after the Battle of Olympus , Sirius & Orion.
Ki was Destroyed in two , one half became the Asteroid Belt and the other half became Earth.

Your Asian Race are Decendants of Lemuria, your White Race are Decendants of Atlantis, your Black Race are Decendants of Sirius B, your Native Indians are Decendants of the Pleades, your South Asians are Decendants of Orion.

Power above all Power.
Travellers who mated with the Earth Women were forbidden to mate with the Annunaki creations, it was forbidden by the Elohim.
The Humans on this Planet are extensions of their respective Star Systems.

Power above all Power!.


bluesbaby5050: Yes, But they did this anyways!

The Annunaki also did this too.They came over from Mars,during a celebration,and took themselves wives! I also read that ENlil took a human woman as wife.Lord Inki also mated with Earth woman,and sired 2 children by 2 earth woman,and one was a boy,and the other a girl,and they were Both Born on the Same day! First the boy,and then the girl. I had read this not too long ago.This is correct Lord Annu77? Please correct me if I am wrong about this Sir?

Tarheel: We are grateful for what Enki and The Kods have given us.

At least, most of us are grateful, M'Lord.

If we could purge the evil amongst us, we could become what we should become before Humanity was sidetracked.
I believe it was you told us, "We are Humans becoming. Help us become."

Silenci030310: So are mayas aztecs incas

So are mayas aztecs incas descendants of the pleades?

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