to be honest? i whould like to be in age of capricorn ;D

by HebrianDaniel on February 21st, 2017

as i see we peaking the age of aquarius family start to loss it value and we are more individualistic and progressive. think about liberty freedom science humanitarianism. values of the air sign.
i think age of capricorn wil lbe even better
as capricorn is earth sign earth is known for loving the earth labour hard work.
as capricorns we will value our planet much more than aquarius.
we will definetly embrace the nature.
capricorn has also fish tail and many says capricorns is sign of Mysticism and spirituality.
we will tend to be more mystical and try to attain higher spirituality.
we might finally awaken after this terrible Kali Yoga.

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Tarheel: Isnt it gonna be a while before Cap ?

Haven't looked lately BUT, I thought we just (formally) began Aquarius.

HebrianDaniel: i can already see the

i can already see the aquarius traits in the people sadly
very robotic and lack of social skills

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