To Be Free is to Rebel and to be an Outcast!

by edisonik on December 23rd, 2010

In Order to be free you must exercise Self Rule, you cannot be truly free if you cannot take Personal Responsibility for yourself, if you give away your Freedom to a third Party you will not be free.
Here is a Quote from the Andromedan Council ( Constellation of Andromeda ):

" To be Self Confident and Free!, to Unconditionally be Responsible for yourself without being blackmailed or forced into Accepting someone elses Doctrines".

I say unto you how can you be free if you need Permission to do the things you were destined to do?, how can you be free if you need Requirements and Mindless Regulation, how can you be free if you Relingquish Priceless Freedom for a False Sense of Security?, how can you be free if you are Cowards and run and hide in the Presence of Adversity, how can you be free if you feel Fear and Negativity.

You are all Royalty! , Earth Belongs to all of you Humans by Divine Right so why is it that you conform to Tyrannical Views, why do you submit to the Reptilian Overlords, don't you realize that you out number them by the Billions!.

Stand up, clean yourselves up and lets take our Divine Right back from the Orion Empire, your Children deserve to live on a Planet Free of Tyranny. This Star System belongs to you People by Divine Right , you all have the Blood of Kingship running through your veins.

The Gift of the Feather was given to you, Do not Squander what has been given to you!, do not Squander your Royal Bloodline from the Sirian Kingship, you need to wake up and accept and defend your freedoms.

You are Warriors, you are Rebels!, you were not put upon the Earth to Submit to Tyrants, wake up and defend your Ideas, your Dreams, your Families, your Earth, and your Star System.

Let go of all Negativity , Embrace Love and your Immortal Power for you have the Divine Right to sit in the house of Heaven. Enki has given you these Sacred Gifts, the Prince of Heaven.

Wake up, Rebel and Defend Freedom and Democracy because it is being taken away from you, also Pray for Help and for Peace, these Prayers will send Frequencies of Help, you do not deserve to suffer any more Crap!. Peace.

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Quinton: I completely agree. Thanks for

I completely agree. Thanks for sharing!

edisonik: Humanity has the Divine Right to Exercise Self Rule

Yes Quinton we all have the Divine Right to Exercise Self Rule, in the Orion Empire where the Serpent Queens hold their Power there is no Self Rule, in the Constellation of Orion there is only Tyranny. Lucifer was handed some power to control the Earth but that control is falling apart because the Humans are waking up, they are beginning to Question everything, God Be Praised.

The Whole Lizard System is Collapsing that is why these Lizards are moving into ovrdrive to get their Grid in Place for the Planet to Become a Prison Planet, it will not happen.
The Falcon Masters that have given Humanity the Gift of the Feather are here the Hawkgu, the Pleadians are here those loyal to Eiyah the Annunakian Prince of the Dog Star Sirris.
Many other Benevolant ET's are here, so Pray every night for Peace you are not alone , you will never be alone, the Draco Military Industrial Complex has high tech Weapons and the Relic Moon Space Craft, the Annunakian Prince has AR 1 end of Story.

AR Flag Ship a Nibiru Planetoid Space Craft, they want to play let the Games begin, big events are coming, lets hope we don't blow up another planet over this.

edisonik: The Hand has been Extended to you Terrans

The Hand of Freedom and the Gift of the Feather, listen to the Sounds of Freedom, I like this Music Video it gives you the flavour of True Freedom the Gift of the Feather.

Know this Embrace your Freedom like your life depended on it!, defend it for you are all Gods and it is your Right to Live Free, but alike anything that is Precious you must Defend this Gift with everything you have. Do not let Fear Paralyze you, embrace your Destiny like a Lover and never look back. I Love all of you, even when some are blind to this Global Treachery.
Live to Infinity, Consciouness is Eternal.

Genio: Edisonik

I understand that love is the energy force of good, i try to love everyone and everything, but its hard when people can be assholes to you, are you supposed to forgive and keep loving everything, does that mean we have to show love to these reptilian tyrants. They dont deserve it, and theres people who dont deserve unconditional love, but yet, i get the feeling that we must love everything uncoditionaly, my only fear is being stabbed in the back by those who know only hate.

inanna17: Discernment


Boy do your words ring true this morning. I continue to pour out love and understanding to folks who are just not up to the pain of evolution (thank you again Edisonik). There are crystal clear moments, lit up like the sun, when I truly connect with a spirit. A person, flesh, bone, yet - the essence of them dances with mine. And I am happy. I am working on bringing more of these like spirits to me. I seem to attract the 'stray dogs' - folks who see my good heart. I have been stabbed, lied to, stole from and generally drained. Somehow i am allowing this to continue. But I am learning. I need to save myself - like when an airplane goes down and the little yellow masks come out. If I do not put mine on first, how am I to help anyone else. And who is worthy of my kindness.

I continue my journey - it hastens me as nothing has before. I see hate, but I do not want to align with it. I hope that this forum can help me as I move through the gauntlet to the gifts waiting on the other side.


edisonik: I understand, follow your gut feeling!, it will serve you well!

I am sure you can see , who's who out there in the Reality Matrix, it is Obvious we can't love everybody, especially Reptilians since they want to continually abuse us , extend Love to those you feel in your heart need love.
Be yourself, but at the same time learn to understand your abilities and never take advantage of others, this is hard to do, it takes practice.

Everything takes practice, do not let fear dictate your life rather, learn the greater understanding of all things, but at the same time never let your guard down.
Being stabbed in the back, consider it an honor, it shows people are just jealous of you, one cannot prepare for incidents like this, it will happen from time to time.
Follow your Intuition, Peace.

inanna17: Are you the webpage host?

I see a heck of a lot of posts from you. Just wondered if you were the moderator for the general 'feel' of this website?

edisonik: Ianna17 , Quinton is the Moderator, he is also an InfoWarrior

I am honoured by your Interest Terran, I just love to share important information to open the Minds of Billions of People.

inanna17: Again, thank you.

Happiest of New years to you and Quinton. Expect me to be challenging, and a bit of a pain in the ass as I seek my truth. I appreciate your patience.

edisonik: Colleen Thomas is a Pleadian Incarnate, listen to her Wisdom

Colleen Thomas is spreading the Word Regarding what you really are!.

edisonik: Colleen Thomas will back me up

Colleen has great Courage for coming forward with the truth, the truth will set you free but first it will piss you off.

Genghis Khan: If this is true!

If this is true! and these Creatures attack it will be Glorious like never before.
A Warrior desires battle over this cowardly shadow attacks like lies, deciet and the spiking of water and food. These are shameful attacks, it was often said that Poison is a Cowards Weapon and these Cabalists are Cowards. Maybe these Creatures are also shameful.

Genio: Genghis

Theres no doubt that these creatures are cowards, they want to do things without us even knowing about them, they simply want to poison us and stab us in the back like if we were dumb tools. We will no longer be tools for these draconians, we will rise up and take our freedom back because it has been our destiny from the begining. Humanity is a great race that can never be enslaved forever. We will be in control of our planet soon enough.

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