by Annunaki77 on October 27th, 2012

Once you wake up , you can stop the Great Evil of certain Annunaki Groups who still want to Play with Humanity as well as Leftover Draco.


Do not be Scared, be Informed.

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bluesbaby5050: Is this by chance the ...........

Annunaki Clan of ENlil with ENlil in the Lead? He really is one Power hungrey Annunaki. Before he was sent down to Earth to help his Half brother Enki with the gold mining, he had secret Plans to Murder his own father in order to become king of the Annunaki on Niberu, and to take over all titles,and all royalities,and all enterprizes from his father,The King Anu of Niberu! This goes to show you what type of thinking, and mindset ENlil had/has. He's SELFISH,and GREEDY! Remember ENlil had Date Raped his first wife, before he HAD to marry her,OR BE EXECUTED! He had to stand trial for this serious crime. He chose Marriage instead, as she became pregnant because of this date rape. She was one of the re-terra forming scientist in the group that re-terra formed Earth,after the flood during the time of the Sinking of Altantis, ALSO ON PURPOSE BY YOURS TRUELY-ENLIL! The Lord god (self proclaimed) of the bible. Enki never murdered ,or raped anyone in the history of this planet! Everything ENlil had Denied the humans, Enki Gave to the humans to make their lifes better. He gave them a Kick- Start, he gave them Life after the flood, he gave them Fire, he gave them Knowledge in growing,and harvesting foods,and education,and more,while ENlil had never wanted the humans to have, and learn these things, because ENlil had one purpose for us humans, and this was SLAVERY! Are you able to see clearly the differences here? All this is the truth, and you will have more proof of all of this after the arrival of our Alien Allies have landed, and provided this proof for all of you.

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