BB-stay out of my Inbox.

by Tarheel on April 14th, 2014

No need to flatter yourself-I don't read your posts, and I surely don't read any correspondence from you. If you thought I read your BS, let me assure you that you are wrong again.

If you assumed I did from me handing out "Likes", my policy on Likes/Dislikes is that if I think someone believes what they are posting-I used to give them a Like. And we all know you believe the crap you post. But your newfound self-esteem is unwarranted. Nobody else is going to believe or read anything from anyone who post 38 times in <2 days. You're dragging the forum down while grounding yourself.

I told the forum before the Like/Dislike feature was added that it didn't matter to me if it was added. This is mainly because I am not here to win a popularity contest, or any contest for that matter. About a month ago, I asked to be exempted from the UR rating gig. The system has been compromised by, among other things, people like yourself creating alternate avatars and voting themselves up the food chain. Self-empowerment using such antics is transparent and one only need know that people are employing such antics to play the silly game.

At any rate, stay out of my Inbox and save yourself the time & effort-I don't read anything that comes from you.

Oh, New Age says "Hi". They prefer to let the karma Gods exact retribution for offensive, negative actions. John has a message for you...

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bluesbaby5050: For your information Tarheel, the members here....

Do remember when Quinton added the thumbs up, and down, and the reason he did it. It was never for a popularity contest. I do remember when you laid claim to saying you were going to ignore it, because you felt uneasy about it, and it's use. It was for the purpose of when the people reading ANY of the Postings, that IF they Felt any Connection to the Truth, then they could make a choice to show they did to the person that made the post, or added their concepts, and opinions by choosing either a thumbs up, or down, and by showing their approval or not.They were NEVER pressured in to making any choice. They do NOT have to. It is their CHOICE. So I don't know where you would get this idea in the first place. You must of forgot what Quinton said when he first explained it to this forum, and why he added it when he was making changes to TC, and it's format. And I have had my avatar for WELL OVER A YEAR NOW, and the SAME ID NAME SINCE I FIRST JOINED TC. And the regular members know this too. I always post what is REALLY IMPORTANT, and not silly articles, or try to turn this forum in to a SOCIAL CLUB, because there are many other sites that offer this service, and this site is for telling the truth of what has been hidden, and kept from humans for thousands of years, and my postings are what this has been all about from the beginning when I joined TC. My material is of importance to TC, and people come to this site to learn, and they have repeated this fact to this forum many times. Where have you been not to notice this? As a matter of fact, I also get plenty of positive FEEDBACK in this forum from many members here, as well as off from this forum, that you are not even aware of, because your hardly ever on TC. And when you are, you always seem to find fault, and make insulting remarks to people, and then your off for a week at a time. And I will add to TC a lot of interesting information on some current events with the latest updates, and insights, and I invite feedback on any of the subjects as well. And I always keep my postings in order, and insightful, even with any new updates when I add to them, and this is what a good reporter does. I do research, and when I find subjects of interests, I will post them when my intuition lets me know when it's important enough. And I was asked by Edisonik, and by Annunaki 77 not to leave Truth Control, because according to them both, and in THEIR Own words, I am a great Asset, and that I have a strong voice on TC, and people can learn from me, because I have plenty of life knowledge to share here. I have lived 62 years now, and I have experienced a lot, and I have gained a lot of insight from the human condition now, and in many past lives. I have given my time freely, and because I wanted to, and because I have the means to, and because I love humanity, and this planet, and because I am here to make a positive difference while I am still alive on this planet. I am not strickly committed only to Truth Control, as I have other projects I indulge in. TC is like a hobby of mind to do when I can. And I have stated that if any thing I should post does NOT interest anyone, then they should move on to something else that does interests them no matter who posted it. This is only common sense to move on to another subject, because there are many to choose from on the many subjects contributed over the years from the members on TC. And the number I of my postings on TC is over 2-4 days worth with hours passed in between them and just recently during this passed week, and over the weekend too, and along with my added replies to the members that address me by speaking to me in this forum. and also over the INTIRE weekends as is obviously seen FROM THE DATED MATERIAL, and the date, and times, and this is along side each posted subject, or reply to any threads in the forum. Too bad if my work seems to bother you. Don't read any of it, you have free will, as many of us have said this before to the people in this forum. And for my beliefs on the subject matter or not, has nothing to do with how the reader feels about the subject. This does not make any difference unless they say so. and then they can posts their opinion, It's their choice like I already said. There is no limit as I recall of the number of posting any member can make, Quinton never made this claim on TC. Your the only one that ever had a problem with other members on this. You said this to other members on TC too, and not just me. I make some post weekly as well as some daily depending if it's worth my time to, and I answer any replies to my work when I need to, and when I get the chance, because I also work from my home, and yes a real paid job too. You always seem to post your feelings mostly when I AM OFF TC, and never while I am on it, just in case I SHOULD REPLY to your insults you make about me, and then run off TC as usual. I do not bring this forum down as you say I do, in any way, and your not my judge, and jury, and if you think you are, then your sadly mistaken. On the contrary, according to many members here, such as Annu77, as well as Eddie, and MANY others, they are thankful for my material, and they even post their gratitude in the forum, as is seen by anyone that bothers to read them. And I am well grounded as well for your information. I even did a post on this subject a while back, before Starperson did, so I already do this daily. And YOU DO READ MY POSTS, and this only proves it more! At least I tell you what I really think when you called me a liar twice, and I don't run away from it after, like you do. So if you don't like it then, don't follow my work, and just skip past it. What your opinion of me does not matter to me in the least, and it never did. But, I will not be called a liar by you when I say some thing that happened to me really happened, and it really did, and YOU WERE NOT THERE TO WITTNESS THE EVENT, because you live way down south in North Carolina, and I live up in Maine, and besides this, there are Over 1000 plus miles of land between us, so you will not get a fight from me, or Ruffle my feathers Tarheel. NICE TRY!

bluesbaby5050: And UNI 1 This post also applies to you too..........

As I have had many thumbs down from you, as this is one right now, when I speak my truth here on TC, and You don't approve of this, along with the rest of this post. That's why you have not been on TC for a while now. You have argued with many members on TC since you arrived here, including Moon, and other females, and you Buddy- Up to the males as on this forum from the beginning as is noticed, and you caused trouble here with many members-females, and your the one that changed your ID from 11ORION11 to the one you have now, but you never did fool me, because I reconized your style, and I even told you so. I am a straight forward person, and I refused to be intimated by you and Tarheel or anyone else here. So gang up on me, I have seen your IN-Box to Tarheel also, he sent them to me many times. Nice Try, the both of you.

bluesbaby5050: And on this Same note Tarheel..............

You can NOT VOTE YOURSELF UP ON THE THUMBS Up/Down for Your information! Your wrong AGAIN! just try to, you can't, and this feature was also add by Quinton so people that THINK of this like YOU CAN'T! LOL! My votes are just what they are... HONEST VOTES! Quinton saw to this deceptiveness way ahead of time. LOL!

bluesbaby5050: SOME of the male gender on this forum..........

Just can NOT stand an intelligent woman speaking her truth her mind! A real man would only admire this. GO FIGURE! The times are now changing for the better regardless of whether you two approve of it OR NOT! There has to be a balance with the females, and the males. THE OLD is being replaced with the new now, and it's long overdue.

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