[BBC UFO Documentary 2014] Aliens, Ufo's, Annunaki - The Ultimate question (NEW+ documentary)


bluesbaby5050: Sorry Chris.....

But this BBC video is quite LAME!

Chris: stargates opening

bluesbaby all around the world people are seeing more spacecraft aliens and other beings coming out of stargates many alien beings will appear very soon I feel steve quayle said in a interview a person in the government contacted him to tell this year January 2015 a stargate openeded and winged beings came through a stargate.

bluesbaby5050: Chris.... Steve Quayle is a very paranoid person........

He is all about Doom, and Gloom and this is the type of stories that ignorant people believe in without any PROOF of what they actually are spreading though word of mouth to others. Such as this one for example. Where is this proof of these winged beings, and where is this stargate located, and where are their origins in this multiverse? Any government person can say anything to anyone, and this does NOT prove anything. Look how well the US government entertains the masses, and their owned media sources, as well as the other world government leaders do. Just look at all the government dis-information being spread around just to keep ignorant people in a constant state of fear. This fear is energy, and food to feed the dark side so that they can live off from us humans. I refuse to play into this fear-trap, and so should you. Tom Horn is another one, and they are both big belivers in Jesus Christ etc. You should know better then this, because you have had access to secret hidden knowledge for as long as you have been a member on Truth Control. Please do not be so qullible. You should not believe everything that you hear. TRUST YOUR GUT INSTINCTS/YOUR INTUITION Chris. I do believe in Starships, because I am a contactee, and I have seen many things in the skies, and not everything in the sky is a spaceship. UFO MEANS UN-IDENTIFIED OBJECT THAT LOOKS TO BE FLYING-.....Unidentified Flyng Object = U-F-O.

Chris: your right

i don,t believe everything steve quayle or tom horn say they have some truthful information but are clouded by religious beliefs.

Chris: the stargate

was located in canada a man who works for the blacktops military told steve quayle he was dispatched there because the government can detect when stargates open and alien spaceships appear and this person witnessed these winged beings come out of the portal.

bluesbaby5050: Chris......

NO ONE CAN SAVE/ DELIVER HUMANITY ......The only Savior is YOU/YOURSELF. Never look to others to save you no matter who they say they are, or where they say they are from. Only YOU can save Yourself from the Darkness that tries to sucker you into the trap of the material world with many objects that appeal to you, such as Power/Money/Cars/Sex/Porn/ Fancy homes/Drugs/Alcohol/Gambling/Stardom, and the lists goes on, and on. DO NOT BE FOOLED.

Chris: i know

that we can only save ourselves from this situation I know the savior concept was given to us by dark et,s to control us and give our power over to enslave humans.

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