BB5050-How's Ron Paul doing in the Maine primary?

by Tarheel on February 11th, 2012

This State he is supposed to make a RUN in. Hope it's goin well.
Any word on the early returns ?



bluesbaby5050: TO Tarheel, Word on the returns?

Mitt Romney is stated to have his turn this week. Ron Paul had a great big turn out. He drew in huge crowds.The people loved him! IT looks hopeful, for him. About Mitt Romney,it's unsure yet. He has not begun yet.I will keep you informed of the outcome from the both of these two. Your Falcon sister.BB5050.

Tarheel: MR doesnt even LOOK trustworthy to me.

But Im a Ron Paul kinda guy. He'll cross the aisle in a minute and even though he's got the GOP moniker, he's much more of an Independent.
But, most of us know that already.
Just sayin' !

wmarkley: MR

IF you are a fan of Goldman Sachs, then you will like Mit Romney, they are his chief campain funder. if anyone believes that Mit wants to be presedent so that he can serve his country, please wake up, have some coffee, and rethink your choice.

Tarheel: Double espresso..

He's Custom made for the IllumiNOTi, methinx.

BB5050-arent The White Knights rounding them up?

bluesbaby5050: Yes they are!

Trust in this! Edisonik,and myself have stated this already! This clown will also go down with the rest of them! The IMPORTANT ONES ARE GOING DOWN FIRST! THE REST WILL SOON FOLLOW!! THIS YOU CAN BE SURE OF! BB5050.

wmarkley: Ron Paul

I am pretty sure that most on this site favor Ron Paul, he is the one for the job, the evil ones hate him because they fear him, and they should. but evil is on its way out anyway. they already lost. they are just to stupid to know it yet.

Tarheel: Ron Paul came in 2nd....BUT

Ron Paul came in 2nd in The Maine primary, BUT he only lost BY approx 200 votes !

That was Trending good news !


Fal: That was staged. Look it up.

That was staged. Look it up. If anything, he came in first, and the media scrubbed it down as Romney coming in first because they don't want Ron Paul to make it. How much you wanna bet if everyone in the US voted for him, it would still show Obama or Romney being in first...

Honestly, how can a man like Ron Paul, make a 46% to Obamas 48% in a random poll, and be behind Romney. Romney is a liar, and in ass. Hes another late term Bush.

I don't want to live here anymore. -_-

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