The Bavarian Luciferians Quiet War Against Humanity

by edisonik on December 22nd, 2010

There has been a Quiet War being committed against Humanity and it is being committed to this very Day!, some of their Stocking Stuffers include:

(1) The Destruction of the Family Unit.

(2) The Implementation of Feminism to destroy the Family.

(3) The Implementation of Dumbing down children via Drugs and the handling of your children
24/7 by the State.

(4) The Increase in Taxation and Inflation to make Humans work more to live and less family

(5) Brainwashing & Propaganda as tools of Global Subversion to enslave humanity.

(6) The Creation of Terrorism to remove Freedoms via Enhanced Security.

(7) Your Children will either be , Wealthy Puppets for the Globalists, Cannon Fodder ( Soldiers
that are Meat for their War Machine ), and Slave Labour.

(8) The Family Unit once Destroyed by the State will become useful Beasts of Burden by the
State and the Tyrannical Globalists.

(9) The shifting of Wealth from the Middle Class to the Bankers through Manipulation, Lies and
Deceit ( Like Bailouts and Handouts ) paying off the Too Big to Fail Organizations.

Humanity is Quietly being taken over by these Real Terrorists the Satanic Cabalists that have Infiltrated almost all Legitimate Governments, this is what John F Kennedy was warning America about before they Killed Him. So Here is the Information about these Vermin the Illuminati as they are called!. ( 1 of 3 ) ( 2 of 3 ) ( 3 of 3 )

This Information is Real so warn your families, learn to carry your weight! and do not Assume that your non participation to the Protection of Liberty will keep you Safe, it is your Responsibility to Protect your Families so always keep your Governments Honest and Trasparent, if you can't then warn all your families.

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