by edisonik on November 27th, 2013

Humanity was always united , trying to protect their Species against Imperial Threats for millions of Years. Humanity was never the enemy. Earth does have a handful of Imperialists that are trying to Destroy Freedom but these Nasty bunch of NAZI fools will fail.
Humanity from all Nations , All Races , All Creeds and all Religious backgrounds must understand that there is an UNSEEN HAND manipulating the World Stage.
Nations must not be PLAYED or become PAWNS.
It is so easy to be suckered into War by these Few who cause trouble on the World Stage.
I like to call them the IMPERIALISTS.
The Terrorists is just a distraction from the Real Threat and that is Imperialism.
Nobody wants to be managed like animals, this is why there is a Battlestar Galactica.

Have you ever watched Battlestar Galactica?. This Space TV Show in the 1970's is very Facinating because it basically shows the people Advanced Concepts of an Empire and the Galactica Republic of Rebels / Renegades that basically fight to stay alive by fighting the Empire.
The Imperial Leader of the Cylons is a Canus King.
The Galactica Commander is called Adama , his son is called Apollo and his Wife Athena , there is a lot of Olympic themes in this TV Show.

The show never shows the Dog Mask but instead shows a Malevolant Man / Human Image instead.
But make no mistake this TV Show was deliberately put into the Human Subconscious so that the Masses can understand the Inter-Galactic Hierachy of the Players out there in our Galaxy.
Once Again Hollywood is well aware of the Extraterrestrial History of this Star System and the Players Involved.
Sirians/Orion Group/Pleadians/Reptilians/Greys/ and many others.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA is no mistake this show was installed into the Human Subconscious for a reason. The Reason is these Groups could retrun to Earth at any time.

YOUTUBE: Battlestar Galactica Opening Theme from 1978

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bluesbaby5050: This Reminds me of ...........

The Canus King Anu of the Anunnaki Tribes. A Subconscious Connection to Reality.

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