The battle for the Earth and the Galaxy Draconian Controled Orion Groups Vs Benevolent Ets the Andromedans Pleadians Tau Cetians

by Chris on August 1st, 2012

The Draconian Empire originated on Thuban (Alpha Draconis), and consists mainly of various groups of reptilian and dinosaur-like species, but humanoid worlds have joined, too, some forcefully, some willingly. Its most important members are based in Alpha Draconis, Epsilon Bootes, Zeta II Reticuli, Polaris, Rigel (Orion), Bellatrix (Orion), Betelgeuse (Orion) Capella (Alpha Aurigae), Ursa Major and Ursa Minor.It works closely together with the Orion Empire, with whom it shares a common agenda.The Orion Empire is one of two famous (or infmaous) Empires in our part of the Galaxy, the Draconian Empire being the other. The Orion Empire is more recent than the Draconian Empire. It was established soon after the Vegans engaged in space exploration, and encountered reptilian civilizations with whom they shared a common agenda of colonization, imperialism, and service to self. It consists of a mixture of reptilian and humanoid civilisations. \ the majority of these reptilian civilizations are geneticaly manipulated halfbreeds of the Oriongional Draconian race, whereas most of the humanoid civilizations are of Lyran/Vegan descent. Approximately one in every six worlds in the Orion constellation has a reptilian population. Negative ET manipulators/Orion groups: Gray's, reptilians, insectilians, hybrids,are ruled by the Orion reptilian Queens.The Orion Group is a Draconian controlled and manipulated regressive extraterrestrial political body that is specifically made up of eighteen different star systems within the Orion constellation. Prominent members of this consortium are from Beta, Alpha and Gamma Orionis -- as well as groups who are from Ursa Minor and Ursa Major, who are strongly associated with it. The races consist of a mixture of reptilians, humans, hybrids and other species. The Orion Consortium (consisting of 19 different races from the Constellation of Orion along with the Draconians and Sirian B's) is directly involved with the manipulation of Humanity. Living inside our planet 100 to 200 miles under the surface are 1837 reptilians who have been here a very long time, 17 humans from Sirius B, and 18000 Grey clones inside the Earth and on the moon. Most of the 2000 original Greys are on Phobos, one of the moons of Mars, which is an artificial satellite. There are also around 141 Orion beings inside the Earth from 9 different races. There are a lot of "bad boys" here who have technology thousands of years ahead of us. It is estimated that Grey technology is 2,500 years ahead of us. The Orion Group who control the Greys have technology approximately 3,700 years ahead of us. Nobody really knows how far the Draconians are, because they are incredibly elusive. The group from Sirius B are approximately 932 years ahead of us. Alpha Draconians, the Grays and the Orions,Some are full reptilian. What I mean I reptilian is that they look like a lizard. Very tall, the 7 ½ to 8 ft. some of them get as high as 12 to 13 feet. They can weigh up to as much as 1000 pounds. They are incredibly quick, they are incredibly psychic. They have the reptilian eyes or the cat eyes. They are carnivorous or vegetarians, it all depends on how long it's been for them. They are arid animals, desert animals. They prefer the desert. They are warriors. Some of the other Orion groups are half human half reptilian. In other words they may look human with the same features but they have a reptilian skin. Some of them are very human, but they will have Gray features. There's a lot. The Orion group, their big thing was genetics. That's really their forte and then they learned how to fight. But their real forte was genetics. And they genetically alter and tinker with everything that they get their hands on. They make it their own.

Based on the claims of numerous contactees, it would seem that Orion was once an extension of the Solar-Lyra alliance. However the "grey" and reptilian species began to increase in the Orion systems as it was apparently the Grays that succumbed to the hive-like control of the reptilians in Alpha Draconis and Orion. Using the grays as mind-controlled mercenaries, the major "Nordic" world in Rigel was attacked by the Draco/Gray Orion reptilian alliance. Many of the Nordics who escaped fled to Procyon, to the Jovian moons of the Sol system, and apparently to Sirius-A, which has been at war with the six Draconian controlled "Orion" star systems {i.e. "the Unholy Six"} ever since. The human colonial worlds in Lyra were also attacked by the Draco , with three worlds being devastated, however many human refugees escaped and eventually colonized systems in the outskirts of Lyra such as Vega, the Pleiades, Hyades, and the stars Tishtae and Zenatae in the Andromeda constellation {NOT the Andromeda galaxy, as some have erroneously claimed} of THIS galaxy. The Draconian attacks on Lyra came before the Draconian/Gray takeover of the Orion systems.

Eventually the Draco/Gray alliance in more recent times had conquered the Procyon civilization, whose ancestors they had in earlier times driven out of the Rigel system. Much as is occurring on earth, the Procyons were "baited" by a technological/cultural exchange "treaty" which was in fact used by the Dracs and the Grays as a "Trojan horse" to facilitate the infiltration and ultimate conquest of the Procyons' home world. The Procyon rebel fleet which escaped the attack joined up with the Andromedans, some progressive Pleiadeans {the "Pleiades" open cluster actually consists of over 200 stars which ultimately revolve around the central star of the cluster, Alcyon... our own star "Sol" being one of them... so there are reputedly MANY Pleiadean space cultures}, and some non-interventionist forces in Tau Ceti and Epsilon Eridani. All of these claims have been relayed by MORE THAN ONE contactee source, in a manner which seems to coincide with similar accounts and suggests the reality of an emerging tapestry of cosmic history in this sector of the galaxy. Refer to the numerous links within this report for further details on the above. Anyway, the Procyons with the help of their allies in some of the more non-interventionist Federations have reportedly re-gained their world and put an end to Draconian/Rigelian domination there, and have joined with the above mentioned fleets in an effort to establish a "blockade" of the Sol system in an attempt to keep incoming Draconian craft from reaching earth and joining up with their subterranean counterparts for the purpose of reinforcing the infiltration and ultimate invasion of the surface of planet earth from below.

This "blockade" has reportedly been broken through by the Dracs on several occasions, however the "Federation" forces and the native "Solarian" forces based on/in other planets and satellites of the Sol system, have allegedly fought valiantly... and there have reportedly been great losses on both sides. To add to this, one planet in Sirius-B has allegedly fallen under the control of the Draco-Orion alliance and this among other things has provoked an intense civil war in Sirius during the closing years of the 20th century.

Three objects, actually carrier ships from Alpha Draconis, Rigel Orion and Sirius-B, reportedly entered the Sol system in Hale-Bopp's cometary tail, and according to contactee Alex Collier "jumped ship" near Mercury. An odd fact about comet Lee's occultation of the star Algol in 1999 was the odd fact that two previous comets, Hale-Bopp and Hyakutake both occulted the same star one year apart, AND ON THE SAME DAY. Just exactly what this means is unclear, although some sources have offered some pretty interesting speculations. There are even reports of a massive Alpha Draco / Rigel Orion / Sirius B fleet en route to planet earth, in spite of the Sirian civil conflicts. Some of these craft are reportedly upwards of 500 miles in length. I have it on pretty reliable authority that the ORIGINAL idea for the TV mini-series "V" came from an individual who lived in Hollywood at the time and who was doing some serious investigations into the Dulce New Mexico underground base. This individual had shown a draft of a movie script which he had written, to an NBC employee in confidence, however this exact idea -- even down to the plot involving reptilians from Sirius B masquerading as humans in order to "harvest" planet earth of its human, animal, and mineral resources -- just "happened" to surface in NBC's "V" series. The original source holds no grudges though, he thought that they did an excellent job on the mini-series.
- The Nordics in Rigel, after massive infiltration by Draconian forces, wage a desperate war against Reptilian and Grey forces. The surviving Nordics are forced out of the Orion open cluster and take refuge on the Jovian moons of Sol, in Sirius-A, and in Procyon. Other humanoids flee to the outer Orionite systems, yet because of their close proximity to the central empire must capitulate much of their sovereignty over to the Draconian collective. These peoples are used by the collective to serve the empire in a similar fashion as peasants serve a king or dictator, yet on a much larger and more tragic scale.

- The Orion cluster is now fully controlled by the "Orion Group" which in turn serves under the authority of the Alpha Draconian Empire, Rigel, Betelgeuse and Bellatrix Ursa Major and Ursa Minor being major centers of Orionite power. This sub-empire of Orion consists all-in-all of six Orionite star systems at the core which have succeeded in conquering and subduing several worlds throughout this sector of the galaxy in order to feed their Empire’s parasitical lust for conquest, many of these worlds are slave-planets where descendants of human colonials live, although their horrifying existence could probably not be considered ’living’.

The atrocities of the Draco-Orion Empire are known throughout the whole galaxy and has earned itself the title, among many of their Federation enemies, of "The Unholy Six". Devastating battles are waged between the Pleiadeans and Orionites. Whole worlds are devastated. The conflict between the Pleiadeans and the Orionites is now focusing on planet earth - which with its strategic location and resources and central role in galactic history is the KEY to the success or failure of either side

The Sirians, many of whom are descended from refugees from Rigel Orion, begin a long history of interstellar conflict with the Orionites over the disputed sector of space, a star cluster in the immediate vicinity of Sol, containing some 21 life-bearing star systems and 287 inhabited worlds. Draco-Orion backed armada, with battleships upwards of 50 miles long, leaves Sirius-B at sub-light speeds in order to maintain third dimensional integrity [it’s easier to phase-in to other-dimensional realities through exceeding light-speed, than it is to phase-back-in to third dimensional reality from an other-dimensional mode].

Their destination is the SOL system, where they intend to help enforce an electronic New World Order dictatorship that human agents of the Draco-Orion-SiriusB alliance - who are members of international banking fraternities - have been implementing on earth from their bases,

near Gizeh, Egypt

Dulce, New Mexico [controlled by ciakars or winged dracos, white dracos, and green dracos]

Pine Gap, Australia

the German Thule Societies’ M.A.L.T.A. base in the Alsace-Lorraine region of Germany

the ’New Berlin’ base in the New Shwabenland region of Antarctica.

Massive abduction, indoctrination, and implantation programs targeting Earth’s citizens have been carried out through previous decades in order to facilitate the take-over of planet earth and its annexation into the Draconian-Orionite collective.

Massive Andromedan, Pleiadean, Tau Cetian, Procyonese, Arcturian, Ummites, Tau Cetian Sirius A Koldasian and other forces loyal to the United Federation and the non-interventionist directives have established a massive ’blockade’ near the orbital sphere of Neptune in order to prevent this sector including planet Earth from being interfered with by incoming Draconian-backed forces.

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bluesbaby5050: Last year at this time-----

The underground bases-bunkers,and in the oceans around the world, were destroyed.This has already been anounced ,and now is widely known thoughout this world. The numbers of the enemy reptilians have been greatly reduced,along with the Greys.The stargates have been dismanteled,and have BEEN OUT OF ORDER,so they are no longer in use.The humans have greatly become aware of what has been going on now, for more then a year.Everyday, more people have been waking up at a Rapid rate,and have learned by word of mouth,and by other means, that we are being fought over because we are looked at as a food resource.This planet is being fought over for all it's valuable resources by the Orion empire.The humans are wise as to what ,and why this has been happening,and who is resposnible for these actions against them.They are VERY AWARE WHO THE ENEMY IS! WE ARE NOT ASLEEP! Good luck trying to dumb us down.We are much stronger they you lizards think!

uniruze: Hi !!

A good piece of work.
Finally someone mentions the fight. Congratulations Chris.
I noted some facts that are important for me to know.
Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" is a book I recommend.
Meet yourself then your enemy.

Tarheel: Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" is a staple in my limited library.

1 of my prayers- May I (and You) never have to employ "The Art of War".

uniruze: My full respect for you and

My full respect for you and respect prayer.
My perceptionf"The Art of War" is the only proven way of staying on planet Earth. But it is not the only way.
Unfortunately no other way that I tried did not touch technology of tempters.

Souacide: What's for Dinner?

I think we need to turn the tables against the Alpha Draconians and the Greys. Instead of humans continuing to be food for these alien races, we need to start eating them. I’m not sure how a Grey would taste since they stink like piss but the Draconians might taste pretty good. I hear that Lizards like iguanas tastes pretty good. C’mon US government, we need to kidnap some Dracos, I am really curious now about the taste. I have had snake meat and gator jerky and I liked it. I’ll be a willing taste tester. Hmmm, with some hot sauce. I hear they are shape shifters and can maintain a human appearance by eating humans. So if I ate a Draconian, would I gain some chameleon abilities too??? Wow!!!!

Tim Lovell: Chris you have half of it

Chris you have half of it correct but unfortunately even you have succumbed to their agenda , I am sad to say this , but as you absorb all the light and information that you have been given you also have absorbed as much wrong information, I am sorry but this is truth , Chris remember beCAREFULL when you open yourself up psychicly to recive light because , unfortnuatly this IS the point where they insert their information also , just remember BE CARFULL , Chris I know you know as I do and as we ALL do but be carefull , they mix truth with their deceptions , you must be very aware to take care of being aware of this ok ? When you re read your text and think , oh that part dosent seem right , don't disregard that instinct as it incariably will be true OK ?


Chris: i know

that this info is not truly accurate I posted this years ago when I was searching for truth on this subject.

LoliApolys: Well most of this has been

Well most of this has been quite in site full and for me not knowing what the hell was going on and had to interfere with the hole situation sounds fine but Tim if you have any info please share :) I would live to hear as much as possible of what happened. I like to get all the facts and while the draconians are telling one thing the Andromedan are not so open for the subject of how this war started or details of how they were going to finish it.

Terran resistance: the hollow earth

Sirians are refugees from Lyra, some Andromedans are human, you forget to mention the factions in the hollow earth, there's Andromedan humans from the Andromedan galaxy, Andromedan constellation humans, Hyadean humans, Pleiadian humans and Gemini humans, you also seem to forget that certain densities can exist on the same planet (which no one talks about)r, no one mentions the aliens from fourth density here on earth. The difference between fifth density and above is that they are in a different world, fourth density down to third and maybe perhaps second if it exists they exist on Earth, everyone has neglected this fact and don't understand the significance of 'other' Terrans already on Earth which would appear alien slightly in appearance to us, we are literally surrounded by aliens, Draconians only play a small part, and nobody talks about the time travel capabilities of future humans coming back after agenda 21 has past and they are a different skin tone, no one mentions Terrans that were advanced in the past coming forward in time either. Also there are many parallel realities with Earth so 'aliens' could come from there as well, you are too short sighted. Also there's the dark side of the moon, the civilization which no one has had the balls to come out and speak of WITHIN the moon. Hence the moon's constant usage in freemasonry. It's all recorded in Hittite who is in the hollow earth via their language.

LoliApolys: Terran resistance can you

Terran resistance can you please teach me more of this please. I understand the multiple dimentions on one planet.

Terran resistance: Dimensions

People get confused between dimensions and densities, densities have dimensions, we have four dimensions in third density (where we are now) Length, depth, height, time, in fourth density they have an extra dimension which is an unknown to our science, though some speculate that because of this you can jump anywhere on a planet through this extra dimensions and thought can be moved anywhere. Mainstream science at the moment considers a single point to be a dimension but I like to think that a dimension has the ability to connect to points in space and is the easiest way to think about it. Motion is caused by time, so the planet rotating is actually to do with time not do do with gravity though that might play a small part. Planets moving around the sun is caused by time, solar systems revolving around the galaxy is caused by time, because for three dimensions to move another point in space needs time i.e motion to move from A to B. But mainstream science has not worked this out yet. Time comes out of black holes in the center of the galaxy and because suns are portals to other suns, time comes out of all the suns and different suns lead to different places, because suns are connected up we could be experiencing the same things near enough at the same time as other star systems. Hence suns being portals to other suns they are used for trade routes. Despite what mainstream science says things can escape black holes because dimensions can escape black holes. Time MIGHT also be the reason why we cross the galactic plane as well hence why new dimensions when added to the universe are at this point because it takes the least amount of time for dimension to be added to a planet when its jumping to a new density when its crossing the galactic plane. This also could be because more suns are nearer the galactic so are more likely to feed their planets with a new dimension when it comes into the universe and when this happens all densities receive an extra dimension unique but has been seen before in the density above, except for the new density which is formed by the highest density which gets a brand new dimension never seen before in the universe which elevates it to a new density never been seen before as well. Its density which causes a shifting up process in the galaxies in the known universe. So when you think of changing frequency like on Star Trek to avoid incoming proton torpedoes its more like they are changing density rather than frequency to avoid incoming projectile weaponry, like how jets now drop flares as a countermeasure ships use densities as a countermeasure instead. Look up Billy Meier and his Pleiadian friends, their ships change density and probably use uses densities which are far lighter than ours otherwise they would run into things when they make the jump and the reason they look like they are being held by a wire is because they create their own magnetic field to escape earths gravity, so down are the days in the future when we use hydrogen fueled rockets to escape earths gravity. Densities are measured in octaves apparently. What happens to fourth density when an extra density is added to the universe I don't know. fourth density is what the bible, qu'ran and torah call salvation, and is the ghostly realm, can ghosts build? that would be a dangerous dilema for earth if they could because where do you think all the smart people are gonna stay, they ain't gonna stay in third density that's for sure....its a brain drain..for far too long have we been looking down on ourselves as a race when in fact its these barbarians around us and underneath us which cause all the problems....Those that are considered worthy stay in fourth density while those that have passed on that are not worthy are probably forced to reincarnate... This is why nuclear testing was stopped because nuclear bombs are effective and send blast waves through into fourth density. I think each density even the word suggests denser is actually the polar opposite because they seem to get lighter as you increase from one density to another. When you make the jump after death you are just light and can pass through anything you are just light, up until you start eating and the body starts taking on a stabler form this explains why they can walk through anything when they make the jump otherwise you would end up in between a wall or something. They are made up of soft particles what we call electrons up until they start eating i.e hard particles. Also there is no freedom of thought in fourth density you can literally have voice calls in your head with someone else miles away because of the extra dimension. There's less freedom of expression and the elite in fourth density take advantage of this to monitor everyone's thought patterns. Second density if it exists would be more like watching a cartoon and the top 10 weirdest things that people have seen are stick men, look it up its quite interesting, the question is are they in the same state as we are? Are they in the same dilemma as we are wondering whether or not there's life out in the universe because not many civilizations are going to use third density and second density because there's less colors we might appear ugly to extraterrestrials we might look like abominations and might not want to touch us with a barge pole because of what we look like due to lack of colors. Also what we might consider to be duality might be different in higher densities, there might either be no duality or what we consider to be black and white polar opposites in color in one density could be totally different colors altogether in another density, apparently extraterrestrials laugh every time we say that space is black. Also there could be life on the moon in fourth density why do you think there are moon gods in religion and such as the virgin mary a goddess of DEATH in freemasonry. So if the universe is getting a new dimension then what will happen is that day dreaming will be confirmed to be a real thing happening in somebody else's head. When this starts happening more and more then we safely assume we are making the jump to fourth density. Some contactees are saying we are making the jump to fifth density instead. Why, I cant say.

Heres one link:

The black stick man is another entity encountered in modern times. Not to be confused with the shadow man, incredibly he is even stranger. Stick men are supposed to look like totally black, thin, stick figure drawings, such as teachers would make in kindergarten. They have been reported as between average height to impossibly tall. Their heads are just a black circle with no facial features being discernible. They are totally two dimensional, without any depth. Usually they’ve been sighted walking along roads at night, or at transitional times such as twilight or just before dawn. Bizarrely, some have reported them wearing what appears to be a top hat. Their walk is described as a weird “lolloping” gait. They are surprised when actually seen, and have followed unfortunate witnesses on occasion. Their pace remains leisurely as they approach. Obviously to be pursued by such an otherworldly creature would be anything but pleasant, and those who have encountered them have been understandably terrified. So far however, apart from being bizarrely frightening, they have done no physical harm, and ultimately just disappear.

Terran resistance: interesting link

Fourth density science, I believe for the most part of it to be true...

Terran resistance: im working on a video surroudning the hollow earth factions

im working on a video surrounding the hollow earth factions to do with hittite language, its quite interesting because its the one of the first indo-european languages and uses various symbols to talk about different factions in the hollow earth. it usually starts off with what looks like an equals sign or to be more precise are line in between a mini square, showing the bridge over the northern polar entrance to the hollow earth with a symbol for a constellation above it. What amazes me the most is that they knew that m31 i.e the andromedan galaxy actually exists, ill show it to you, you wont believe it though, its so far fetched but my conspiracy bones say it to be true. whats more annoying is that because the stars move its hard to get an accurate picture for comparison for the constellations because of orientation to prove some things. The best thing to do is to go by ufo lore and try to match up the symbols with it and cross examine it with other ancient cultures that portray the same symbols in a different orientation and shape to see if they are similar, for example the pleiades is represented as two lines on the indus valley seals, In Hittite its a line and a v next to each other, in ancient egyptian its two lines going diagonally, and they use a circle in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs to represent the northern polar entrance with the symbol of the pleiades in it.

to be honest im sick of tired of contactees providing opinions and not showing facts so im looking for the evidence myself to prove whos telling the truth, from my experience with contacee alex collier he seems to be telling the truth the most because he said that when you drop down from fifth density to third density only your face shows and this could explain the face on mars commemorating a fifth density being which matches up with stories enki being killed by enlil, remus killed by romulus, abel killed by cain in the bible, because he says enki is burried on the face on mars. when you look in ancient egyptian mythology isis gets her head cut off by the ancient egyptian god horus, while in the bible john the baptist gets his head cut off by king herod.... Herod/horus? head chopped off = face on mars, though people think its thoroughly debunked it is not because if you look at the phaistos disk theres a picture of a head. An there are numerous metepahors for the face in the bible such as "the face of the earth" etc.

lyssa royal also seems to be reliable because she says that the greys are making hybrids of humans and greys in order to make a race called the assassani which matches up with lots of other accounts of abductees claiming that little grey men let them see their children offspring of grey aliens and them.

bluesbaby5050: The Hollow Earth

This subject has been brought forth once again, for those of you still asking for answers to the questions about aliens and their origins, with comments by some of our members. Thanks Terran Resistance for sharing.

LoliApolys: Thank you Terran resistance :

Thank you Terran resistance :)I will check this stuff out and help were I can you described block writing you should check out ancient I mean ancient Chinese writing. May help

Terran resistance: i prefer

i prefer japanese, culture moves from east to west, such as the balance of power over 50% of the time. So would be more accurate. Hence why the EU is going to fail after america i think when the dollar is printed into oblivion. But thats conjecture.

Sylk: hello , I'm new

interesting thread

Sylk: Andromedean, Greys and genetic

I'm just answering fast and read the thread partially. I can be wrong but I think These wars between draconians and greys began for the control of hybrids down here.

Enki with the Sirians overloards made a huge downgrading the humans dna , they have been disrespectful for human kind and gave to their enemies a reason to take control of the Earth kingdom. They created their ennemies in some way.
Andromedeans represent the Pleiades and offered a genetic boost to the power in place accompanied with technological gifts.

Sadly our leaders accepted without really knowing that they were giving their power to the machine world. They betrayed the first geneticist of human kind, Enki but they were out too on many things.

Fundamentally, it's a real estate game.
Who is really pure in those wars? Humans & hybrids from the third and forth pay the price for their hidden real motives.

The real reason why they are all here and why they fight over Earth, it's because their sun is dying. Too old.
They come from an older solar system than us.

Do you Remember k-Pak unable to face the light of the sun with sunglasses?

Above all this , something important must be underline.
They are also in survival and don't listen . They are all hungry.
Now what to do with this chaos?

We deal with the human matrix, the stars people at war and the survival of our majestuous world....Mother Earth.


Terran resistance: enki

if it were not for enki from saving people from the great flood hence why waters flow off his shoulders, you would be dead.

Chris: not

Are spirits would still exists not the human race.

Terran resistance: yes but

yes but our souls cannot leave this planet. The eagle in mythology is the spacecraft that saved us from the great flood, in ancient greek mythology zeus sent two eagles to the center of the earth. in Inca mythology they say that two u-shaped spacecraft saved us from the geart flood. One Hyadean, one sirian. terrans would still exist just not in this density and not on the surface if were not for enki. Theres a lot of lies surroudning enki, in freemasonry they say enki is judas which is true, but judas didnt really betray jesus. its only in norse mythology where loki (enki) betrays the sun god i.e jesus by tricking hoder(enlil) into killing baldur the sun god (jesus). According to the gospel of judas it is judas that will reign over the incorrutible generation and that he would instead sacrifice the man whos clothes jesus. judas is called the son of man in youngs literal translation of the bible. which means ben-adam son of adam, i.e abel (enki) that was killed cain (enlil). Also in the gospel of judas, judas doesnt kill himself like freemasons proclaim. Aso when you trace back the origins of decption i.e judas' kiss it traces back to the trojan horse from greek mythology, then it traces by to the ramayana with adams bridge, then in inca mytology it traces back to reptilians from betelegeuse in origin. The original deception. As usual the mythology surrounding enki is currpted on purpose to confuse terrans as to what really happened.

Terran resistance: deception symbology

i havn't quite perfected it yet. it's still a work in progress (03/26/2016)

Terran resistance: the symbology

the symbology shows canis major that looks like an the letter i, theres the letter x for orion group, then theres two strikes up above the letter x which COULD be the pleiades, then theres what looks like a ladder which inspired the biblical story of jacobs ladder, entrance at kilimanjaro to the hollow earth. As for the other symbols i have yet to decifer.

Sylk: what keeps us confused is

what keeps us confused is because some say that before the great flood, a group under the command of Orion or Enki intervened to prevent us from rising to the fourth density.

According to this theory, we live in a binary solar system and the meeting of our solar systems would have created the great flood.

In my opinion it is one of the best explanations which would explain the great flood.
The wars in Atlantis was not the main cause of destruction.

At the right time, our souls can get out of here. Exactly waht the Orion empire tried to deny in maintening us in fears and confusion. This artificial prison has been built by the Sirius C people of orion, which one have no more planets they belong to.

Sylk: the natural world

so hard all this sometimes.
Since many years i feel the inner urge to undertstand all this

there is a solution....

Next post.

mahi-mahi91: I Have Fought...

I have fought agaisnt the orions in my dreams and visions. I have re-ocurent dreams/visons of fighting in a war against evil lizard like beings. Humans and our allies auffered heavy losses but in the end love amd light prevailed.

NeedProof: SO many Versions of Information

Too much detail can only confuse something which can be more acceptable when little bits are presented for the mind to dwell on. Remember that when a higher percent of human brain is used, (this needs some training) there will be the capability of better understanding and acceptance of the possible truth.

Also, until actually meeting with Extraterrestrials and learning from them of their individual histories, information can be suspect. It has often been known that even channeled information going through a well-meaning human receptor, can be manipulated, just as the history of our world has been.

I'm sure most people know by now of the lies and deceit which has been fed as truths over decades. It's all coming apart right now, and more alarming are the truths being admitted to. This means something HUGE is going to happen soon.

I'll try to post a thread soon and give a bit more information.

Fire Dragon: Positive Draconians remove their Reptilian implants

You may want to think of Reptilians as a larger group just like reptiles on the Earth incl. crocodiles, lizards, turtles, snakes etc. thus Draconians are a part of it.
Now, a not so funny part is that those Reptilians who turned to the Light thx to Awakening, still have Reptilian 'energetic implants' which are reactive to a change of vibration and are triggered to sabotage our choices but also, thankfully are gradually removed. I'd say that said 'implants' are in the brain and lower chakras - the root, sacral, solar plexus. Vibrational distortions appear in a form of a 'negative ego' triggered by various illusionary fears - physical/material and psychological, so that a distorted version of the reality 'overlays' the existing one to make the brain literary fixate on a topic. This obviously brings an imbalance to the entire Self.

First red flags - if you find yourself judging everything negatively, making too many negative, instant assumptions or 'foresee' negative results of your current actions, then you sabotage a good vibration of your heart. A human has 2 'generators' of vibration within the brain and the heart. This is Reptilian's hidden weapon, to sabotage your brain-thinking, to limit your happiness and freedom. When one worries too much, cannot feel free. Such an interference makes an individual react accordingly to what seems to be 'real' (and is not), and due to this, you feed a negative Reptilian's network energy because you fear, you're angry, worried, suspicious etc. It makes you enter a 'second life', a VR which is not what you consciously created for yourself. I'm very serious about it.

Fortunately, many awakened, rebelled (positive) Dracos and Reptilians incl. myself have already discovered this interference and also have found ways to fight against it. It's not possible to make any progress to embrace love and light, to Ascend without stopping such distortions and illusions from happening.
The best way to stop 'feeding' is to detach from what your brain tries to create based on received illusions, triggered fears, misinformation etc. Recognize that, what makes you worry
Give an absolute priority to your heart to guide you towards Ascension, but not to the brain if it's 'infected'. The heart will always react to the truth and lies by vibrating accordingly, whether you read, hear, or watch. Every kind of message brings a vibration, just as my written words here and you can receive it. Intellect may be misleading at times. The brain will clear up too and catch up, all human brains will be 're-wired' to let us acknowledge & accept the truth. Knowing the truth is a relief and yet you will catch yourself thinking/saying 'I knew!' with satisfaction, because you in fact know; it's just hidden for you until you mature spiritually - until the timing is right so that you wouldn't deny said truth.
I can't explain how it works because I don't know 'technical' details, but it also seems that a heightened vibration of the 5D love energy help detecting and removing such 'implants'. One only needs to search within, recognize and learn how to make illusions stop by forging a deal with own brain.

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