Basic Reality Training 101

by edisonik on November 25th, 2010

Here are simple Tips on your Reality made simple:

If you aren't ready for this lesson please do not read this information until you feel ready.

Tip One : Time isn't Real! , it is a fabrication of the Illuminati to Control you! in reality there is

no such thing because energy is constant and eternal.

Tip Two : Your Reality you see, feel, taste and touch is a projection of the reality you

incarnated into, it is a hologram and a dam good one better then Imax3D because it

incorporates feeling both physical and emotional.

Tip Three : You are Spirit and what is you see in the material is a Hologram, it is kind of like a

movie and your immersed in it!, the Ultimate 3D Virtual Reality ride, filled with Joy or

extreme Horror, your choice.

Tip Four : Death , everybody thinks about it and everybody dreads it , but thats because they

don't understand it , Death is the end of the current movie your watching so what do

you do next?, you go back to the Video Store to watch something else, only

difference is that your more involved in the movie because it involves more senses.

Tip Five : You Create your reality , your creating it everyday.

The Television and Radio are nothing more then Reality Modificators so don't buy into the lies and the baloney because that reality is fabricated.

I hope that helped you Souls, you are eternal energy never forget that.

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Rishi: Wow ! Eternal Energy ! Thx

Wow !

Eternal Energy !

Thx for sharing !

bardofhearts: Yes I that...

Cus energy is neither created nor destroyed. It was always there, and it is and will always be. It only changes. And vibrates? Correct me if I'm wrong.

bardofhearts: If what I implied above is true..

then...the greatest absolutes in universe are love, faith and willpower? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Tarheel: Even Einstein said, "I believe in life after death, because....

...Energy can never die. It can transform but never die."

And YES, most here know that "LOVE is THE strongest power in the universe." by far !

BenjaminFalkenrath: Love = Lifeforce Energy &

Love = Lifeforce Energy & Cohesion

M3RT0M: Love is

Love write it backwards gives you Evol (Evil) ;)

Tarheel: I see no connection whatsoever

Your post was innocent enough but I take exception to it. Try "live" flipped next time. Dude.

Me? I'm just looking out for LOVE...
(only 3 minutes long)

M3RT0M: I was just jokin

Just jokin dont take it seriously xD

Tarheel: I didnt....we're cool

No problemo.

BenjaminFalkenrath: Tarheel which is why I

Tarheel which is why I laughed it off lol

M3RT0M: This message

This message is really helpful thanks much.

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