Barack Obama Named Time's Person Of The Year

by Quinton on December 20th, 2012

In case you've missed some of the other winners throughout history:

Franklin D. Roosevelt
Adolf Hitler
Joseph Stalin
Harry S. Truman
Queen Elizabeth II
John Foster Dulles
Pope John XXIII
Lyndon B. Johnson
Richard Nixon
Henry Kissinger
Jimmy Carter
George H. W. Bush
Bill Clinton
Pope John Paul II
Newt Gingrich
George W. Bush
Rudolph Giuliani
Barack Obama
Ben Bernanke

They sure know how to pick em.

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Annunaki77: Obama is a Puppet, Nothing more.

History will remember him as a Puppet. Nothing More.
Those who do not Respect the Sacred Essence of Life is a Fool, because they do not know the way of the heavens.
When you Destroy Life, Karma will come your Way.
It is a Universal Law that can never be changed.

Deciever of the Year Award should be his Award because he Decieved many.

Tarheel: OMG !The AWARD is for sale ! Time nominated Mussolini in'39!

I agree Q-dog...they DO know how to pick them.

Ya did know that...I think it was Time that dubbed Mussolini Man of The Year in 1939 back in the volatile 30's. Look what happened to him! D'OH ! Yikes!

Im not sure that is an award I would want.

bluesbaby5050: They Hung him High!

That was his Reward from the people! Clint Eastward in ,*Hang Him High*! A favorite of mine!

Tarheel: That's RIGHT...AFTER they bludgeoned El Duce in public !

Scared Hitler's ass to death ! Literally...Hitler was said to have SO FEARED what the Italian people did to El Duce (Mussolini) that he and Eva Braun were NOT gonna be found in the Berlin bunker or anywhere for that matter. So Adolph and Eva took cyanide and a pistol. Now wonder Barack wants gun control....he's seen the footage too.

bluesbaby5050: No bodies were found to be theirs!

Rumor has it, as they are both on the Moon! With the rest of the Nazie's, or down in South America! MORE LIKE ON THE MOON! The Nazi's have been on the Moon since the early 30's! There is SO MUCH COVERING UP of the REAL TRUTHS, that it's NO Joke! The people of this planet are SOON TO LEARN OF THESE HIDDEN FACTS TOO!

bardofhearts: Hugs from the Fairy Tale

After ages of these cycles of affliction you still choose to warn people about punishment, and almost everyone does, that we've lost tracked of the beautiful sight of Love. Enough with those punishments! We've them had for so long now, and tell me, have you ever seen people truly understand each other through it?? Tell MEEE!!! We've had enough of them!! It's time...for love and Love again. Stop talking about karma! in true love, the Love, there is no revenge. All these life-and-death, love-and-hatred, truth-and-error, peace-and-war, rich-and-poor cycles were originally not there. Someone(s) did something and cause all these turmoils. Why did Love permit these, because even though it is hurtful and painful, She still allowed them to happen, everything up to this point to happen, because through them we may learn and come to appreciate love and Love/Her more. If no one will be able or want to tell me about theTruth, then I will ask and learn from the animals, the plants, and the nature, I'm sure they know. I will attempt to destroy these cycles of affliction, and let the universe be still and all-lovely for temporary or forever. If there's no Superhuman Psychokinetic Goddess in existence, then I will create one. If life is just a dream for all of us, then I'll make it real! If all these are just nightmares, then I will wake everyone up! I don't care how hopeless we are, I'll make sure everyone smiles genuinely at each other again. If we are hopeless, I will be the hope. I'm sure there are others like me who desire for the triumph of Love but even though if I have to do it alone, I will not give up! Even though it's all too late, I'll buy some more time for others to complete achieve this goal! No matter what, I want to believe in the impossible True-Love-orientede fairy tale that I have in mind, because no matter how harsh or true the reality is, everything end when you stop believing, and stop trying. And I believe everyone can be reconciled with each other no matter how "bad" or "good" they are, even Enki and Enlil. No matter who are on the good side and the bad side, I want everyone to dine together in the Celebration Party later and after we've enjoyed each others company for some eternity, if they want to play the cycles-of-affliction game again, then we'll just press "New Game". Life is a reality-and-dream-united roleplay of love for Love. Everyone will give hugs for each other in this fairy tale one day.

Every the so-called Masters here, whose posts I've read so far, who claimed to know the Truth had to at least scoff at and about their opposition no matter how slight the remark would be. You call that Masters? Are you going to be the next person who will tell me that truth hurts and it's inevitable for truth to offend people? The history has been all about Love expressed in hatred since some unknown or/and indefinite time of ripple point. I think it's time for Love to be expressed in love. If you are the next person who will tell me that truth hurts and bodily deaths are inevitable, or there's no resurrection, or that the so-called evil reptilians have to be punished or to be sent exiled to be hunted by hugantic dinosaurs or the karma will get you for you've done albeit it means to give the exact punishment for the exact crime and evils committed, then please don't talk the essence of Love that you won't even walk. Life is beautiful struggle, the cycles have been going on for so long, i think it's about time for everything to be still and lovely again.

I will attempt to create peace. If the sweetest dreams have never been dreamt, I will turn them into reality and give them to others. If all of these are just nightmares, then I'll wake everyone up. I will destroy that hatred. No one has to die or be punished now, we've punished people enough. It's time for conclusion. If aliens exist, I'll save those evil ET's, I'll save those reptilians too, those draconians too. If they kill me, then I'll just reincarnate and do it all over again until they stop. If reincarnation isn't real, then i'll make it real. If I can't make it real, then I'll make sure I have some friends to carry on my quest. If everything can't be done, i'll just keep on dreaming even in my death until i wake up to see my dreams turn into reality. I dont care who are the good guys and the bad guys, there's only one thing for sure in my mind: I want everyone in my dining table and universe celebration party later. and after about some time we enjoy each other company's, if they want to play the love-and-hatred-cycle game again, then I'll just press "New Game". I was/am part of the Creator/Incarnator after all, everyone was/am. And that's.

What I believe.

Ok that was a big bluff but whatever, at least I responded. xD

Tarheel: I applaud your bravado, BohH

Is it possible that your PERCEPTION of what Kods should be like is just that...a perception? They arent allowed Passion/Emotion?

Excersize your Free Will, youthful One. It is more than obvious you SEEK the Truth. Perhaps a little less conviction would serve you well, but do as you wish. We see your Passion.

Annunaki77: I Respect your Opinion

Haven't you noticed anything?. Has anyone Invaded your Planet? , No!, has anyone pushed their Agenda against your Will from Heaven?, No!. Have we taught you Yes!.
You assume we are going to come down and Force our Will on you, No!.
Earth was Re-Terra Formed by a Friend that Loved you, Humans were Created in the Image of this Friend.

Earth is being Spared a Cataclysm, and your Species as a Whole. And all you can do is belittle your Friends. I admire your Courage Little One, you Question everything, this is good.
But make no Mistake, Earth will not go to any Global War.

We will make sure of that. Behold the Wonders of Heaven. Love & Power as One.

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