banned on icke forum

I've just joined this website because i found a post by edward123 who was also banned on icke forum for exposing the crowley connection with the icke mods...i agree totally...there is a crowley mafia on there who need commonsense knocking into them.
It would be good if other icke forum members who have been banned got together and maybe turned up at some icke talks or similar can easily spot the crowley mods..i could name them all and will soon


highplainssister: I read some post on David's

I read some post on David's Forum , about a week ago, I didn't see any mention of Crowley on there,you must know what you are talking about though, a mafia, ? Crowley is a Rothchild Devil worshiper , I wish someone would send them back to hell where they came from. Somebody needs to send Bootzilla there too. Humans are mostly in danger because they don't care, they are duped, poisions has eaten their brains away.

highplainssister: Aliester Crowley was as sorry

Aliester Crowley was as sorry as Lady Gaga both of them are sick psyhco lizards niether one of them are human. They got horns, boney ridges down their back , long man eater teeth, long tails and smell worse than Big Foot, Big Foot smells like a rose compared to them. And to think a member of the human race would for any reason look up to them is beyond me. I tell ya what if a person is that stupid, I don't want anything to do with them. Aliester Crowley was incapasitated in the brain, And the Atlantian astral beings that have caused all this mess is sticking a pitch fork in that dumb ass right now.

I reckon everybody has gone to the beach, I got no feedback, none at all. I reckon, I'll go do some of my sewing, just as well, I'm trying to save the world, but nobody will help me. I will not stand down, The Angels are coming and some body is in big trouble. bye

LordEnlil: You are like a wasp my friend

You are like a wasp my friend sting hard...
I like to know you better...

Lord Enlil

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