Banks in America Attacked,and are now Down!

by bluesbaby5050 on September 28th, 2012

The Banks of America,and the PNC,and The Wells Fargo are now blocked, and reported down worldwide! No banking Online can now be done! It is Reported that the Group calling themselves Tzzad Din Al Quassam ,is a Muslim group,and that they are the cause of the hacking.They are possibly from the Middle east region,and that it is in retaliation of the film,"The Innocence of Muslims."The banks,and the web sites are now on High Elevated Alert,because of the High level of a threat,said the Senior Vice President Doug Clarke, the former cyber security Czar.Servive attackshad beencaused by the hackers who secretly transmitted signalscommandeeringthousands of computers worldwide.

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bluesbaby5050: Correction in typo error...........

The correct name of the so-called responsible Muslim group of the Banking attacks are said to be ,Izzad Din Al-Quassam group.( sorry for the error) I sure hope they get this mess straightened out soon,as this is causing a BIG Problem for many people world wide that depend on the use of Online Banking/Bill Paying. I personally do not use any of these banks that are named, and are affected from these attacks.

bluesbaby5050: Does this SO-CALLED Muslim Group......

The Izzad (Lizzard }:>O) Din Al-Quassam Really Exists? OR Is this just Another Chess game play move by The Cabal/Illiminati to get the ball rolling to INstall The NWo? Something else to make people mad at the Muslims? It Does make you wonder now, doesn't it? Maybe I am just being silly?

bluesbaby5050: Check out these Certain names here.........

Izzard=Lizard. Now here is the Name Din=DEN. Now here is the word Al- Quassam = ALIE-SHAZ-SAM!! The Lizard Den ALLI Shazsam!! Get it? ( AS IN Occult= Hokis-Pokis!) They are telling us it is they who are responsible for this act? We all know how the Cabal/Illuminatic love numbers,and letters,and the games they can make up for these. Do you see how this works? Hidden messages in these names? Is this just MY MIXED UP ACTIVE IMAGINATION AT WORK HERE? Maybe I am just being Silly.........Oh well.

Quinton: Sounds like more fuel to get

Sounds like more fuel to get people upset at Muslims like you said. Cyber security isn't even an issue. I work in the online world all day. Attacks happen all the time and large companies are extremely locked down. It's really not even an issue. Protecting against DDOS attacks like this is relatively easy, especially when you have a full-blown IT staff monitoring your traffic.

wmarkley: middle east

I personally think that the fed banks are lying about the hackers identity, i truely believe that the banks along with their propaganda machine( lying main stream media) are trying to get the american people to hate the middle east so that we give permission to go to another war, i believe the banks are doing the hacking themselves and playing the blame game.

Quinton: Agreed.


Silenci030310: Agreed also.

Agreed also.

Tarheel: WMarkley.....

....Welcome Back, Stranger !
I trust everything's okay in your camp.

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