by Annunaki77 on November 11th, 2011

Never underestimate the power of the Human Spirit.
Never underestimate the power of the Human Soul.
Never underestimate the power of the Human Heart.
Never underestimate the power of the Human Being.

The Reptilians claim that the Human Being is just Dumb Cattle, what an insult to Lord Enki, what an insult to the Falcon Masters.

I Pity the Reptilians because they may claim to be Ultimate Warriors and they claim to be the Superior Species in the Galaxy. For I say unto them, you Reptiles have failed to learn the Greatest Lesson of all and that is Love and Respect for all life forces. They have failed themselves, they have not humbled themselves before the Lord of Hosts.

Humanity will be free from the shackles of slavery for the first time in thousands of Centuries.
I bare testimony to the awsome words spoken here on TRUTH CONTROL.

We beat you in space and we will beat you on Earth Seekar, the Pleadians, Andromedans and the Canus will find you and send you into the Abyss.

Show it is written and so it shall be done!.

Kanesh Roo, Humanities Defender.


Chris: hey kanesh inner earth war

how long will it take for the the good ets to get rid off the reptilians and Nwo why don,t the reptilians leave they have lost.

Annunaki77: They are a nasty bunch but they will be found and dissolved

They will be found and they will be sent into the Star Gate Abyss were they will never return.
But before this is done the New World Order will try to destroy the Surface Dwellers by destroying Nations with the use of the Reptilian IMF Banking System.
By the Implementation of Austerity the NWo plans on Starving the People to Death so the people must say no to the Murderous Austerity Measures, these Loans are Fraudulent and must not be paid back!. If Nations sign in to the Austertiy Measures their Families will Starve to Death.

The Implementation of Disease by forcefully Vaccinating every Man , Woman and Child so they can Die by Genetically Engineered Bio-Weapons in the Flue Shots , HPV shots, H1N1 shots, Polio Shots , as well as GMO Foods.

The Creation of Boogy Men like Terrorists and False Flag threats like Iran is going to attack, Lies which send Innocent Troops to Slaughter.

Humanity will soon wake up to the Reptilian Treason going on Worldwide, they will Ultimately lose.

I would say three more years of Fear Mongering, then the Good Guys will wake up and Win the day.

highplainssister: Fear mongering is a good

Fear mongering is a good subject, there are a lot of web sites being promoted by the NWO solely to create propaganda, and that video that I just watched some guy talking about the Gov. is going to march good US citizens into incinerators after they have rung all the money out of people that they can get, I wonder about AJ harping on topics like that sometimes. It is very upsetting.

Tarheel: I hope you are wrong....

...about the 3 years, Annunaki77-Wise One. I would like to think it would be closer to 3 hours. I would subscribe to your time frame before anything I could come up with, however.

highplainssister: You know how sometimes right

You know how sometimes right before ya fall off to sleep, pictures come to your head. I saw a face last night, it had a somewhat human look but was different, it had a wide nose, big nostrils, round squaty looking face I got the impression it something about was like a turtle. I will say I saw a new species, couldn't tell what color the skin was, it was dark.

Tarheel: Pre-dream state

I rarely remember my dreams any more, HPS. What do you think it meant?

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