Awsome Benevolant Space Crafts are Alive!

by edisonik on October 26th, 2010

The Good ET Space Crafts are not made of Metal some of the Heavy Hitters are Developed with Advanced Biological Material that is natural almost like a Living Creature these Space Crafts have to be alive inorder to Travel Light Speed because Light is Alive so inorder to assimilate the Time/Space Flux nothing Artificial can go though these Higher Levels of Travel, everything from the Spacecrafts to the ET Beings Spacesuits are Organic meaning Alive.

The Good ET's have a Sembiotic Relationships with their Spacecrafts everything get's reused and recycled, kind of like Earth but on a smaller scale, their Spacecraft are like a Mini Earths meaning it provides everything they need inorder to live in Space.
Food is provided by the Spacecraft , waste facilities are provided by the Spacecraft which gets reused and assimilated by the Spacecraft as a fuel source. Whatever the Being feels the Spacecraft feels, it is like One Body , One thought, One Objective and that is to Serve the Light.

It is about Harmony & Love, it is unlike anything you have ever experienced , the Craft is Alive!,it feels what you feel and it Runs on your thoughts , you think go up the Spacecraft goes up!, you think let's get out of here!, it's Gone!, you think Defend!, baby it packs a Punch!.

This Section is about the Sembiotic Spacecrafts, later I will discuss the Alien Beings they will freak you out! because they are not like Humans , they are Radically different.

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edisonik: The Alien Beings are like humans but are clear in thought

The Benevolant Alien Beings come from many different Races, some are Bird, Insectoid, Cat, Andromedan, Pleadian, Sirian, Armadillo, Turtle and many other types.
They are similar in thought and consiousness and their bodies are humanlike but it ends there, they are like animals but with humanoid bodies and they subscribe to the 11 Rules of the Galaxy.

The Benevolant ET's do not like being worshipped as Gods, they like to help and assist in mentoring humanity so they can develope peace and higher levels of Uncondtional Love and Universal Awareness.

The Malevolant ET's love being Worshipped as Gods and believe Humanity must be handled as a Natural Resource, they believe in Human Sacrifices and subsribe to War, Misery and Death, the have Contact with certain Earth Governments and Hold High Council in the United Nations. If Governments take you to War you must resist and say no!, you must defend Freedom, Peace and the Pursuit of happiness always otherwise humanity will suffer yet again.

edisonik: Humanity has almost Godlike Potential

Humanity has almost Godlike potential and that is why the Darkside wants to make you believe that you are worthless and that you are a mistake and an abomination. The Darkside is doing everything within it's power to contain you , through fear and uncertainty they achieve this control upon the Earth but they will fail miserably , humanity is not a mistake it is Divine and one day this species will travel the Stars for it has been forseen the future looks very bright for the Greatest Creation currently designed and that is Humanity of Planet Earth ( Eredu ).

Never take your lives for granted , appreciate every day you set foot on this planet and always help one another any way you can make the Creator proud!, always keep your mental thoughts positive for it will bring good fortune for you.

Your Journey will be one of incredible awe and majestic wonder , never give up on hope or on yourselves , you deserve better then that, enjoy the ride for this was created for you, all the obstacles , the challenges and the Glory, all for you!.

edisonik: No One is Perfect

No One is perfect , it is an Illusion what we try to do is do the best we can to learn and to practice to be a Superior Human, a Superior demands much of themselves, an Inferior Human demands much of others, a Superior Human only blames themselves when things go wrong, an Inferior Human blames others for their mistakes.

To become Evolved takes Discipline , Dedication and Self Control, like I said no one is perfect, you people a 3RD DENSITY so you are very Material and very Physical Motivated you must meditate and go beyond the Material and the Physical, meditate and start feeling the heart, start regaining your Humanity because you are becoming like Robots, all Logic and No Heart, strive to feel life in your heart, you are not Robots you are Living Beings with Free Choice and Heart and your not Robots, practice Meditation.

When you start thinking about your Inner Soul things will start coming to you, you will call it fourth from known and unknown reality and it will come to you because your brain is lightspeed activated, you can evolve but it will take drive, you got to want it!, not just say you want it.

edisonik: 4TH,5TH,6TH,7TH,8TH, 9TH,10TH,11TH & New 12TH DENSITY

Humanity is currently in the process of Evolving into 4TH DENSITY, 4TH DENSITY and beyond are levels of Advanced Maturity and Spiritual Awareness of who you are and the Learning of the Universal Laws of the Cosmos.
Thought or Consciousness is the objective many of you folks are using your Thought systems and are running many hundreds of thoughts in a single day without realizing it!, you are physically here on Earth and at the same time you are running sequences in your Conscious Mind of Places, Events, Duties, Plans , Fears, Concerns, Accounting and many other thoughts.

You folks take alot of things for granted and assume all these abilities are a given and nothing special or nothing to appreciate for, all of this is incredible the fact that you are individually thinking different things and experiencing different things is part of the Creator.
The Many other Densities are energy, thought, consciousness, light, learning, appreciation, respect , love , eternity.

Fear is not part of these levels of developement, Love is the Rule not the exception, you have got to want to Evolve it must come from within, when you want to Evolve it will come to you because your bringing these to you, you can do it , believe in yourselves.

You have multiple lifetimes, I don't expect you to achieve 12TH DENSITY in this lifetime, but in many lifetimes after the many Incarnations you will have, Death is a Word that is incorect, I use the Word Transfer ( removing yourself of your body like taking off clothes at the end of your day ). Many people fear Transfer because they have been taught a lie that once you Transfer it's over!, it's never over!, you are eternal and your lessons will never be finished that is part of being a multidimensional , you are multidimensional and you are very special.
Do not Fear , think of this Reality as school , it is a Journey of Learning, forget about the bullshit on T.V. , it's just that bullshit, ignore the Lizard T.V. Shows and Media Circus.

Read Books more often, get out and walk and see nature, say hello to your neighbours, sleep more, work less, appreciate life more.

Peace to Humanity forever.

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