by Annunaki77 on August 28th, 2012

Inside every Human lurks a Humanoid Form of Consciousness.
Deep inside your Soul lies a Savagery , beast within. The Human Form is just that a Vessel, but the Soul my Friends, that is an Entirely Different Animal.

This Galaxy is filled with all Kinds of different Animal Humanoid Forms.
The Human Form is not the Only Form out there in the Eridanus Galaxy.
The Level of Awsome Creation is Unlimited,so too are all the Souls that Walk on this Earth.

Human Souls come from Different parts of this Galaxy, all Souls are Different coming into this World. These are incredible truths that must be known.

Humanoid is the Rule not the Exception.

Catbook Movie: Cat People - The End

Humans are here to Evolve, to become Greater in Wisdom and Spiritual Awareness, not to Horde Wealth and become Ignorant, this Reality is more than what you see , it is so much more.

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HebrianDaniel: Soul has no racial forms. in

Soul has no racial forms. in physical body maybe we all look different from each other
but when we die we all are the same energy.

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