The attempt to Destroy the Family Unit by the Illuminati so they can take the Gift Lord Aya has given to Humanity. Family is a Special Gift and Lord Enki was correct when he said " I have given Humanity the Opportunity to get kicked out of the Garden, an Opportunity to live free and to experience Free Will and Destiny".

These Monsters called the Illuminati want to keep your children in School longer so they can basically take your children from your Families forever and they will continue to use the TAX SCHEME to Tax humanity to Oblivian so hard working families work harder and harder until the Family unit breaks apart!, through Divorce, through Family Violence, through Hunger and Starvation. The Man of the House is under attack via the Media, the chemicals being added to the Water Supply and the plastic bottles that are being used which are contaminated with Bisphenol A, a Chemical that turns Men into Women by introducing Female hormones into Men. This Toxic Chemical makes men Desire Women less and also makes men want to have Sex with other Men.
Bisphenol A also makes young Girls hit Puberty between 3 to 6 years of age and it also ages Women alot sooner and this chemical also gives women Breast Cancer in alarming numbers.

This Chemical is now being added to all plastics used for bottles, like your Coca Cola Drinks and other Soda Drinks which are using plastic bottles. Also your Gatoraid Drinks, Power aid, and many other plastic bottled drinks.

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical that has been used in the manufacture of polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins for more than 50 years. Polycarbonates are used to make products such as compact discs, automobile parts, baby bottles, plastic dinnerware, eyeglass lenses, toys, and impact-resistant safety equipment. Epoxy resins containing BPA are used in protective linings of some canned food containers, wine vat linings, epoxy resin-based paints, floorings, and some dental sealants and composites.

People are exposed to BPA primarily by eating foods from containers whose lining contains BPA. Small children may be exposed by consuming foods from containers lined with BPA-containing materials, drinking from polycarbonate plastic baby bottles, and through hand-to-mouth and direct oral contact with plastic materials (like toys) that contain BPA. The amount of BPA to which people are exposed is estimated to be much lower than the amount of BPA exposure considered safe by government agencies.

Some scientific studies have suggested that BPA, like soy and phthalates (chemicals added to plastics to increase flexibility and durability), may affect reproduction and development in animals by mimicking the effects of the female hormone estrogen. This has raised concerns about its safety. To date, these effects have not been observed in humans, and are questionable at the exposure levels resulting from consumer products.

Also there is an Agenda of Forced Homosexual Schooling of your children in Elementary Schools which are being carried out without the Families consent under the cloack of Gay Rights Issues.
Prince Enlil would be in total shock if he found out about these treasonous activities.
Yes your schools will try to teach tolerance of Gays and Lesbians and they will try to break your childs Divine right to their Sexual Identity by inserting Evil into the hearts of your children.

Homosexuality was around for thousands of Years and to Prince Enlils credit he was right, Homosexuality ( The Physical Act of DEFILING the Body through a physical act ), Same Sex Intercourse is an Abomination.

Be aware of these atrocities being committed against you!.

I will defend Innocence forever and ever because I love you all.

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