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so i am no stranger to astral travel. i iam one of the few who can and like to travel off this world to other realms(dimensions) 98% of the pagans i know and read about do not do this because lack of experienced and its either forbidden or to dangerous. anyway even though i have been doing this since i was a child before i even new what it was or called i seemed to never been able to bring items back with me even when i travel in this dimension. i know its possible i have seen it done before and herd of others doing it. i can pick things up and interact when i travel but can never seem to keep hold of them when returning. do i need to change the frequency of the object to where iam going? or what? if any one has anything that can help me with this i would most appreciate it. but please tell me in private chat i know its not something for beginners to start trying. last thing they need is to have a item merged with there skull or something X.x

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Libdragon: Help me

Can you show Me how? It has been my life's dream

TriThorntheReaper: It is very dangerous. When

It is very dangerous. When you travel you are leaving your body if you must protect yourself and your cord connected to you astral and physical body. If that cord get cut or you die in the astral you can die in real life. If you do learn you must understand how dangerous it is and you must be ready for a fight at all times. Also at this time I would not do it. But that just me.

TriThorntheReaper: But I know how to astral

But I know how to astral travel. But a lot has to go in to it. I not as good as Loli I usually have someone pull me. The thing is the first few time you travel you don't always remember it. I have many fragments of my adventures.

TriThorntheReaper: Storage items?

Don't you have items that you can store stuff?

Kah-Len: Astral Travel

Your own frequency of this time and space moves with the frequency of the Schumann resonance of the earth. The Schumann resonance is the Eon or time-line in which we are connected To travel back to the time of your childhood, simply find what the Schumann resonance was during that period. Space-time is space-frequency! The word time must be replaced with the word frequency of that time. what you are doing when astral travelling is connecting yourself to that frequency of that bandwidth of time and space. You would have to meditate on your frequency and the objects frequency to match yours. It takes time and practice but also be careful as you could end up jumping timelines and end up in another parallel universe. I travel through telepathy and see timelines as well as manipulate them. I leave objects where they are but I study them. I can bring the favorable timeline into the set timeline I am on and could move other's timelines as well.

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