Astral travel THE BRIDGE

by Running Panda on October 12th, 2012

I'M A VIRTUAL NOVICE AND HAD NEVER HAD ANY INTEREST IN SUCH - WELL THINGS BEFORE THIS WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE - Kept all of this experience to my wife and a few close friends.Reason for sharing ? It keeps niggling at me I want to know more .Very interested in what happened to me a few years ago while sitting on our bed with children while watching TV.Never managed to get back there so far,still trying to make sense of why and what actually happened .I found myself pulling myself up on a wall/fence and as I looked up I felt myself in a vast expanse.I was in space very black and the air was so pure fresh - and as I moved my head to the right I saw what could only be described as a winding bridge in space with fog/mist lapping at its side all the way along into the distance and way off into the distance a huge explosion of colour white light - Then my awareness moved in - I did not even managed to climb fully onto whatever I was climbing up.
I have since started to read so much on astral projection/bridges etc that this seems to be the place to start.I hope that others have had similar experiences they may want to share.I have tried to draw a picture of my experience with no success all drawings have ended up so far in the bin. Reason for this is they just don't start or feel to show my experience.

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Tarheel: Cool "vision". Sounds star-gatish or worm-holish to me.

Please share your findings if/when you figure it out, Running Panda.
Welcome aboard.

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