astral projection and new world go got to !

by kaleohrile on September 22nd, 2018

Hi been a while , i been working so i not had time to post , i been trying to astral projection but i never know when i do it , i have some fictional world i been to , i.e ff 14 pokmon digimon , monster rancher and dragon quest monster , yes i know they be not real to some but for me they are dear to my heart and soul , they are some of the reality's that i been to , i also meet other me for different earths , for them it just a different chose that they would make in their life , other the that i all right , oh i am also looking for the link some one posted a while back about the native shaman who take about the making of the world and the different empires and how if your dieing go not go in to the light og in to the dark , i do remember his name i like to watch it again ! Thanks take care ever one !

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