The Ashtar Command Deception by the Orion Group and Rebel Pleadians.

by Chris on April 14th, 2013

Ashtar sheran is a reptillian from The Orion Group/Orion Empire he uses holographic shape shifting belt to project a hologram of a pleadian disguise himself as pleadian Nordic."Ashtar" is suppose to be a reptilian from the Orion Group. He... it, uses holographic technology to disguise itself. His squad aren't all reptilians. Some of them are human... or have human-like, tendencies.... they are a malevolent et group. don,t believe Ashtar.

There are some human races from the Starsystem Aldebaran, which is in the Pleiades. They are not nice guys. I'm sick and tired of hearing, "oh, the wonderful Pleiadians". There are seven star systems there. One of them has a group that is just not worth it Aldebaran.The Giza Intelligences/Aldebarans were also the ones that helped the Nazis giving them technology, the Aryan race. The Aldebarans are regressive they believed in the Aryan philosphy that the white race being superior to all other races and viewing others as a natural resource. the Aldebarans taught these prespectives to the Germans in world war II and exchanged advanced technologies to the German goverment and the Aldebarans are apart of the Orion Group.

In central Europe, the German tribes were genetically manipulated by beings from Aldebaran. These people are very intelligent and scientifically-oriented. They are generally blonde-haired and blue-eyed, with a minority of dark-haired, light-brown to hazel-eyed people. They are militaristic, and prefer to keep to themselves. For almost 2,000 years, the Aldebarans have been energetically connecting to the Germanic peoples, telepathically sending information to them and promoting a national sentiment.
The Aldebarans also genetically infused the Vikings. These Nordic people inherited the aggressive and militaristic tendencies that are also seen in the Germans. The Vikings plundered and raped across Europe for centuries, but did not have the technological ability to stay in power.

The Regressive rebel pleadians from the Starsystems of Aldebaran and Alcyone are apart of the Ashtar command along with the Orions they will come to decieve humans by saying we are here to save you and get you to go on there ships to take you to another planet do not do it or you will be eaten by the Reptilians from the Orion Group.

Known Renegade E.T. Groups:

1.) Nibiru: Sirius-B; Betelgeuse.

2.) Jehovah: En-lil tribe of Nibiru.

3.) Kamagol: Renegade Pleiadian group (possibly Aldebaran or Alcyone).

4.) Ashtar Command: Aldebaran; Orion Group.

5.) Giza Intelligence: Aldebaran; Sirius-B.

6.) Galactic Con-federation: Sirius-B; Orion Group

Alex Collier - Primary Regressive E.T. Groups

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Terran resistance: grammar

"One of them has a group that is just not worth Aldebaran"

but your quite right I dont trust Ashtar command information, its filled with religious bullshit aswell most of the time.

Silenci030310: Is this real? Its interesting

Is this real? Its interesting tho

BenjaminFalkenrath: I agree TR

I don't trust any of them you listed. Jehovah & Ashtar Especially!
I've dealt with both of them trying to interfere with my being & the things I'm supposed to be doing in this an other lifetimes here. Jehovah is a trip though, he loves to kill & he enjoys capturing souls an putting them into odd situations or inanimate bodies to try to break their will. Ashtar is joke a con artist. He feeds on negative energies.

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