The Art of Reptilian Attack on Humanity!

by edisonik on December 4th, 2010

These Reptilians are a sneaky bunch and their tricks are as old as time itself, I will teach you Humans the Art of the Serpent , after this you will have an entirely new Perspective on how these Beings Attack the Human Race.
Before you read this say this Ancient Prayer to Protect you against these Creatures:
" Awa Ubena emnen, keferukua, keferu eck kefere,Septeki,shetu se tuka en ferac,neteru , ahmentet Akeeu! ", this prayer will remove those troublemakers out of your body if you feel that you have been having badluck lately.

The Reptilians Pride themselves in making humanity Suffer, they score Points everytime they destroy human lives through Infiltration of Humans thoughts, they Seed people through Negative Frequencies, when your constantly Negative this sends a signal to them which allows them to Seed you with a Negative Parasite Cluster, this Negative Parasite Builds inside of your thoughts and feelings and through time eventually destroys you and your life.

Many Wealthy , Powerful and Influencial People are Seeded by the Reptilain Hoards, Once Infected by a Negative Cluster you will be subjected to a Voice in your Head, it will try to make you do Evil Acts against your fellow human beings, you will know you are Seeded when you can feel this feeling of Passion to do Evil , it is frightening because this is not you and you will begin to know it!, you must fight this Parasite before it destroys your life and the only way to fight it is to Understand that you are Seeded and to fight it.

Simple Steps to Fight the Parasite:

STEP ONE: Think thoughts of Love, Unconditional Love, learn to cry and ask God to protect you and cry for the Creator make the Creator enter your heart, this will Burn the Parasite and it will leave, you will know it left because it will break a Table or furniture, they do that because they couldn't hold on to you so it will get angry and leave.

STEP TWO: You must keep your thoughts Positive!, it sounds simple but lets face it we are constantly Bombarded with Negative Energy everywhere, you must not be swayed by the Negative or consumed by it!, Focus on the Positive always and never given in to Hatred or Ignorance. You are Powerful so believe in yourselves and never hold fear in your heart because it ruins lives.

Learn to Appreciate Life and learn to Love others more and appreciate Humanity because we are a Collective of the Creator and therefore must not fight each other, no matter the Religious Background , Race or Creed. Humanity has been screwed with for too long so lets stop this treachery and take control of our lives , we can do it , Believe in yourselves and it will come, you Divine Power will come and you will break free.

Peace to Humanity forever.

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Genio: edisonik

How long do you think it will take until humanity learns to act as one ? is it something we will see in our lifetimes ?
and how do you think life will be like when that happens, when we break free from the negative bondage and grow with positive energy. will society completely change ? will there still be money ? idk im curious =P

edisonik: The Illuminati has you fixed into only this Reality

Genio when Atlantis fell all sacred knowledge fell with it, Humanity lost most of it's Spirituality and Incarnational Knowledge. This is only One lifetime and since Humanity is a Multidimensional Being they cannot really die becuase they have two Bodies Genio. When you loose a tooth are you still there?, Yes, when you loose a limb are you still there?, Yes, when you loose your Body are you still there?, Yes. You see you are a Light Being despite what you have done in life your Immortality is given freely it is not earned that is the Illusion Genio.
Never feel guilty aboutanything you have done in this lifetime just learn from it.

In Reality all you really need in your lives is Love and that is the lesson that has been stepped on for Centuries, many are embracing fear and it is because humanity has lost it's heart and moved into it's Primal Levels and it is because of the Aliens themselves the Lizards.

Genio if I told you that your Human form will not be the Only form you will take in your next lifetimes wlll you believe me?, probably not untill that day comes when you leave your current body and step into your next Avatar Body which will be much bigger and stronger.

Many Humans will Evolve in this lifetime and the Materialistic and Ignorant will have to return and relearn their Spiritual Lessons, You have asked your Questions with sincerity and Concern Genio, I have already seen your future , you will live in Peace and after you get older with Great Wisdom you will become a Falcon Being of light, you will be able to fly with Divine Wings, a Being with wings. Do not worry yourself with these folks who pursue selfish gain and hurt or take humanity for granted truly I say unto you that they are empty inside and know nothing of the Divine Heart , they may appear ahead and in control and a Success but they are failures because they have done nothing to protect those who are suffering in poverty and misery, you see Genio God suffers when the poor and neglected suffer we are all One.

The Reptiles will pay a heavy price for this because they too are severly flawed.
Peace Warrior learn to Meditate Race is not an issue but a blessing in the Art of Diversity Immortal.


Aliens do exists in the Physical but they can also exist in your Negative thought patterns, if a human being gets overly consumed with negative thoughts , then Negative behaviours develope which could be very dangerous for the host. Alien Clusters have been known to deveope in Human Minds, once the host is consumed with Negative thoughts all rational thinking gets thrown outthe window and their reality basically becomes a no holds barred fest of Insanity and Destruction. That is why you see alot of Violence in the World because this type of Infiltration is everywhere and many people are seeded by these Clusters of Negative thought , especially those that have Money, Fame and fortune.

Listen to this NASA SCIENTIST who knows what is really giong on out there in the so called Real World, if we can control or even eliminate Negative thoughts entirely we can prevent bad things from happening to us and to those untold innocents who are unaware of this Infiltration.
This Information is frightening but this must get out and people must be warned about too much Negative Thinking, it can consume and destroy you because of the Negative Alien Cluster buildup.

This exist through frequencies and negative thoughts, always stay positive.
Never give up on yourselves, never.

riseabove: always stay positive

awesome information, thank you for sharing it!

edisonik: Thank you Riseabove!

It is often very funny where one can learn some very thought Provoking Philosophy Lessons and since I am a Grand Master , Not just a Master I have found that Sylverster Stallone has always been very wise with some of his views, despite his Macho man persona he is very wise in his Persepective of this Life ( Existence ). I will share with you some of his Perspectives in some of his movies.

It is the constant Negative Thought Patterns that can ruin your lives and many Humans are bombarded by this Negativity , It is paramount that you clearly stray from these negative emotions otherwise you will have no life my beloveds.

edisonik: We must Treasure every moment we have on this Earth

When we are young we take many things for granted an when we get old we begin to appreciate the greatest thing, Not Money, Fame or Power, we begin to appreciate those who were by our side through the good times and the bad, the friends and family we took for granted and treated bad, for when they pass away we lose a big part of ouselves.
Live each day with love, respect and understanding because we are here in this Planet to learn about Love and all of you will learn these lessons, no one will escape this, it has never been about War or Hatred or even Jealousy or Ignorance or even Religion, the lessons you will learn will be about love for this is what it has been about, don't let the Lords of Darkness fool you through Materialism, Love is the Rule.

Always Appreciate your Love Ones, your Grand Parents, your Parents, your Friends who you take for granted , you children who look up to you, your Pets who give you unconditional love and the Poor who always go hungry because love was taken away from them.
Live long and Proper beloved Human Race.

Love always destroys Evil, Peace.

eureka: language & meaning of the prayer posted by edisonik

Hi edisonik,
Thanks for such a nice article.
By the way, what's the language of the prayer and the meaning of it?


It will protect you from Inter-Dmensional Reptilians, you will know when they are beside you because they leave a cold chill runing down your spine.
Just because you can't see them doesn't mean they aren't there Terran.

caseyhue: so right!!!

I speak the truth. I will tell you the truth .. last November I was laying on the couch at night. I experience this first hand. The loudest, screechiest noise I ever heard. I felt the presences first Just like Edisonik describe It scared the crap out of me I felt a bone chilling through my soul an then I was praying an the sound of the reptilian came out an it blew my mind beyond my mind. I will never forget it. Speechless each time I think about it an I still forbid them ever to come into my house at least I do my best.

bluesbaby5050: They will also feed you with...........

The Illusions of the mind, such as thoughts that they will put inside your head, as if your own, and along with mental images of anything negative, and they will even present them to your mind in a humorous way, and this will fool you even more, because they are so dam clever with this mind game playing ON YOU! And they will set you up against your family, because they are the people that are the closest to you, and then they will also use your partner in marriage, and any person, even your neighbors, anyone you come into contact with, co-workers even, and this is a living hell also. They will even mess with your cars, your trucks, anything that you drive, even to to cause you, and others to get into an accident! This is true also, so be very aware of this knowledge, and be very guarded in everything that you say, and do. GET TO KNOW WHO YOU REALLY ARE AS A HUMAN BEING, this is very important, because they will confuse you on every turn. This is very serious stuff here, and I can not stress this point enough. I have a long personal story, and I have been greatly tested over many years. I lived a long time in age now, and this played out over my youngest, naïve years. But, I am WISE TO THEM NOW, AND THEY KNOW IT TOO. They still try to mess with me, by way though my dream state(I found this out also), so be carefull here too. They will wear many appealing disguises to fool you here too. This is no easy task, and I do realize this. I have also experienced this in my childhood, and way back in the 60's, ( I was in my teen years then) and into the 70's, during my late teens one of them actually allowed me to see her, a female that followed me around, and she had scales on her skin, and huge dark black eyes, and bushy dark hair, and a rotten dead flesh smell at different times, and she would scratch the walls with her nails, not leaving any visible marks, but making the noises at the same time, and she tried to befriend me at first, but that didn't work, and this made her very angry at me, and she caused me agony even more after. And they just love to enter your space though closets, and cellars, and attics, and anywhere, in any home your in, or visiting! And they love sex, and to in flick pain on the human body though many ways/means. ( I was in my early 20's with 3 very young children then, and they even tried to make me think I didn't want them too!) And there was no personal computers to read up on this material at all for help, and I had spent many years trying to figure this out for myself, and alone, and no one I could relate this to, because they would of locked me up in a nut house back in those time periods. Believe me, I finally did figure all this out but, I had to go though my personal hell to do this. I went though the valley of darkness alone, and I made many life changes, because I chose to, and I did plenty of praying to the great spirit of love, and to Jesus, and to the loving light, back then for guidance in my life back then, because I was a Christian, and I didn't know any better. I didn't know that religion was used against people, and not for the people. I prayed to the GOD FORCE of the universe, the universal spirit, I left nothing out, or to chance, because I was being tormented in so many ways. And up to this point in time though dreams also. Now my movie of my life has a GOOD ENDING, because I learned to know better! I have won my personal war with them bastards(sorry) and I now help others though my experiences, and love for the human race, and though my wisdom. I do not brag, I am Humbled though my experiences, because I am human, and I cherish ALL LIFE! A movie could of been made from my life, and with a GOOD ending too. I know my place in the great scheme of things now. I live only in the present time, and I remain in my center, and I am always on my guard, because they are always around, and waiting for me to let my guard down though human weaknesses, and I know what they are, and I work on them everyday, and you people as a human race must learn to do the same if we are going to survive into the future to see, and experience heaven on Earth. Love is the KEY above all else! Embrace it with all your strength.

bluesbaby5050: I must add to the above threads........

NEVER LIVE YOUR LIFE IN FEAR! The Reptilians, and the Draco's, and their allies against the humans use fear as a tool AGAINST YOU/us in very many different ways/means. You must be strong, and you must have a strong will to do your personal battle with them, and it will be a battle of Wits, and Wills. Humans do have the power to over come what ever they will use against us, so that they can over power you/us the human race. For every human there are millions of Reptilians, and Draco's, and their allies to work against us, but, do not ever think that the odds are in their favor. Because I KNOW BETTER! WE HAVE THE UNIVERSAL POWERS, and OUR OWN ALLIES TO STAND ALONG SIDE US! So never loose hope, and never live in despair/or fear, because this is also an illusion that they want you/us to believe, and once you give in to this mindset, then YOU HAVE ALLOWED THEM TO TAKE YOUR POWER FROM YOU! Your POWER is your Shield against them, and their war games. Yes, this is a mental, and a physical war but, not a game at all. Please remember this, and the strength of the prayer that Edisonik gave you in his thread above. The Ancient Egyptian Prayer if you would. You can also use your own personal prayer as well, because it all works.

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