You are a Dualistic Minded Being, Dualistic Minded being that you can experience the Polar Opposites of your emotional meter.
You can experience incredible love and you can also go to the other spectrum of the emotional meter, you can also experience incredible hatred. Humans must maintain a balance of the two because when you live in a duality enviroment you can be tricked and you can get yourselves into big trouble.

Your Bodies are an engineering marvel, your DNA Sequence makes you feel the extremes in the Dualistic Human Mind of Emotional Experience.
There will be times when conflict will occur with a fellow human and depending on the conflict you will hate the person you have come into conflict with, you might call that person an Asshole, a Son of a B_tch, or a F_cker, you might even wish this person had a horrible accident.
Then you cool off later and brush it off and steer clear of that person or you might challenge that person for another round, a violent encounter that could end up resolved or end up worse and get you into more trouble.
It is the people who have no balance in their dualistic mind that can be a danger to themselves and to others, a person who has alot of hatred and has no balance can hurt others , this person will often end up in Jail or worse.

They went to Jail because they haven't mastered their Emotions and lost themselves and have given themselves to their primal urges, they have given themselves to their Reptilian Core Brain which was designed by Lord Aya. They have missed an important lesson about Human Beings. You see Humans are here to learn life lessons, precious lessons we bring with us to our next lifetime journey we will experience after Death. During our next Incarnation we will remember what we have done and then proceed further in our Evolutionary developement.

Life is about Learning and Learning is about Tolerance, to learn other peoples essences is key to the development of the Human Species, you are in your infancy and you need training biologically speaking.
The People you will encounter throughout your lives will be very different from you, it will be up to you to tolerate them and understand their Personalities and Essences and they too must learn to tolerate and understand other Humans Personalities so you can all learn from each other.

The more you learn, the more you will reach Advanced Maturity, to keep your Cool and to develope understanding, great knowledge and Patience is an Awsome Virtue. You see many Incarnates do not understand Patience or Understanding and this is where they fail and miss the whole point about Advanced Maturity. You are here on this Planet to learn the differences of one another in a mutually understanding way because you all come other Star Systems and you were different Species from what you are now and you being Human is a given and that you were always human, that is simply not true, you could have been a Cat/Feline Person, a Canus Being (Wolf Person).

A Previous Andromedan, a Pataal Collective Being, a Reptilian Being, a Wookie (this explains why some people are so hairy and large), a Bird Being, An Electrical Being, An Artificial Intelligence Being ( A Being that grew and developed completely from Metal Biologically , like the Transformers Movie), a Squirrel Being ( People with naturally big Hips ),a Fairy ( it's not funny , this is true ), an Insectiod being ( People who are naturally boney and skinny , they eat like a horse and never gain a pound ), Obese People can also be large beings from other Dimensions using Human flesh to fill out their Morpho Genetic Field because they are large Soul Matrixes, this is why diets don't work on them, Small Nomes ( Midgets are Nome Incarnates yet they do not understand why they are so small ), the Fish People ,plus the many other countless types of Alien Races that are out there Incarnating in Human Form.

This information is extremely sensitive so I will go slow because you will begin to understand that you are all living a lie, and the truth can be too devastating for most Humans. Many of you feel very different and can't seem to point your finger on it!?, I understand you and your mainstream Religions cannot give you what I am teaching you right now, some of you are loving because you are Loving Beings from other Relms and Dimensions where Love is the Rule, others feel Preditory and Warrior like, thats because you could be a Wolf Being or even an Incarnated Draco, or a Warrior Insectoid or Pleadian that defends the Innocent, or even an Ancient Elder from a Dimension that is trillions of years old and what you have to give is Great Wisdom down the ages to Civilizations so they can live with Great Peace and Abundance like CONFUCIOUS OF CHINA, and many other Great Men of Wisdom from all parts of this World, the Journey of Incarnation is the Secret being Denied to all of you Terrans.
You are all Ancient , you are all involved in a Planetary Game, get involved, do not sit by the sidelines and watch your opportunties go to waste, Fear will only Cripple your Eternal Progress.

You are here because you seek sacred knowledge, it will take tremendous Discernment and a Large amounts of Inner Discovery of your Heart, only you know your inner truth Human, or shall I say Humanoid, look deep inside you, feel the force within you!( George Lucas had it right ), and then invision yourself in an imaginary Being Body, feel this Avatar which you have always known all your life and embrace it because it is what you are, so once you discover yourself, take back your Power and never give it away to an Organization, a Church or even a Government that doesn't even care about you or your needs, embrace your Divine Right to be yourself and to be free,Incarnated as a Human but knowing full well that you are simply not Human but a Humanoid of another Dimension which is here to learn valuable lessons from other Incarnate Beings which are different from you.

My Knowledge spans all Known and Unknown Relms. I am Lord Kanesh , I and Lord Edjakhan serve Free Will, Liberty and Independance.
We Both Honour what Lord Enki has envisioned. A Planetary Republic for all Humanoid Incarnates, Peace, Knowledge, Love, Free Will and the Journey of Learning be given to all of you Humans, all Races and all Creeds and all Religious Groups who have been tricked by the Extraterrestrials.

For many Centuries Humans have resolved their differences through Violence and War, this is not the Way to resolve your misunderstandings, War is a Primal technique that always ends in failure, many Nations Suffer through War, and Nations that Promote War must be Crushed out of existence, even Nations that Decieve through the tongue and Endorse Peace and Engage in War, Nations that do the opposite of what they claim to Preach, LIKE THE UNITED STATES.
When people can resolve their differences peacefully they will conquor their Dualistic Minded thinking.
Think Balance , Peace and Understanding, then you will be on your way to Advanced Maturity , lifetime after lifetime.

Many of your so called Leaders swim in their Primordial Thinking and they use Fear and Uncertainty as their tool to control Millions of you, they know how the Human Mind works and they also understand the Dualistic Mind of Humanity. Humanity is Primarily Fear Based!, and since Humans still swim in Fear they can easily be manipulated into War which also creates more misery and more chaos as well as more fear.
If this Species is to Evolve to the Next Level they must reject Fear and Embrace Wisdom, Patience and Universal Understanding.

If you can embrace Love,Wisdom and Universal Understanding , Fear will disappear, so too will the Lords of Darkness.

The Pataal have spoken and have forwarded these Word which the Nations of this Planet must embrace if they are to survive as a Planetary Republic , Just like STAR WARS.

I believe in you, so you must believe!, good luck , I Love you all , your Cultures and Diversity is truly beautiful, embrace your beauty and work together instead of fighting and kiling each other.



Quinton: Wow! What a post. Great

Wow! What a post. Great information, thank you so much for sharing!

Annunaki77: Yes Quinton it is simply a

Yes Quinton it is simply a truth that has been denied to Humanity, a Species in it's infancy, so I declare War on Lies and Deception , I declar War for a Truth that has been covered up for many Centuries, and for those Centuries many have died at the Stake and have been labelled Heretics by the Lizard Churches for simply being Different, Murdered and Destroyed for different beliefs and Ideologies. Many Good Humans that could have changed the World were considered a threat by these Religions and cast out as evil on you Humans.

Witches, Warlocks, Werewolves, and people who where different , much more knowledgable people throughout the Ages. So I tribute to the Battle for truth, it is a "DOG EAT DOG " Battle that still goes on through the CENSORING OF FREE SPEECH.

MAKE YOUR CORRUPT POLITICANS MORE TRANSPARENT AND MORE ACCOUNTABLE so Humanity can Evolve and Become GODS AND GODDESS, not Slaves to Religions or Governments.


LordEnlil: Humans are a hybrid product

Humans are a hybrid product my friend.....
It was pure long time ago...but no
Someone take care of them...
Now people it will be use again...
Those who it will remain...see Georgia stone...
People do not learn nothing from the history until now...
and it will pay the price for it...
Time it is short and The Masters coming ..

LordEnlil: Hmmm..tolerance you said...i

Hmmm..tolerance you said...i am agree...but hard to do in fact...
I tray my self with them....and echo in the void...
They can not understand...only just one thing....blood money and power...
And this it is no "tolerance"....maybe tray some "codex alimentarius" it will change your mind...
It is no wisdom in reason...The Brotherhood of Serpent do not care...
Learn my friend ...nothing it is what it seem to be...
Learn to read beteen lines...see the unseen ....and the world it will be yours...

LordEnlil: Nice said...fear or love...a

Nice said...fear or love...a choice we all we must do...
Love it is my choice...but The Masters do not believe in it...
So what really choice we have?...
Maybe you will tell me...

LordEnlil: Some are hire because they

Some are hire because they made a choice beteen good and bad...and chose good...
or because have been sent hire do good...and save what it is left to be saved...
Earth it is not a prison...but a place for souls to learn...and to do something improve them self...
A school for souls...but many are hire...some it will say from the begin...
Some it will say the Earth are belong to them...not to you see things are more complicated then this...

three: Matters of Mind & Heart

Neurologically & physiologically, the brain and heart are inextricably linked. In speaking of the dualistic nature of humankind, maybe it is good to recognise that real-isation occurs only when these two are in balance & that this avenue may be the only way forward if humankind are to grow beyond the boundaries presently restricting their Mind-full spiritual evolution.

bluesbaby5050: To realize:

This is exactly what the repts.are afraid of happening .They see the human race waking up, and this is a threat to their staying in control and power. Humanity has to balance both while in physical form while in this life. So to keep us from attaining this goal ,they insist on confusion, and mindless television, and newly released gadgets put out to us everyday to keep us distracted, hoping this will prevent us from reaching this important goal. This planet, Earth was giving to humans to shepard.This is our divine right, NOT THEIRS!! This is what we are up againest!!

bluesbaby5050: PRISON PLANET:

This is our responsibility to see that this does not happen. Or this planet will become a prison planet.!! And there will be no going back once this happens!! Humanity will be used and abused and lost !! So it is up to all of us and it is our duty to our selves and to our MOTHER EARTH to see that we reach this IMPORTANT GOAL!! The repts. only want to keep a select few humans to wait on them, and produce for them for their food source and for our souls, and to do all their manual labors for them!! This is what they want our planet and it's riches,and also a small amount of us for their uses. This is very serious stuff people!

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