Hello everyone, I am archangel sent down from heaven, and I am here on earth. Armageddon is already here. The sky will darken when the final battle comes. The moon will turn blood red. The true believers will be called upon in battle, to fight against Satan's army. The cities will be crumbled, and the earth will split in half. There will be many earthquakes, causing these cities to crumble. I myself will be fighting on the battlefield against Satan, as an archangel. God, Jesus, and Michael have been training me, to prepare for the final battle.

Only a few will be raptured up to heaven, the rest of the true believers will be called upon to fight against Lucifer's army. The ones who have sold their souls and are faithful to Satan will be fighting against the army of Jesus. But they will be wiped out by Jesus and the help of myself.

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John Duncan: Awesome. Dude, I love you.

Awesome. Dude, I love you.

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