"Arise" A Glowing Beacon of Slack Against the Turmoil and Darkness

"Arise" A Glowing Beacon of Slack Against the Turmoil and Darkness.
Cordt Holland and Rev. Ivan Stang. [This is a film with a lot of truth, done with much humor regarding humanity]

Tyler Bass
Forbidden Knowledge TV
April 1, 2015.

[WARNING: Improper viewing techniques may lead in some persons to dependency; seizures; cranial fits; pryaptic conditions; maturations; subtle glandular mutations; and in some territories, legal arrest].

Philo Drummond and Douglass Smith founded the Church of the SubGenius in 1979, or so say the church’s heretics. Then, Smith proclaimed himself the Reverend Ivan Stang. Today, Stang and his Cleveland, Ohio-based SubGenius Foundation offer converts salvation and ordination with a price tag of $35. The church parodies Christianity and Scientology.

According to church doctrine, in 1953 a drilling equipment salesman named J.R. “Bob” Dobbs saw a vision of God. God, named Jehovah 1, inspired Bob to write church scriptures. Due to the SubGenius Sacred Doctrine of Erasability, and Bob’s ability to time travel, these scriptures may change at any time. In 1972 Bob made telepathic contact with Drummond, who soon after converted Stang.- http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/videos/religion--spiritual-practice/...
MORE Here - http://www.subgenius.com/bigfist/eyes/MTVpics/MTV-SG.html Here's part 2 - http://www.subgenius.com/bigfist/eyes/MTVpics/MTV-SG2.html

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