Area 51 game based on Nwo , greys , Illumaniti and advanced technology.

by Chris on January 12th, 2014

This game contains alot truth about our true reality they put many things in video games movies tv shows to make people not believe its real.

In July 1947, an alien spacecraft crashed near Roswell, New Mexico in the United States. The craft was recovered by the US Air Force and taken to Area 51, Nevada, where all of the survivors of the crash, the Greys, were held captive by the US military. Eventually, the Greys opened a dialogue with the Illuminati led by the ominous Mr. White (Proctor), and struck a deal with them; the Illuminati would give the Greys a research base three miles below the surface of Area 51, the use of the base as a landing site, and give them human test subjects, where they (along with human scientists) would research a mutagenic virus to use in a war on their homeworld, and in return the Greys would give the Illuminati exclusive access to Grey technology. The Illuminati used some of this technology to spy on the Human population.

The Greys and the human scientists eventually developed a powerful mutant being - known as the "Theta", which spread the virus. Unbeknownst to the Greys and many of the scientists working on the project, the Illuminati were also planning to use the virus against the Earth population, and dominate the world. When Edgar and Dr. Winston Cray (Ian Abercrombie) found out about the plan, they let loose the "Theta" and the mutagenic virus throughout Area 51, in an effort to slow them down. This prompted the United States military to send in a Quick Reaction Force led by Major Bridges (Powers Boothe) to quarantine and contain the virus. HAZMAT Team Delta, the first team initially sent into Area 51 are ambushed by the "Theta" creature, sustaining casualties, before withdrawing deeper into the base. HAZMAT Team Bravo, composed of team leader Ramirez, McCan, Crispy, and mission specialist Ethan Cole (Duchovny) is sent to find Delta.

After initially encountering the mutants, McCan is killed when a mutant decapitates him. Deeper into the base, Crispy and Ramirez are both ambushed by the Theta and killed, leaving Cole on his own. Cole manages to locate the rest of Delta, however they are attacked again by the Theta, and all but Cole and Lieutenant Chew are killed. Making their way topside, the Illuminati disables the cargo elevator, killing Chew and leaving Cole bitten by one mutant, partially mutating him. Able to switch between human and mutant form, Cole is guided deeper into the base by Edgar reanimating corpses to deliver information telepathically. Cole is guided to Dr. Cray's bio labs, where Cray claims there is time to decontaminate Cole, and rid him of the virus. Before he can be cured, the Illuminati attack, killing Cray and stopping the process.

Cole is teleported to an alien mothership beneath Area 51 where he eventually finds Edgar (Warner), a powerful Grey, where he reveals the scientists used his DNA to create the virus, and the nature of the experiments at the base, which killed dozens of his species to harvest it. He then tells Cole the history of the Greys and Area 51. Edgar gives Cole the cure to the mutagenic virus, and instructs him to destroy the Illuminati ship that is leaving with dozens of Theta duplicates. Cole is teleported miles beneath Area 51 where he locates the vessel and destroys it by overloading its reactor, and uses an alien teleporting machine to escape into the Nevada desert. He lands by the "White Mailbox" area and watches Area 51 being destroyed by the exploding ship in a tornado like explosion. Cole watches as a truck drives past, with a green, alien-like container on board with unknown contents inside and walks away from the site, not knowing what is going to happen to him next and saying that Jean-Paul Sartre was only half-right about "Hell is other people."

Mr. White (voiced by Phil Proctor) is the enigmatic fist of the shadowy Illuminati, who secretly influence and manipulate world governments and coerce with the Grays. His first name is apparently Frederick, and he was once a scientist, a peer, and friend of Dr. Cray, although the two have grown to hate each other. His wife apparently died in some accident, and he devoted himself to his work, eventually being picked to aid the Illuminati. He was one of the men who orchestrated the deal with the Grays which gave the aliens a base on Earth and the ability to develop and research technology unhindered, even allowing the beings to abduct private citizens.

In return the Grays gave the Illuminati access to their technology. White proved himself to be the most able of the Illuminati's agents, utterly dedicated to their cause. However, he is a narcissist and other members of the Illuminati speculate that Mr. White has an agenda of his own. Whether or not this is true, or what that agenda may be is never explained.

When the incident at Area 51 occurred, it was he who authorized the Black Ops to kill the Hazmat, presumably to prevent anyone from discovering their secrets. White is not fought in the game—he created several clones of himself (which the player can kill if they're fast enough) to make any sort of assassination attempt fruitless. It is likely that the Mr. White who appears in unlockable in-game videos and taunts Dr. Cray via video communication is the true one. It remains unknown what happened to him following the destruction of Area 51, however it is generally assumed that he was killed in the explosion.

Area-51 - Secrets: Mr.White Illuminati Report 1

Area-51 - Secrets: Mr.White Illuminati Report 2

Area-51 - Secrets: Mr.White Illuminati Report 3

Area-51 - Secrets: Mr.White Illuminati Report 4

Area-51 - Secrets: Mr.White Illuminati Report 5

Area-51 - Secrets: Mr.White Illuminati Report 6

Area-51 - Cutscene 01: Intro .

Area-51 - Cutscene 02: The Infection .

Area-51 - Cutscene 03: Edgar

Area-51 - Cutscene 04: Outro

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