Are you a Super Genius?

by TillToTheWhen on September 11th, 2015

I thought this was interesting. How many people here fit all of these qualities?

And I love this website...because I was just thinking this is the only message board I've ever posted at, where I haven't been banned. Quinton is pretty cool!

Unfortunately, most people aren't cool. Most people hate the truth

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pasqualie: christopher gianguzzo ripoff artist fraud.

this was the link on covers where he got banned from the site cuz he was posting in threads picks and he lost and was going into other threads at end of night and saying he was perfect.

when you call him out on his posts on teams and they lose.

he makes an excuse, last minute when he went to bet, he got a bad feeling or somehow he forgot about that pick and so he didnt play it, so he actually won.

you can read through this thread on covers i am posting. christopher gianguzzo, aka tilltothewhen on truthcontrol, aka mgmprofits his gambling site handle.

as you can see he posted a play on orioles dodgers and philly on different threads and those picks lost.

i saw this as dishonest so i called him out on it. and he explains it by after he posted in threads, and came back and said he was perfect next day.

oh i didnt play those teams, even though he posted them as his picks in various threads.

then he resorts to slander and saying go suck the big one to me because i called him and caught him in his lie.

So read the comments in his thread, and decide for yourself what kind of character he has.

This was the thread that got him banned on the covers sports site.

TillToTheWhen: Honestly, I doubt anyone will

Honestly, I doubt anyone will donate to this cause, but just incase I wanted to put it out there. If anyone here has some extra money, and feels bad about what this Narc is doing to me.

Maybe you've been screwed over by a narcissist yourself, so you know how it is, and the lengths these inhuman monsters will go to try and screw you over. You can see right here, by pas own posts, how badly he wants to smear me.

Only narcs do that. So, if someone here has an extra $10,000 they could donate, I will use 50% of whatever I receive to hire and invetigator, to try and figure out the real name of this Pasqualie Francisco character.

Also I think doing a good deed like that and helping someone out like me who is in this unfortunate situation, would be excellent karma down the road.

But for paz, we know there is no bright future in store for him. What goes around comes around. But I'm up to the challenge.

Like I said, paz doesn't know who he's messing with. He has an IQ of maybe 75 at the most. I have an IQ of almost 150

So pretty much double what he has.

TillToTheWhen: He's lying again, I think I

He's lying again, I think I went 16-3 during those 2 days I posted

I remember going 7-1 one day. Do you remember that paz? Did you see me go 7-1?

Yes you did, but since you're a deceiver, you wont say anything about it.

You can't believe anything this guy says because he twists the facts around. Extremely delusional or just plain sick. I know he does it on purpose, he's the worst kind of narcissist.

But I guess he doesnt mind me continuing to expose him

If you arent on the run, what is your last name Tonny, so I can look you up?

Why do you keep dodging the question about why you hide under an alais.

You obviously have something to hide. You even admitted you used to live with a hit man. So if you did not report that to the police you are just as guilty, since you knew about it, yet you said nothing

TillToTheWhen: Paz you have never seen a

Paz you have never seen a serbian film. THere are only a few parts in it that are really bad. Most of the first whole hour of the movie nothing serious happened

It is an awesome movie, I admitted that. If you dont like it, fine, but dont go around judging others based on the movies they like

TillToTheWhen: What is proof to you guys-

What is proof to you guys-

Some Idiot loser who spams message boards with the same messages over and over again, making up claims that cannot be proven, or my OFFICIAL EBAY FEEDBACK PROFILE FROM MY REAL CUSTOMERS-

(See for yourself)

Read through ALL of the feedback and decide for yourselves.

Fake reports on message boards (Which ANYONE can make) or REAL PROVEN FEEDBACK (Which only my CUSTOMERS can make)

Funny paz is getting me some publicity here for my roulette system. Since people are going to see that he has enaged in a smear campaign, and also they will see all my positive feedback on my sytem, I will probably get some roulette sales here soon..

Thanks Paz!

obsrvantlouie: I answered yes before

Reading the link, does that make me an impulsive narcissist or an honest super genius....... ;)

TillToTheWhen: Sorry Louie, I didn't get the

Sorry Louie, I didn't get the joke!

From what I know, everyone has some form of narcissism in them, but once it gets to a certain point, (usually what people refer to as "extreme") it can be unhealthy.

Tarheel: HSG, but ....

...but you are still light years behind me, OL. LMAO !

Here's a classic clip (only 23 seconds long) for you.

TillToTheWhen: Oh...duh! I get it

Oh...duh! I get it

See, I'm what you'd call a Retarded Genius.

I'm kinda slow sometimes.

pasqualie: retard is your

natural condition.

you adding genius to it is ironic even though its an oxymoron.

but i guess if you were to be a genius of something, it could be being a retard.

seemingly you believe your awakening is from your drug addiction and you tell everyone they should do drugs like you. Even though you are bipolar in your responses saying you dont order meth amphetamines in the mail, and then you admit you do, but its ok cuz its not meth cuz its not scheduled by the DEA but they shut the web site down. Diregarding you ordered it solely to get high off the meth amphetamine derivatives.

Then saying i only order 1gram the 2nd time lol thinking that makes a difference in your arguement of i never ordered mail order meth.

its like his back and forth of i dont drink cuz it makes me acidic but now i drink beer lol.

its why i said prozac would actually do him some good in his case.

obsrvantlouie: The fact that

I used the word narcissist is completely ironic and random....I hadn't read all the chit chat going back and forth above.

TillToTheWhen: The way I got it was that you

The way I got it was that you are a super genius yourself, as you were open minded enough to think of it both ways...(the link also desribes it that way)

But I did see the joke in it too, but yeah I think I know what you mean. lol

as for pas...well I hurt is ego, didn't mean to. And when you hurt a socio's ego, this is what happens. They smear you. I didn't even know he was a socio until after he started smearing me.

But he used to always argue with me in email for up to 6 hours a night or even longer and I noticed it was sucking all my energy away, so that should of been a red flag to me.

pasqualie: Lol

Its kind of fitting christopher gianguzzo is a genius in retard lol.

As for the idiot, i told him not to drive while high or drunk and the idiot made up monkey theories to justify his driving while high or drunk. As well his mail order drugs which he doesnt think they are meth or illegal since they mail it to him, and it got shut down by the government. Him ignoring he was ordering to get high.

Also his victimization programming being as i think a minion spirit in MG5, since he promotes victimization and disempowerment as well as drug use recommending everyone take drugs like him. And him promoting movies he enjoys with themes of child rape and child sexual abuse.

Meanwhile he says this is all ok because his inner truth says its all good.

After he started getting high and going broke at the casino and he started trying to con me, i decided he was a lost cost, seeing likely he was a minion spirit, so i cut him off, because the idiot just makes up monkey theories to justify his deviant behaviour.

Also i realize his victimization programming which he contantly repeat as well as him recommending you do drugs and watch child rape and child sexual abuse movies, well i decided to cut him off, since he was going around with a 12 year old mentality and ego thinking its good to get high and drive, and watch child rape and child sexual abuse movies.

As well he started going to his true nature and trying to con me. But i saw right through him. So i cut him off in emails since it was a waste of time.

Notice how he lies and denies everything even though he admits it, and makes up stories and gets caught in his lie. And he still thinks watching child sex rape and child sexual abuse movies is a good thing.

Its why i say christopher gianguzzo is a sick fucker. coming from the pedophile state of florida explains alot. I guess in florida they think its normal to watch child sex rape and child sex abuse movies and get off on it while high.

notice he didnt deny or deflect the truth, when i call him out on his con where he says i wouldnt ask you for money but you should sponsor me for world poker bankroll cuz he got high and spent his bankroll on slots, saying he thought he would win, after he lost it all.

Too many sick fuckers like christopher gianguzzo around blatantly promoting drug addiction and pedophilia.

pasqualie: Christopher Gianguzzo is so disconnected

When i told him dont do drugs to get high and drive, and watching child rape and child sex abuse films is not good for you or in tune with his higher self.

That he thinks I said those things cuz he hurt my ego lol.

Genius of retards or king of retards is a fitting title for you christopher gianguzzo sick fucker.

TillToTheWhen: I dont drive high or drunk

I dont drive high or drunk you lying piece of shit

pasqualie: Christopher Gianguzzo Pathological Liar Meth Addict

Do you deny you ordered 5mapq (methamphetamine derivative) through the mail, got it, took it, and drove to the casino after i told you not to. Your reason for driving after taking your 5mapq (methamphetamine derivative) if walk to the casino I could get hit by a car and killed or paralyzed, so its safer for me to drive after i have taken 5mapq (methamphetamine derivative).

Do you deny doing this? Lets see how honest you are in your response.

TillToTheWhen: LMAO!!


The black hole is still starved for attention! My roommate told me "You're feeding him man! Stop!"

I'm over it dude. I'm done conversing with a sick fuck like you. I told you once through email I DONT DRIVE HIGH and I'll tell you again, I WAS COMPLETELY SOBER WHEN I DROVE THAT NIGHT.

whether you believe me or not, I dont give a fuck....I know I'm telling the truth, that's all that matters UNIVERSALLY.

The UNIVERSE IS GOD and the UNIVERSE KNOWS THE TRUTH, as I do...and no matter how delusional YOU might be, it doesn't change reality.

but yeah this is my last response to you. Find a new energy source dude.

pasqualie: Christopher Gianguzzo Meth Addict

He said he never ordered mail order meth.

Then he said he ordered 5mapq on the web to his mailing address which is a methamphetamine derivative.

He said he only ordered 1 gram by his admission. He didnt order it as a vitamin supplement, he ordered it to get high.

He took it and drove to the casino, cuz he loves gambling when he feels good cuz he said he feels lucky high on drugs.

Now he is lying trying to deny it. So that tells you how honest he is. He is blatantly lying now saying he didnt take his mail order 5mapq and he didnt drive to the casino when he admitted he did before.

TillToTheWhen: But if I ever see you on the

But if I ever see you on the road driving drunk, you better run

I hate people who do that shit. Last time i saw a drunk driver I almost followed him I was so pissed.

pasqualie: You try to lie here again

I told you many times I dont like alcohol and dont really drink. I may drink 5 beers a year if that.

Unlike you who drinks and drives and thinks its ok.

TillToTheWhen: Please someone donate to me

Please someone donate to me so I can hire someone to find out who this guy is. he needs to be caught. He is obviously on the run, that's why he won't give his real name. Even when I talked to him in email for over a year, he still wouldn't ever give me his real name or even tell me the slightest personal detail. It's because he has something to hide

Narcissists always project themselves on other this guy is almost surely a pedophile and almost surely he has some dirty secrets that we need to find out about.

Either way the karma will get him at the very least. But this sick fuck needs to be behind bars

pasqualie: Christopher Gianguzzo Mgmprofits Pedophile, meth addict, conman

Looks like Christopher Gianguzzo low on his drugs supply and need more narcotics.

Look at his lie first of all, wasnt a week ago when he said he was winning his bets and parlays for a week straight or more and now he is begging for money on an new age site.

Likely he lied about winning, or he got high and gambled all his money away again.

This guy does that, and then he says he wants to play in the world poker tour in vegas. So he will think of every reason to lie and cheat and con people for money for his drugs and gambling.

He lives off money his grandmother sends him for rent and food, and gambles the rest or buys drugs and gets off watching his child rape and child sex abuse movies.

He has a criminal record, and has pages and pages of internet reports on him on how he ripped off people over the span of 7 years. Just look at the link, likely he had to leave florida and had to move to vegas cuz of his shady associations and drug addiction and his dark taste in movies that have child rape and child sex abuse.

And he has the audacity to say I am hiding something for calling him out and calling him a sick fucker.

To tell you why he is begging for money for his drug addiction and gambling, His grandmother knows better than send him alot of money because she knows he is a drug addict and gambles his money away.

I told him to get a job because he once said he sat there for 12 hours studying the baseball games for the day and handicapping it so he can gamble.

I told him if he can sit there for 12 hours and handicap games to bet on he can go and get a job and work.

He said no he cannot do that, he cannot get up every day to go to work at the same time.

So he is asking for money as a con for his drug addiction and gambling addiction.

And attempts to smear me and use me in his con, to con other people to send him money for his drug addiction and gambling addiction.

This is what is found when you just google his name. 2 matches in Florida State court.

TillToTheWhen: The one thing i know he had a

The one thing i know he had a problem with, was porn. He always sent me these links to porno sites with 18 year old girls masturbating. So obviously he loves young girls. I would bet anything he is a pedophile.

TillToTheWhen: You guys should see the

You guys should see the emails he sent me...literally like 20 to 30 emails a day with these links to these webcams.

I rarely ever clicked on them. I was thinking "fuck dude, stop sending me this shit" but I didn't want to be rude so I didn't say anything.

But I mean, all day long he'd send me these links and tell me to watch them, because his excuse was that "It would queit my ego" for sports betting.

lmfao I dont need porn to quiet my ego, I can quiet control it on my own.

pasqualie: Christopher Gianguzzo Child Rape Child Sex abuse movie fan

You are the sick fucker man, we have clearly seen how you have lied to everyone on this forum.

I find it funny how a sick fuck like you who admits getting off on and enjoying child rape and child sex abuse films has the audacity to call the one person calling you out as a sick fuck as a pedophile.

shows how much of a sick fuck and retard you are.

pasqualie: Should sticky this Quinton

As a public service announcement.

Acts as a deterent for good behaviour with his admissions.

pasqualie: just bumping thread


pasqualie: This of this as jerry springer show

except this christopher gianguzzo is a real life jerry springer guest.

pasqualie: just bumping the thread up


pasqualie: .


pasqualie: bump

views keep going up so just bumping it.

pasqualie: What Tilltothewhen posts on other sites

[Quote: Originally Posted by mgmprofits]

Can you please give us a little insight as to why you believe this? You do know sports is rigged right?

That's why you rarely ever see all favs cover. Books dont want public to win their parlays and public loves favs.

I have a system where you simply bet all dogs ml each day and we hit 90 grand for $5 bet several years ago. Only 1 fav won that day but with my system we avoided that play, because it went against my pick.

Happened to be Miami vs Philly lol and Miami won was obvious. This was when James was on Miami

Man, Miami was way better than cleveland now that I think about it, James should of never left. I'd rather see that miami team take on Golden state.

cleveland just doesnt match up well with them

but if you could give insight as to why you beleive all favs cover I'd appreciate it


[Quote: Originally Posted by mgmprofits]


I normally don't post picks because I hit at a high rate but what the heck, everyone wants me to post

I wont give any writeups as to keep my way of capping a secret.


[/Quote][Quote: Originally Posted by mgmprofits]

If you were on my level, you'd understand. Sorry that you're not.

One day you will be though, don't worry!!

Be happy.


[Quote: Originally Posted by peekay89]

shutup mgm my god


[Quote: Originally Posted by mgmprofits]

You just posted 4 words too many bro.

Speak for yourself please.

Ok, I'll shutup.

I'm finally buzzin today


[Quote: Originally Posted by mgmprofits]

But I guarantee you I'm not drunk. I never get drunk. Who likes being sick and falling over? Sorry I grew out of that long time ago.

Luckily I am not able to be addicted to alcohol. It's a gene thing, and it doesn't run in my genes. Alcohol actually makes me sick if I drink a lot.

Alcoholics get sick without it. That's the difference. I can't imagine being addicted to it. They say you can even die from the withdrawls


just more comedy and contradictions here from tilltothewhen aka mgmprofits

pasqualie: mgmprofits (tilltothewhen, christopher gianguzzo) feedback ebay

madjack: look at this idiot

and 4 people actually bought his crap (2 full price and 2 accepted offers).


i posted the link trusting that nobody here is dumb enough to buy it.

Madjack: Do not buy his "service". He sent a weeks picks with only 1 win of 7 plays.

jbrockbetting (aka mgmprofits, tilltothewhen, christopher gianguzzo)-Reply by jbrockbetting: This is a complete lie. This must be a dishonest competitor. Bad Karma for them

Rating Mutually Withdrawn: Buyer and seller mutually agreed to withdraw feedback for this item. Learn more.

intense operator The fact that Ebay ever allows this type stuff tells me what they are all about.

mad jack :plus, look at his rating after only one month?

most are listed as "private" (something strange going on there) and a couple he has good feedback with the auction is still running? and, some of the things,

actually most of the things he won and got good feedback on, he only paid .01 for the item.

something fishy going on in more ways than one.

losbastardo : I noticed "mareagainnow" loved this guy's picks so much, he bought them twice, only 5 days apart! lol no doubt he has multiple accounts padding his feedback.


thought i would post this to clear up any confusion on mgmprofits ebay feedback. he only gives the general one which doesnt give details so he can con people.

an honest discussion here by his clients that have bought from him.

pasqualie: any doubt on who jbrockbetting is

jbrockbetting: I'll take (My full name is Christopher Gianguzzo)
I am new to marketing websites. I did have a domain before. This won't cost me anything, even annually? Thanks a mil


8 comments down from top at this link

pasqualie: again posted because he was denying it and calling me a liar

posted the quotes and link to show what i was saying was not untrue.

post and link is there for all to read on what i said was not a truth, and to disprove tilltothewhen calling me a liar when his own clients are saying similar things on sites where he visited to try to market his products through paypal or ebay.

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