Are you a Super Genius?

by TillToTheWhen on September 11th, 2015

I thought this was interesting. How many people here fit all of these qualities?

And I love this website...because I was just thinking this is the only message board I've ever posted at, where I haven't been banned. Quinton is pretty cool!

Unfortunately, most people aren't cool. Most people hate the truth

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pasqualie: As for his drug

There is a long discussion on his views on what a drug habit is and what an addict is, and he does not consider himself an addict.

So if you want to refresh on that thread, you can find it and read up on it.

To Triple T water and food are drugs he believes. And meditation and your bodys natural hormones that you produce are drugs like the ones he takes to get high.

He said he is clean and off drugs and to trust him so all is well.

Why would we doubt him, those million links on him ripping off people should sway our thoughts in believing him.

TillToTheWhen: Paz, this is halarious, the

Paz, this is halarious, the more you post the more you keep exposing yourself.

A serbian film has no pedophilia what so ever in it. Anyone can look and verify for themselves.

You keep exposing yourself a judgmental loser. You judge people by the movies they like? So, since my favorite movie is the WIZARD (A kids movie) why don't you judge me on that one.

Anyway, the funniest thing about this is that Paz exposed himself when he posted that first link, you can read it, and scroll down and there you have one of my systems, there (Was posted free) and you can test it yourself, see that it works, and then you'll know 100% paz is a liar.

But I think most of you here are smart enough anyway to see through him by now. But honestly, nobody here cares paz, once again about your hurt ego.

But now Paz will clutter the site with nonsense again, to cover up the proof I posted of my REAL positive feedback (Not his false negatives he posted about me on message boards)

Quinton, you will probably have to ban Paz if he continues to resort to this childish behavior. He is disrupting your message board.

Also, he created multiple fake accounts. Remember the Billy Bob account? That was him who created that. He is a troll, seriously. That's all he is.

pasqualie: Triple T thinks i am a loser

Because i dont like to watch or watch films that are of the topic of necrophilia, pedophilia or snuff.

He exposed me because i said i dont like to watch things like that, and he loves it and enjoys it and it doesnt affect him.

He believes IMDB description of the Serbian Film is a lie also.

Triple T believes i should be banned because I dont enjoy watching films with plots of pedophilia, necrophilia and snuff.

TillToTheWhen: Wow...this guy continues to

Wow...this guy continues to striaght up LIE to you guys, even in the face of the proof I posted to expose him. That's crazy.

I can't even believe "people" like that exist. That's how I know Paz does not have a soul. Nobody with a soul could possibly lie like that, especially after they've been proved wrong.

BUt he is getting very desperate now, to cover up the truth about him

Well I'll be back tomorrow to repost the truth, as I know he will spend the rest of his night trying to cover it up once again.

I really hope Quinton is smart enough to ban this jerk

pasqualie: Triple T wants me banned Quinton

Cuz i said an untruth in him ripping people off and posting the links to prove it.

And i told an untruth that he enjoys necrophila, pedophilia snuff based plots in movies.

i need to be banned because i meditate and i wont watch movies that have topics and plots of necrophilia, pedophilia and snuff.

What is wrong with me that i dont love and enjoy those kinds of movies like Triple T.

pasqualie: I believe you Triple T

i believe you have character and integrity.

You are an enlightened soul with a high consciousness who enjoys pedophilia and necrophilia plot snuff films. All the people who wrote pages and pages on the internet calling you a thief, scammer, con man, and other names, they must all be liars.

i dont know what came over me to doubt you.

How could I have doubted your integrity and character.

Please forgive my error.

TillToTheWhen: Yah Paz, you were the Billy

Yah Paz, you were the Billy Bob guy who made the fake account trolling Admit it.

You even emailed me telling me you would make a fake account and post it. And then you did 15 minutes later, there it was. It was so obvious it was you anyway! Just the the covers fake accounts were also yours.

Your writing style gave you away as well. You haven't learned how to type english properly yet. You always say HE TOUTING or HE SCARED instead of "He's Touting" You need to learn to use apostrophies

But as for the fake Billy Bob act, I have proof, and I will send the email to Quinton with full headers, proving it was you....if you don't admit to it.

You are a troll disrputing this site and I will not continue to feed you.

You are done.

Starve, little troll. Nobody wants you here

TillToTheWhen: Pas also doenst realize that

Pas also doenst realize that the ONLY people that would believe the lies he is posting, are stupid people just like him. And I could care less what idiots think. Anyone here who is smart will easily side with me, as I posted proof of my ebay feedback.

I will post it again here, and then paz can spend the rest of his night posting short messages, to try and cover it up so no one will see it. But I will continue to post it, so people can see he is a liar.

Check the link below for my official ebay feedback on my roulette system and you'll see that paz is the worst kind of person we have in this world-

pasqualie: Triple T believes

The reason i dont rip off people and watch pedophilia, necrophilia and snuff based plot films is because i am stupid.

and He is a genius because he does all that stuff.

He believes i am telling untruths and covering up stuff about the lies i have spread about Triple T tonight.

Meditation must truly be evil as Triple T says.

TillToTheWhen: you're trying to you're trying to fool quinton? You are trying to insult Quinton's intelligence by deceiving him too? I hope Quinton see's through what you are doing and bans your sorry ass...and all of your other multiple accounts that you created too

Like I said, only idiots are going to buy into your pathetic shallow lies you're telling.

I posted proof, you did not. You cannot. Because you are a liar.

But you can never prove the truth wrong.

This guy is so desperate he resorted to calling popular movies, pedophilia. If it was pedophilia it wouldn't be legal. Paz know this, he knows he is lying, that's why he is the worst kind of person there is. He is worse than a pathalogical liar. He is a sinister liar.

But I am done here, good night Quinton. I'll stop feeding this troll.. Just please ban him, if you have any respect for the good people on this site. Soul less people like paz who purposely lie, have no place on a truth site

pasqualie: Now Triple T says I am trying to Fool Quinton

I am truly evil because i dont like to do drugs, i meditate, and i dont like to watch pedophilia, necrophilia, snuff plot films and dont get off on it.

Also because i dont rip off people.

TillToTheWhen: Watch everyone- This is my

Watch everyone- This is my last post....I am going to bed now. Watch, after I stop posting, PAsqualie is going to post a bunch of messages to try and cover up the proof of my real feedback, exposing his false reports as a lie.

Check the link for my feedback below on Ebay, where I sold my systems

pasqualie: Triple T is upset with me

Because he wondered why i didnt believe him when he said he quit drugs. And i posted all those links of his past clients over that past 6 years that had amazing recommendations for him.

I nominate Triple T for president of the united states because of his outstanding character and integrity, and his taste in movies, as well as his drug addiction which he will promote to everyone in the free world so they can be just like him.

He says i posted untruths about him. And his responses prove what i said were untruths.

pasqualie: Triple T believes i am the Worst kind of person

in the world because i dont rip off people and watch pedophilia, necrophilia and snuff plotted films like him and love and enjoy them.

Also because i dont do drugs and become an addict like him.

And because i meditate.

He believes i am truly evil. Oh how did i get so evil I dont know.

TillToTheWhen: Ok one more post then I'm

Ok one more post then I'm done-

No paz, you liar, I never said you were evil because of any of that. You love to put words in people's mouth's don't you.

I said you are soul less because you are PURPOSELY LYING AND TRYING TO DECEIVE EVERYONE ON THIS MESSAGE BOARD, including Quinton.

Here is a copy/paste of just ONE page of my 200 positive feedbacks on Ebay-

How am I scamming people, when everyone was satisfied with my system? I WILL WAIT FOR YOUR ANSWER ON THAT.

If 99% were satisfied, how is that a scam? you know very well, that in gambling world, 100% aren't gonna be happy. If my system was a scam, believe me, I'd have a lot more negative feedback with all those customers. Also I wouldnt get repeat customers. Since you already know this is true, and you are still lying to try and hurt me or my business, now we all know you're a little hurt egotistical bastard. LOL!

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pasqualie: Triple T believes i am souless

because i dont rip off people like him.

i dont enjoy watching movies like serbian film whose plot is of pedophilia, necrophilia and snuff and i dont get off watching movies like that.

i am not a drug addict.

And because i meditate.

I must have gotten dropped on my head at birth because i am not like Triple T. Something must be wrong with me.

pasqualie: Congratulations Triple T

Now everyone knows the real you.

TillToTheWhen: I dont' "believe" you are

I dont' "believe" you are soul less....I KNOW you are soul less.

It is not possible to do what you are doing, and have a soul at the same time.

If I was religious, I would most certainly say without a doubt that you are from the devil.

Hopefully one day you will wake up (Born again in chritian terms) and then you will escape the matrix. But either way you have to go to 'hell' before you can get to 'heaven'.

Everyone notice how this idiot DODGED my question about how I could be scamming people and still have 99% positive feedback on my systems?

He's been busted and he knows it, he has been exposed as the liar that he is.

TillToTheWhen: Just ignore the guy. He is

Just ignore the guy. He is only here to troll and have his ego stroked.

TillToTheWhen: A SOUL is pure consciousness.

A SOUL is pure consciousness.....Pasqualie has no conscious.

That is how I Know he does not have a soul. One with a conscious cannot deceive and lie to people in the manner that he is doing.

What he has done is far beyond a simple white lie. All you have to do is go read his fake reports he made about me (Then go read the REAL official feedback for me on Ebay) and then you can see how deceptive he really is.

pasqualie: What does it say about your soul Triple T

For someone who loves and enjoys PEDOPHILIA, NECROPHILIA, AND SNUFF plot films?

For someone who rips off people and you try to put the blame on them for posting links to prove it after you were implying you were honest and have integrity?

For someone who advocated not long ago drugs he takes to get high is the same as water and food, meditation, and the natural hormones your body produces.

For someone who thinks its ok to get high and drive, because his reason for that is he could get hit by a car and paralyzed or killed by a drunk driver if walked to the casino 2 blocks rather then drive while he is high on meth. For someone who uses the decision making skills of asking if he is ok the drive while high, as asking himself while high is he ok to drive a car.

For someone who likes to give to the poor because he believes it will bring him good luck while gambling. When told give food and water because they will buy drugs and alcohol. His response being why should he deny them the right to be an addict like him.

For someone who thinks he is connected to higher self and inner truth through his drug use while high, and thinks he is gonna get out of the matrix with loving and enjoying pedophilia, necrophilia and snuff plot films.

Do you not see the disconnect with all this?

pasqualie: And this is why he was blocked on email

Everyone knows the real Triple T now,

Showing a fake approval rating on ebay made with his fake accounts to boost his approval rating.

Meanwhile ignoring all the negative complaints on pages and pages of internet sites for ripping off people.

He doesnt see the incongruency of his movie tastes in pedophilia, necrophilia and snuff topic films with consciousness. He thinks its congruent with his higher self and inner truth telling him the truth so he enjoys those types of movies, he has said he loves them and unaffected by them.

And he criticitzes various religions groups as zombies while prescribing to pseudo religious beliefs himself and attachments to his mid level or minion religious beliefs taught by the institutions to keep people in victimization. And with these beliefs of himself getting out of the matrix and he himself being connected to inner truth, for him its completely ok that he enjoys pedophilia, necrophilia, and snuff plot films.

He sees nothing wrong with Pedophilia, Necrophilia, Snuff plot films and enjoys and loves watching movies of this nature.

That said its my last post in this thread, As I said responding to his monkey theories only encourages monkey theories, i just had to show through his responses what he is really like.

Now everyone knows.

Gluck Triple T

TillToTheWhen: The only thing there is

The only thing there is something wrong with is you.

Tons of regular, normal people, enjoyed a serbian film. Only delusional people such as yourself, would believe there was actual pedophilia in the film.

I don't even think anyone is reading your messages anymore. I know I'm not. lol i read like 2 sentences, that's it.

You are so far gone and delusional there is no speaking or reasoning with you. But if it makes you feel better, you can continue to talk to yourself on here, like the sad person that you are. I just think Quinton is crazy for letting you flood his site with your delusions.

TillToTheWhen: Pas, Why do you use an alias? Are you on the run, or something?

This guy's real name is NOT Pasqualie Francisco.

It's kind of suspicious that he is hiding under a false alias. Especially since he used an actual name. Normal people don't do that.

So, I think this creep may be on the run from the law. It wouldn't surprise me. He told me his real name was Tonny (Pronounced Tony) and he lives in Toronto, Canada.

TillToTheWhen: If he is low and scummy

If he is low and scummy enough to make up an entire page of fake reports about me and my roulette systems, then obviously he is low enough to commit other crimes as well.

I know for 100% that the universe is conscious and that the karma he deserves for trying to harm me, will come back to him 10 fold.

Then hopefully, he will learn not to harm innocent people.

pasqualie: lol i am the scummy one here

i am not the one that got picked up for illegal drugs

smokes and gets high all day

and had police come to my door because i was hanging out and driving around with pimps getting high who were prostituting under aged girls lol.

maybe thats why you like pedophilia necrophilia and snuff films

TillToTheWhen: See everyone how Paz Judges

See everyone how Paz Judges others and he thinks he is better than other people? He is in for a major wake up call, when his judgement day comes.

I have proof it was Paz making the fake reports.

Also I was completely innocent about what Paz is speaking about. That was years ago, and I had no idea the guy was pimping minors. I was terrified of the guy though. He had a gun and I thought he'd kill me if I didn't do whaty he said, so I drove him around for a while then I ditched him. Then the detectives came to my house and I worked with them and was honest with them about everything. I was a victim myself. That's why I didn't get in any trouble because they knew I was innocent.

I was going to help them take down the guy by testifying in court against him...but the creep ended up accepting a plea bargin.

Pasqualie is equally as creepy that that pimp was. Both very very bad apples, with no soul. But when they die, they probably wont have to worry about coming back to the matrix, because since they do not have souls, they will just stay in the grave where they belong

TillToTheWhen: I've only been arrested once

I've only been arrested once in my life, and was for a simple possession charge, which I was also innocent of, (I didn't even have anything on me! They found it in a car I was driving, and I didn't even legally own the car!)
but I pleaded no contest as I didn't want to go through trail and all that. I got simple probation for 8 months with early termination.

I know none of you guys care about any of this, sorry for Paz cluddering up the site. Even if quinton bans him, he surely will be back with another account, but at least he is easy to spot by his writing style always gives him away.

TillToTheWhen: The detectives checked all of

The detectives checked all of my records, they knew I was innocent right away as I've never been charged with any crimes like that. So I worked with them to help them bust that pimp.

Pasqualie is probably on the run for pedophilia and that is why he projects himself on me.

You should see the guy has a huge problem with porn and watching women masturbate all day. I have tons of emails from him, literally 50 or more per day sending me links to these porn sites (And I kept thinking, I wish this guy would stop sending me these stupid links, I wasn't interested at all in the guys sick fetishes)

I think it is highly possible that Tonny is a pedophile

pasqualie: Christopher Gianguzzo Ripoff Artist and Pedophile

Of Las vegas nevada, formerly of florida. Aka Mgmprofits, Mgmprofits2, aka Tilltothewhen.

The guy admits he loves serbian film and movies like that which is associated with plots of pedophilia and necrophilia and snuff. He says it doesnt have anything to do with pedophilia

He admits he drove around pimps in his car who prostituted underage girls. likely so he can get free or cheap drugs and get high.

He now says i am a low consciousness energy vampire for bringing these things to light in the thread which he admitted to.

And now he attempts to smear me and slander me by calling me a pedophile, when i am the one that called him out on it saying how messed up it is that he likes watching movies like serbian film which are about pedophilia, necrophilia, and snuff.

How he as the absurdity to call me a pedophile when i am the one disapproving of these things, and he is the one admiting to it and saying he loves it and he recommends and advocates movies of this nature that have plots of pedophilia and necrophilia and snuff is beyond me.

He admits to liking movies like this and recommending it and saying nothing is wrong with them. And he recommends it. He even associated with pimps who prostitute underage girls and drove them around to their paid appts.

Christopher gianguzzo, aka mgmprofits, aka Tilltothewhen, you are the pedophile.

You are not fooling anyone. Especially since you admit it in your responses in this thread, confirming what I have said as truth.

TillToTheWhen: Paz, I've addressed every

Paz, I've addressed every issue you brought up about me.

why is it that you can't even answer a simple question, about why you are hiding under a fake name?

That shows your character right're all about deception and deceiving people. That's why you use a fake name, to create the illusion that it is your real name, and so people will think it is.

So, I guess he must be on the run since he won't answer this, he must have something to hide.

Also, I never said meditation was evil. I just said, since you claim you meditate for 6 years, everyday, for hours a day, and your ego is still out of control, it shows that meditation didn't work for you.

But honestly, how do we even know you're being honest about meditating everyday. You've already been a proven liar, so now we can't trust ANYTHING you say. So, likely pas was lying about meditating everyday.

Because I know I used to meditate..and it worked pretty well for me. I do believe in it. Either paz is using the wrong meditations (probably some nasty subliminals in the background) or he is just a pathalogical liar, like he projected his insecurities on me.

pasqualie: Christopher Gianguzzo, Mgmprofits, TillTheWhen

Is the one that has admitted he loves to watch pedophile, necrophile snuff plot films and he finds nothing wrong with enjoying these types of films and getting off on em.

He also had admitted to his drug use. and associating with pimps and other characters who prostitute underage girls. And he was even driving the pimp and the under age girls to the clients paid appts.

How did he meet these pimps prostituting the underage girls. Likely he hung out with them for free drugs and then drove them around. The pimp didnt just pull him off the street and tell him drive. He was hanging out with them and smoking drugs and getting high. Its why the police came to his door. And although he was not charged, he did smoke drugs with these pimps and associate with them and drove the underage girls to their paid appts. For him it was a way to get high cheap.

The same reason why when he was at a hotel where he resides in Las Vegas now, he gets high and goes into rooms of strangers who offer him drugs and give him massages. As these sociopaths and psychopaths show him cell phone photos of people they have crippled, as he gets massages from them. For him its a way for him to get high for free, cuz at times he gets high, and blows all the money his grandmother sends him on slot machines and gambling. And when asked why he did it, did he not think after losing hundreds of dollars, maybe i should stop.

His response being while high, he thought he would win.

And this guy who says he is a genius, as we can see from his responses, is now calling me a pedophile. When christopher gianguzzo, mgmprofits, tilltothewhen as admitted he likes watching movies like serbian film which has plots of pedophilia, necrophilia, and snuff.

He said himself he loves watching pedophilia, necrophilia, and snuff films like serbian film, enjoys it alot and it doesnt affect him.

so when people read this Christopher Gianguzzo, Mgmprofits, Tilltothewhen of las vegas nevada, formerly of florida where he left.

based on your comments and responses, who do you think people who are reading these threads is the pedophile? Me for bringing your admissions and actions to light, or you who admits all these things.

I dont like watching pedophile plot movies which you recommended i watch many times which i didnt. I never drove pimps who prostitute underage girls around to their paid appts or associated with pimps who prostitute underage girls and smoked and did drugs with them.

TillToTheWhen: LOL!! Look how desperate Paz

LOL!! Look how desperate Paz is getting now, now that I've exposed him. He CONTINUES to make up false info and lies about me!

Most of that crap he just types ISN'T EVEN TRUE! It's all outright lies.

Also, I would never watch pedophilia, just for the record. Once again he is lying. I said I liked a Serbian Film. A Serbian film does not have any pedophilia in it.

His goal is to upset me so he can feed, like the parasite that he is.

But I am not upset with him because I know that would only hurt me. So, I will let him talk to himself from now on.

I'm done responding. I've proved my points. I did absolutely nothing wrong. I helped bust a pedophile. Pedophiles are SICK in the head, just like Paz is.

Paz probably got molested when he was a child...and that explains why he has these issues.

Hey Paz, one last question before I leave you be, with your delusional fantasies....

If I didn't hurt your ego, then why are you spreading lies about me?

pasqualie: Christopher Gianguzzo, Mgmprofits, Tilltothewhen, Pedophile

There is nothing to make up.

You have admitted you like watching movies and love it,of the titles Serbian Film in your response in this post earlier. Movies of this nature which include plots of pedophilia, necrophilia, and snuff.

You said you love it, and enjoy watching it, and it doesnt affect you to quote your response earlier in this post.

You admitted you associated with pimps who prostituted underage girls, your likely association with them was to get high or cheap or free drugs. And as long as no one said anything it was fine by you.

Just as you said in your responses you find nothing wrong with watching, loving and enjoy films like serbian film which has a plot of pedophilia, necrophilia and snuff. In fact to quote you in your response you enjoy it and it doesnt affect you.

In your emails you even said to get free high quality drugs you went into hotel rooms where you would get free drugs while he massaged you and showed you cell phone photos of people he had crippled.

Christopher Gianguzzo, Mgmprofit, Tilltothewhen admits he likes serbian film and denies there is any plot associated with pedophilia, necrophilia or snuff related materials.

here is the Imdb link and see for yourself.

He recommend i watch this film many times cuz he loves it in his emails. I never watched it after i googled what it was about on IMDB. He admits he likes the movie, previously he said he loved it, enjoyed watching it, and was not affected by it.

And out of some insanity he is calling me a pedophile by bringing this to light so everyone can see his responses which confirms what I have said as truth.

This post is more of a public service notice for everyone know so they know what Christopher Gianguzzo of Las Vegas, formerly of Florida, aka Mgmprofits, aka Tilltothewhen is really like in his real life.

He is such a genius, where he admits to all these things in his responses in this thread, through is flawed reasoning skills and disconnect, he attempts to call me a pedophile for bringing all these things to light in this thread. Thinking people reading this will actually believe him after he has admitted to all of this in his responses.

What I have said is not lies, if Christopher gianguzzo, aka mgmprofits, aka tilltothewhen has admitted to what I have said in his own responses in this thread.

He says he is innocent because he was not charged. And expects everyone to ignore his associations and actions.

He even says the serbian film is not about pedophilia, necrophilia or snuff. Look at the IMDB link i posted and decide for yourself.

TillToTheWhen: When I first talked to Paz I

When I first talked to Paz I thought he was a good person, but it turns out he was hiding under his false ego.

His true colors are really showing now.

It's ok though, his lies will be exposed. The truth can NEVER be proved wrong.

TillToTheWhen: The movie isn't real. THere

The movie isn't real. THere is no pedophilia in it.

Just like if someone likes a movie, where there is murder in the movie, it doesn't make the person watching the movie a murderer.

Even a 5 year old can understand this.

See everyone how insane this guy is?

Do you guys agree, if you watch a movie about murder, that it makes you a bad perosn or a murderer?

Have you ever watched a movie about murder paz? I'm sure you wont anwer because once again you're busted. You calling me a pedophile because I like a movie that has a sick plot.

If you have such a problem with the movie, why don't you complain to the people who released it on DVD here in america.

See, you've just never grown up. You have the mentality of a 2 year old (look up NPD narcissim personality disorder and you can see he fits it to a T...) they love to project themselves on others, and since he is hiding under an alias, and keeps ignoring the question, as to WHY he needs an alias, it's becoming more and more obvious to me, that he is most likely a pedophile.

I've never met the sicko in real life, thank god. I only talked to him through email for a few months, but if you seen the 100's of links he sent me to porno websites everyday, you guys would see he has a problem.

Almost for sure he was raped as a child. That's why he never did grow up. His ego kicked in to protect him because he is too scared to face the pain and trauma he went through.

This is an educated guess based on my research of NPD

What paz doesn't realize as well, is the more lies he posts about me, the more trouble he is getting himself into. This will all come back to him.

TillToTheWhen: There is a reason why Serbian

There is a reason why Serbian film is legal. because it's just a movie

But little delusional boys such as paz think it's pedophilia.


Go home and cry to your mommy you little baby

TillToTheWhen: Also I've asked QUINTON to

Also I've asked QUINTON to delete your posts, because your whole purpose here was to try and smear my name.

I haven't said anything untrue about you. Because I am not a liar like you are.

But most of the stuff you're saying about me, is completely twisted and false.

Quinton, please do the right thing and get rid of this dude. He doesn't belong on a truth website, when all he does is lie.

If you allow him to continue to post these lies about me, i will never come to this site again.

TillToTheWhen: The reason he keeps putting

The reason he keeps putting up the posts with my name in it, is so if someone googles my name they will see what he wrote.

So, his goal is to make people think I'm a pedophile when I'm not. If he was honest, he would just say "HE likes a serbian film" which I've already admitted I loved the move. It was a good movie (Because I'm not delusional like him, I know it didn't have any pedophilia in it)

but instead of calls me a pedophile.

I'm sure paz has seen movies about murder before. So I should go around to every message board online and tell everyone that paz is a murderer. lol that' exactly what he is doing to me.

What a fucking loser.

I hope you're looking forward to rotting in hell you little prick.

pasqualie: Actually Christopher Gianguzzo Pedophile Pathological Liar

You are the one that is worried because you admitted of your own accord the statements I said, you verified it in your responses on a public forum, so you dont want anyone else knowing your dark tastes and thoughts.

you confirmed it openly in your responses.

TillToTheWhen: No way paz can be that stupid

No way paz can be that stupid to think someone is a pedophile because they like a wide variety of movies. I love comedy, family movies, and yes, I also like disturbing movies. Doesn't make me a bad person and he KNOWS this. He KNOWS HE IS THE BAD PERSON for smearing me. He is doing it purposely. Look up NPD, they KNOW they are evil and don't care. They ENJOY LYING AND DECEIVING PEOPLE, that's why he is doing this. It's fun to him, he can feed from the negativity it causes for me.

If anyone here has any intelligence at all, they will not associate with this guy, becaue if you do anything to hurt this dude's ego, he will come at you, just like he is to me. He has no life, so he has all the time in the world to mess with you.

Absiolutely the biggest scum of the earth, people like this.

ps- Also no way paz thinks I am a scammer either when I posted my offical feedback, he can see nearly everyone was satisfied with my systems. He knows very well that everyone can't be happy.

So he just enjoys destroying people's lives, especially people who hurt his ego.

Paz, I'm telling you, you're only getting yourself into deeper and deeper trouble. I suggest you stop now.

I will hire a professional remote viewer to find out who you really are, and then we can see if you are indeed on the run from the law or not.

pasqualie: in your case

You admitted driving around underaged girls for pimps in prostitution rings, and admitted you loved the movie Serbian Film about pedophilia. Now you saying you also like family movies and comedies so you think it will make you liking pedophilia plot films normal. Kind of like saying hey everyone watches comedies and family movies , but i also like pedophilia plot movies also added in like its normal. I am normal cuz i like family movies and comedies also in addition to my pedophilia plot movies.

pasqualie: Quinton dont delete the posts on Christopher Gianguzzo Pedophile

If you read through the entire post you will see I have said nothing untrue, I posted a comment and he responded by verifying it.

In terms of his real name its already out there from the rip off reports and complaints on websites..

In a way its a public service notice in case this guy offends and gets caught. If someone searches they will see what he said and what he is like in real life.

What did i say that was untrue.

1) to start the begining he said he quit drugs, and asked why i would not believe him because he came out like he has integrity and character. He didnt think people would google him and find out about his unethical activities ripping of off people. I didnt make this up its all there out on the internet in post i gave so people can decide for themselves.

So i responded by posting what i found when i googled him in the ripoff reports and complaints about him, and posted the links as proof for people to see for themselves.

He said he loved serbian movie and its not about pedophilia, necrophilia, or snuff. so i posted the IMDB link to show again he was lying so everyone could see in the description what the movie was about.

He acknowledged he associated most likely for drugs and hung around with known pimps involved in prostitution of underaged girls. He even drove them around to the appointments in his car. he says he was afraid for his life. He doesnt tell you he hung around them to get high and it was all ok till someone came knocking at his door. Also he says he was afraid for his life but he played chauffer for the pimp prostituting underage girls to their appointment many times and not just one time.

his excuse now in loving and liking watching serbian film is it is not real. so that makes watching serbian film and other dark films he watches about pedophilia, necrophilia and snuff ok. he is saying that kind of material is ok to watch if film plots on the subject of pedophilia, necrophilia and snuff.

its kind of like his meth amphetamines he was ordering through the mail. He thought because they are delivering it to him when he orders it on the web, it must be ok and not illegal. So the meth amphetamines are not illegal and its ok for him to take it and get high, and drive like he did. He later said the government shut down the company that was mailing the meth amphetamines to him. But he says in threads he never took meth for a long time, when he wrote me and got high and drove just a few months ago when he went on his drug bing. i told him not to drive, he said he drives better on high, because he is more aware of cops not to get caught. And his explanation for doing it, he could get hit by a drunk driver walking 2 blocks to the casino and get paralyzed so its safer for him to drive high. Why did he go to the casino. he believes his luck runs high when he is doing drugs and high because he is feeling good, so that is why he decided to go to the casino in vegas after he was high off his mail order meth he recieved that day.

I told him i would not watch that movie serbian film he kept recommending me to watch in the emails. now he is lying saying i watched it and i am a pedophile for exposing the truth about him. I clearly told him i didnt watch it, now he making up lies i watched it and liked it.

just like he said serbian film was not about pedophilia, necrophilia, and snuff, and that he loves watching it.

again here is the imdb link- clearly in the plot description it says it is about pedophilia, necrophilia, and snuff. And Christopher Gianguzzo openly admitted he loves this movie and enjoys watching it, in addition to admitting he associated with pimps involved in prostitution of underaged girls, and even drove them to their paid appointments in his car.

and he smears me by calling me a liar when he openly admitted to everything i posted in his responses.

in addition he slanders me by saying i am running from the law, i am a liar, and i am the pedophile when i exposed him and he is the one that drove the underaged girls to their paid appointments in his car, and he is the one saying he loves serbian film and enjoys watching it when its about pedophilia, necrophilia and snuff.

Your judgment call Quinton but its basically a public service notice. If he ever acts on his impulses and tastes. someone can know what he was like in real life which he cannot hide from.

I didnt tell any untruth here about christopher gianguzzo aka tilltothewhen. He openly verified in his responses what i said.

just read the thread and see for yourself quinton.

again its a public service message for people to be aware of what he is like in real life. You see the way he tries to deflect and lie about what he said. He admits to it and they tries to lie about it, or calling me a liar. When he admitted to it clearly in his responses.

And he admitted to driving around underaged girls in prostitution rings in his car, and associating with known pimps involved in underaged prostitution of girls. and he says he loves serbian film which is about pedophilia, necrophilia, and snuff. Thats just one movie he was recommending i watch which i refused to do. He watches many other dark films.

Again out of public service dont delete the threads. It will act as a deterent for him to act with integrity and character and not act out on his dark tastes, which will end up hurting others.

My statements were verified in christopher gianguzzo's responses. My link posts verify he ripped off people and didnt refund their money so they posted their complaint on the internet.

What have I said that is an untruth here, that christopher gianguzzo, aka tilltothewhen himself did not verify in his responses.

Do you believe he as the absurdity to call me sick, when he is the one that admits he loves serbian movie about pedophilia. And he is the one that drove girls around on paid appointment for pimps dealing in prostitution of underaged girls.

TillToTheWhen: I never said the movie didn't

I never said the movie didn't have a snuff plot you fucking idiot.

I said it's not a REAL snuff movie. I don't mind watchingb movies about rape or killing, as long as they aren't real.

MOST normal people do watch movies with murder in it.

But those who watch the REAL snuff films (As I'm sure you do) as the sick ones.

Nice try again, but quinton, i am sure, isn't half as dumb as you are. So, like me, he can see right through your little campaign.

I even posted 100% proof that you're a liar, by posting my REAL feedback, not some message boards where anyone (like you) can post anything they want.

I also posted a link to how narcissists do the smear campaigns, which is funny because you actually exposed your self by continuing to write false things about me.

pasqualie: Yes that is true

You denied the film you love Serbian film was about pedophilia.

read the imdb description again here.

Christopher Gianguzzo pedophile, wants to deflect the topic of discussion so he tries to say he didnt say it wasnt about snuff. Because he loves the movie. He doesnt actually post in his previous response that he said it was not about pedophilia and it is.

Again caught in a lie.

TillToTheWhen: I didnt deny it was about

I didnt deny it was about pedophilia. There are some parts in it that are (obviously as anyone can look it up and see for themselves, why the fuck would I lie about that you idiot)

I said THERE IS NO PEDOPHILIA in the movie.

Just like a movie about murder DOES NOT HAVE ACTUAL MURDER IN IT

that's all I meant you dumb fuck.

Damn, are you really this dumb. Nope, you're just sucking me into feeding you again.

I'm done here, have fun with yourself.

Hopefully quinton will ban ya. If not, then he is pretty accepting of someone who just insulted the hell out of him.


TillToTheWhen: I always destroy paz in every

I always destroy paz in every arguement we got into.

He is a simpleton and I'm a genius, so he doesn't stand a chance against me. But it's funny that he keeps coming back for more.

It's almost like he enjoys being defeated.

I already rested my case long time ago. The truth can NEVER be proved wrong.

pasqualie: Reality Check Christopher Gianguzzo Pedophile

Your statements verified by your responses what I said about you were true.

You are no genius. borderline idiot or retard is more likely an apt description of you in addition to a sick human being.

Every time you make a statement, all i have to do is refer back in the thread where you verfied in your responses what I said.

Its amazing how you do not see this, you admitted to what i said in your statements and verfied it.

And its kind of like you see nothing wrong with driving around underaged girls in your car for pimps in prostitution rings and loving pedophilia plot movies like serbian film, and make it out like everyone watches it and its normal like pulp fiction and disney movies.

TillToTheWhen: The reason paz doens't

The reason paz doens't believe in god or a higher power is because if he did, then he'd act straight out of fear of going to hell. The funny thing is, he's in for a huge wake up call, because I know for 100% fact that Hell does exist, and he will be going. Then he is going to know and regret what he did with his evil actions in his life to innocent people.

I am sure he has abused a lot of people, the same way he is doing to me. That's probably why he is using an alias and is on the run.

But it's insane how crazy these narcissists are, they actually think others are going to buy into their lies, even in the face of the truth. But paz knows if you guys see my official feedback profile, that you will see that he is smearing me with his message board complaints. So that is why he keeps posting multiple short messages,(calling me every name in the book, lol) so he can cover up my posts where i post the link to my official feedback profile.

Here it is again- MY OFFICIAL EBAY FEEDBACK (Read and decide for yourself)

If you read the feedback, I had the best system on Ebay and the best feedback. I since stopped offering my systems to the public, but I have an idea, on how we can bust this creep, who is most likely on the run.

Everyone here, make a donation to me, and if you request, I can send you my best system for free. If you have the time and discipline to follow a professional system, you will profit.

So, to make a small donation to me, the paypal account to send the money to, is [email protected]

And then once the donations get to $10,000 I will use some of the funds to hire and investigator and we can track down this 'Pasqualie Francisco" character, and have him sued for defamtion.

And if he is on the run, then he'll go back to prison where he belongs. I can almost assure you he is, since we all know he suffers from NPD, those people don't really belong in society, with the rest of us normal people.

So, any donation $25 or above will be accepted. And I will send you one of my best systems for free as my way of saying thanks for helping out, and also this will prove to you first hand that my systems are legitimate. Just leave a note in the payment section,


pasqualie: Christopher Gianguzzo Ripoff Artist, Con-man

Do you believe this guy, he honestly expecting people to donate money for him.

He likely spend it gambling or on drugs to get high. Like he did when he got high and went to the casino and blew 400 dollars on slots and was broke for the month cuz he spent all the spending money his grand mother is sending him from florida to pay his rent and food cuz he doesnt work.

What he does then is he goes on covers the sports site and goes into different threads and posts his picks, they lose, but he goes into the other threads and bashes other people and says he was perfect on his picks.

I went in there and called him out, saying he was not perfect in his picks, and so he lies and says he has been winning for a week and a half.

he even had the nerve to email me telling me to send him 50 dollars for his picks cuz he has been winning for a week and a half.

when he forgets his posted picks in different threads on covers, well he lost the 3 he posted and then went and lied about it saying he went perfect and has been winning for a weekand a half.

after that he got banned from covers , sports website also.

dont worry about me being on the run christopher gianguzzo, i am not in any trouble with the law. cuz i dont hang out with pimps who deal in prostituting underage girls cuz they give you free drugs to get high on, and i dont hang out with people for drugs to get high on.

I dont even get speeding tickets christopher gianguzzo

its the kind of con artist he is, he spends all his money on drugs and gambling and ends up broke and tries to ask for money.

in a sly way saying i would never ask you for money or this is for a good cause, cuz he blew it on drugs and gambling.

the real reason why he wants 10k is his grandmother knows him and will not give him money for gambling. He wants 10k so he can get his bankroll for the poker tour, cuz he believes its the only way he can make a living, cuz he cant get up everyday to work and build a bankroll.

i told him if he really wants to play poker work for a year and get the 10k so he can do the poker tour. but he said no he cannot do it that way.

So under the guise of other reasons he is asking you to donate 10k so he can gamble it on the poker tour.

He did have some of his bankroll a few months ago, but he went on a drug bing from his mail order meth he got in the mail, and any money he had won. Well while high, he listened to his higher self and inner truth that told him he would win, and he went and gambled it on slots and other things, and lost it all. so he was depressed for a while and in withdrawal from drugs and from losing his bankroll to play on the poker tour.

it was then i told him to get a job and save up a year if he really wants to play poker. but he said he cannot do it that way to play poker. he must gamble and win it or someone must give it to him, cuz his grandmother refuses to send him money for his gambling cuz she knows him too well.

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