Are you a Super Genius?

by TillToTheWhen on September 11th, 2015

I thought this was interesting. How many people here fit all of these qualities?

And I love this website...because I was just thinking this is the only message board I've ever posted at, where I haven't been banned. Quinton is pretty cool!

Unfortunately, most people aren't cool. Most people hate the truth

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435: I don't know if I am or I am

I don't know if I am or I am not. But I agree that TC is an excellent place on the web. Best I've found actually.

TillToTheWhen: Yeah I don't think the site I

Yeah I don't think the site I linked to has any scientific basis but it still seems accurate to me on how I would describe a genius myself. But it seems so simple to be a genius at the same time.
It really happens on its own, through life events, the older one gets, usually gets wiser.

Now with the chemtrails and stuff though, older people are going senile

pasqualie: are you on drugs again Triple T

are you attempting to do comedy here?

TillToTheWhen: Nope, I'm sure not. I got off

Nope, I'm sure not. I got off all drugs (I still have some beers every now and then and the occasional cigs...but I quit everything else)

And I feel a heck of a lot better. I think my brain issues were probably because I was never sober. lol

But I hope you're ok and been doing well.

I still have the black tourmaline you recommended, but I lost one of the stones, but still have the other.

The "demon" scratches stopped altogether when I got it, but then just the other day I got a couple on my ankles. But that could of been because I am allergic to those socks. I was wearing wool socks and usually when I wear those I break out with sores on my ankles. But this time, it felt exactly like the scratches did (Burning sensation) and it looked just like those scratches, so I think it I washed the tourmaline stone with water to cleanse it

But yeah I really think those stones work man. Because before I got it, I was getting scratched almost daily. Also the orgonite worked for me for a while until it got stale.

So I think replacing or cleansing the stones every couple of weeks or months is crucial.

TillToTheWhen: Btw PasQ, I am sorry again

Btw PasQ, I am sorry again for hurting your ego so much that you had to stop talking to me because of it.

I hope one day, all of your hard work and efforts to control your ego, pays off and that meditation ends up working for you. But you should be able to see that so far, it hasn't really worked, as your ego is still out of control.

I just thought to tell you this, as I was reading in that article on biblio I linked to about how the christian god would have to have an ego since only ego's can be offended.

I obviously offended you, and I apologize but in reality I did not do anything wrong. It's just the way people are. But one day I hope you are able to get control of yourself.

If not, there's always the next life in the matrix, and you'll have another chance. We are eternal

pasqualie: There is a real disconnect with you

One i didnt stop responding to your emails cuz you hurt my ego lol. I stopped because there is only so much crazy someone can handle and I thought it was a waste of my time as well as yours.

I truly hope you have stopped taking drugs to get high, but that is up to interpretation as I said to you integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking. And typing stuff on the internet is one thing, but you always know where you stand with yourself. You will when you decide to take personal responsibility for yourself, and not making excuses.

As far as getting out of the matrix dont worry about me, you have more concern to be worried about yourself.

You dont realize it cuz you take it personally, i dont. But i was merely letting you go down the path you wanted to go down, while i went my own way. At some point you realize there is no point in pouring coffee into a cup with the lid on. And i am not just referring to esoteric or spiritual issues, but common sense basic life, decision making and consequence issues which you have yet to grasp.

I didnt want to be dr phil for the next few years so i just let you be as you wanted to be, and i went my own way, allowing you choose and do what you wanted and let you learn the lessons on your own time.

gluck to ya and triple T

TillToTheWhen: Well I see it the opposite

Well I see it the opposite way. I think I hurt your ego, (which by the way was NOT my intention)

I thought because you meditated all the time, that you had your ego pretty much in I thought I could joke with ya. But I am sure it's your ego controlling you now, because it's no coincidence that you stopped emailing me all of a sudden after I sent you that email about the Brain excersises.

I mean, if you didn't want to talk anymore, you could of at least said bye or something. It was clear that you got mad. And it's ok to admit it. It's your ego also what is not letting you admit the truth.

You used to send me at least 1,000 emails a week. Then all of a sudden....0

But if it wasn't your ego, then I guess you have nothing to worry about.

But seriously, I've always been 100% honest with you. Not sure why you would think I would lie about quitting drugs. I even quit the beer and cigs too, and got completely clean. I started drinking alkaline real water (before the company was bought out) and then once I got alkaline again, I started back up on the beer occasionally. But I've never been an alcoholic, so I have no problem with beer. I just didnt enjoy the buzz from it and I absolutely hate being drunk, so it's been years and years since I can remember getting really drunk.

But the main reason I quit drinking beer recently, was because of the acidity. It's almost like soda, and I stopped soda about 20 years ago.

To assume I am lying about this, is kinda strange. What do you think is the reason you would think I may be lying? It has to be your ego man. No other reason you would type a message like that. I am able to see.

But I can't force you to. So I will leave it at that.

I really could care less if people think I take drugs. I know I am the most sober person in the world right now. And I will never go back to hard drugs. They destroyed my mind and body.

Now, mdma did not do this, so please do not misinterpret my message. It was the bad drugs that did that to me, such as bath salts, research chems and other random stupid shit I used to do.

If you think I am still doing that crap...then I guess I could call you a fool for believing things that aren't true. But it's really your ego that is making you think all that stuff. I guarantee it.

TillToTheWhen: Also I don't believe in luck.

Also I don't believe in luck....everything happens for a reason. You can control your own "luck" so I appreciate what I already have in life now. I don't need anything else.

TillToTheWhen: I can be pretty annoying...I

I can be pretty annoying...I'll admit that. But I am a good test for people to see if they can keep their ego's in check.

If people can't accept me for who I am....then they got some issues they need to work on. This world is not supposed to be us judging one another.

We are supposed to live in harmony together. So when you start fighting among one another, then we've fallen into one of the illuminati's deadly traps.

TillToTheWhen: The reason I am able to keep

The reason I am able to keep my EGO in check is because I've already been to hell and back, literally. So, that is why I am not afraid of any pain, I've already been through the worst mental anguish anyone could possibly imagine.

But it's all part of the ego cleansing process. In order for you to cleanse your ego, totally, you will have experience Hell first. Meditation alone obviously is not enough. You must experience and face your ego head on, and believe me, it hurts really bad. But once you do, then you're good to go after that.

I can clearly see now by just reading your emails (without judging you at all) that you are still afraid of the pain of facing your ego. But one day, we all must do this, if we want to escape this matrix.

I have unconditional love for people as well as myself, so I am not worried at all about returning here. If i return, it will be because I choose to do so.

Just thinking the light is a trap, is not going to get you out of the matrix. lol and reading the matrix V book wont get you out either. You have to work on yourself. BUt all of us will go to hell, that is a fact, in order to get to heaven you must go to hell first

TillToTheWhen: But if you're too afraid to

But if you're too afraid to face your ego and you wish to stay trapped in ignorance forever, then you may never go to "hell" you will just stay trapped n the matrix hell for eternity. This is hell, yes, but it's nothing compared to the real Hell I am speaking about

TillToTheWhen: Pasqualie, you really don't

Pasqualie, you really don't see it now, but I am actually trying to help you realize things, by typing these messages to you. Like I said, you have to feel pain in order to heal. That's just the way things work here

pasqualie: Look your ego is not in check

you are not even aware of it.

as for your integrity, well your comments on covers acting like you got this great life betting when we know what the real truth is.

as for your integrity also, you should google yourself. telling people you are an advance mathematician to sell your system you know is not even close to the truth since you yourself said you didnt finish grade 10.

also i told you the truth, you didnt hurt my ego, only so much crazy a person can take before they decide enough is enough. as i said responding to your monkey theories only encourages it so thats why i stopped responding, cuz you were very repetitive in your victimization programming so i let you be.

also you are no advanced mathematician, your monkey math on 40 micrometer bacteria and you thinking they can string together into 20 inches where its visible to the eye is absurd lol. you just dont realize it, and if your inner truth telling you that, its not your inner truth or higher self.

thats the kind of stuff i realized i dont need to listen to that and i let you be cuz, you always make excuses, so i allow you to make your excuses.

what i simply did was walk away from very disruptive noise, and i allowed the noise to be, while i walked away and had peace and quiet.

but i truly hope you get drug free one day, doing drugs and driving using the excuse if you walked to the casino and you might get paralyzed by a car hitting you while you walk 2 blocks is not a good excuse to do drugs and drive, and its definitely not your higher self or inner truth.

gluck, my last response to ya, move on, find someone else to listen to your theories, i had my fill.

pasqualie: as for your drugs

all i know is you said you didnt do drugs, and you ordered mail order meth amphetamine derivatives and you assume its ok since you can get it by mail. and they shut the company down for it you said so i guess it wasnt legal after all, since you were saying since you can order it by mail its not illegal and so its ok lol.

thats the kind of thinking and logic that got old. along with food and water is the same as drugs you take to get high, exercise is bad for you cuz you are lazy.

you gotta google yourself, its not one person, and its pages of complaints on different sites like ripoffreport and uscomplaints and other sites. I assume pages of those kind of recommendations took years to master, and accumulate.

its kind of like bill cosby and the rape allegations, if its one person, you might give the benefit of the doubt, if its more than 30 women and growing, then you start thinking wow either they all lying or they all telling the truth. to each his own how they interpret data like that.

so if you off drugs great, i wish you the best.

pasqualie: So good luck triple t

and i wont be responding to your monkey theories anymore.

there is a reason why i blocked you on gmail, the simple answer is i didnt want to hear anymore horseshit every day.

TillToTheWhen: Well, I'm not going to bother

Well, I'm not going to bother getting into the same things again with you. You are too hard headed to understand simple english.

I didnt know you blocked me on I thought you were just ignoring me. Well in that case, no wonder you don't understand what is going on. I actually did explain to you. I could copy and paste my emails here if you're interested, if not, then don't worry about it.

You're wrong about everything though, and if you'd like to see the truth, let me know.

I already addressed all of your issues with me through email.

Ps- I never acted like I had a great life on that's an outright lie man. I told the 100% truth to you, and to covers. I went 16-3 with my posts I think. I went 7-1 that one day almost hit the 8 teamer. You know I'm number 1 at sports betting. If you say i'm not,you're lying.


TillToTheWhen: Oh and FADE phixer if you

Oh and FADE phixer if you want to make he has 100,000 views on his post so his picks are all going to lose. I have a theory that he works for vegas and is trying to get the public to see that games are rigged, that way vegas can go back to some real sports and let the good teams play. Did you see NFL this week? All of the teams that won were the teams who should of. I guess phixer is causing an upheavel there. lol but they would of banned him for sure, if he was as good as me at picking winners. He can't adjust his strategy so vegas is using him to get fools to follow his picks then they will lose.

So, just some advice for you if you want to make some money in sports, fade phixer.

TillToTheWhen: At the very best, he will go

At the very best, he will go 50% so vegas makes a ton of juice from his followers. But I estimate he will hit 35 to 40%

TillToTheWhen: I will still send ya my

I will still send ya my system free if you want and then you can test it yourself. THat will be 100% proof for you that those reports were false. I used to sell it on ebay. My positive feedback was 99% over a few years. I got maybe 5% refund request. I definitely had the best systems for sale online.

The rip off reports were indeed fake, all posted by one guy. He was trying to ruin my reputation because I didn't grant his refund when he first asked, as he didn't follow the Terms in my conditions. Wasn't my fault, I did nothing wrong at all

TillToTheWhen: Btw, seeing giadara in the

Btw, seeing giadara in the toilet, isn't a theory it's a fact. THe color is yellow.

Seriously, you aren't as dumb as you act pas. Your ego is hurt and that's why you're making up false shit about me.

You know very well if you can see the color of something, that means it is visible.

And yes, if you string together 30 MM 10x that is 300 mm, ask anyone, you will see I was right again. You can confirm this fact by doing some research on google.

I am the one who should of started ignoring you, as your emails were always the same thing over and over again and always a bunch of BS that you read and repeated.

but I dont judge people like you do, so I accepted you for who you were

either way, you've got a LOT of work to do man before you get out

You actually are projecting yourself on me, everything you said about me...really fits you to a T

pasqualie: you act like its one guy on one website

there is pages of stuff on pages of complaint sites

just google mgmprofit roulette, google your real name associated with the system and roulette

its not one guy, if you paid hiim back how come the complaints go on from 2009, 2010, 2012, 2015

you are saying its one site. its uscomplaints, usconsumer, gamblersden, ripoffreports,, and many others.

also you are advertising you are an advance mathematician selling your product.

dont worry about your monkey theories, work out your inner truth on character and integrity.

its why i said going on meds would do you good, because as i said i think you are bipolar, so you got 2 personalities one which does bad things, and the other that is in victimization or is in denial of what your alt did.

as well advertising yourself as an advanced mathematician when you know you didnt finish grade 10 well what does your inner truth say about that. i dont think you need your inner truth to tell you if that is right or wrong.
its why i posted that golem smeagle video of lotr because you remind me of that.

pasqualie: You are an example

why someone with a questionable grade 9 education, grade 8 reading and vocabulary level, and likely grade 7 basic math skills should not be reading scientific papers and making interpretations.

the color is not the bacteria, it means undigested food.

so you saying the bacteria which is 40 micrometers, and you can see it with the naked eye, by making monkey theories that they link together and clump as long as 20 inches and its why you can see it, well there is a disconnect.

you just dont read and understand properly, the colour is not the bacteria, it was stated lol.

instead you go off on your monkey theory cuz now you are a medical doctor, problem is you gotta know the basic metric system, and understand the vocabulary which is above grade 8 reading level.

notice i said micrometers, i think you confusing units of measurement with milimeter which is part of the problem when you make up medical monkey theories.

like 20 years of drug abuse by you, going on a drug bing and feeling sick, and reading some new age medical site that says if you eat tumeric, ginger and honey, your liver will heal in a week from decades of abuse.

i am not judging you, you are just going through your lessons. i just choose not to engage with it cuz like i said after a while i just dont wanna deal with something like that in my life cuz its a waste of my time.

that said gluck to you.

google yourself with your real name and roulette, look how many complaints there are of you over years, and ask your inner self if its one person who you paid back who was not satisfied.

just move on, its my last response to you triple T, you can find some one else who wanna play dr phil with you and put up with what you say.

pasqualie: Its a hint

i stopped responding to your monkey theories and blocked you on gmail a while ago cuz i didnt want pages of victimization and monkey theories.

that should tell you i dont wish to discuss things with you.

either way if you quit drug and are clean, thats great, gluck to ya triple T

pasqualie: golem smeagol

this is what i think of when i see your posts and your victimization responses as they shift back and forth and as you make excuses, never taking personal responsibility for yourself.

TillToTheWhen: Keep judging people man and

Keep judging people man and see where it gets you.

You are wrong, I have the best system online. Like I said 99% positive feedback, I sold my system to 1000's of people and I only have a handful of complaints.

But take care bud, i wont bother to read anymore of your messages because you just don't get it. I offered you my system FREE to PROVE it works.

You can't get anymore proof than that. I can back up what I say. But if you want to keep trying to make me look bad with unfair judgement based on a few sites you read online, then you will one day have a wake up call

I dont do anything bad. You offended me by saying that. Yeah it's my ego but I hate when people spread false info about me.

At least I can admit when my ego acts up.

You have a LONG way to go bud.

TillToTheWhen: I was way ahead of my class.

I was way ahead of my class. I took algebra in the first grade at home. They wanted to skip me two grades. I am indeed a genius at math. One of my customers told me he had a major in college, but he said "God damn man you are a fucking genius!"

You obviously do not understand the qualities of a super genius. I posted so you could see, but you are just a normal simpleton.

So, I also don't wish to discuss with you anymore because you can't understand truth.

Please do not respond back to me. If you do, I won't respond back. I have better things to go than go in circles with people.

You will see I was right one day. I guarantee it. And then you will apologize to me for judging me unfairly.

TillToTheWhen: Also what you don't get is

Also what you don't get is that I sold multiple different systems over the years. I had one system that exploited a flaw in the RNG online and then once the caino programmed, the system stopped working, so I stopped selling it.

The system you can see on that site, they posted it free. Go test it and see that it wins for yourself before you start talking out of ignorance.

Believe me, one day you WILL see the truth. I guarantee that. Everyone will. And the TRUTH HURTS

Truth backwards= HtURT

TillToTheWhen: Google mgmprofits on ebay to

Google mgmprofits on ebay to see the positive feedback

Almost every single customer was happy with my systems. You can't satisfy everyone.

If I sold 1000's of systems and had only a handful of complaints, I think that is pretty good. But you are just a pessimistic person I guess to only point out the bad apples.

Bottom line is, I hurt your ego and that's why you posting bullshit about me

Get over it dude, you're only hurting yourself

TillToTheWhen: Btw (just re-read my post)

Btw (just re-read my post) the system they posted free was my 375 system, it works long term. Go check it out, it's not the system that was for the RNG, which stopped working. Just wanted to clear that up, as I have to do your thinking for you, since you don't use your mind.

TillToTheWhen: Proof of my feedback over 6

Proof of my feedback over 6 years selling my systems-

Read how many positives I have, then look at the FEW negatives and then come back and I expect an apology from you.

Also I have the SAME customers who are REPEAT buyers, they buy all of my new systems, because they know my systems WORK.

But I no longer sell my systems. I only offer them to previous customers. I no longer sell my systems to the public.

But the proof is there at the link for you to read through my feedback.

I expect an apology. You judging me by a few bad apples who targeted me on message boards. Use your brain man and you will see that I am right.

pasqualie: I rest my case

gluck to ya triple t

TillToTheWhen: All of those links are to

All of those links are to MESSAGE BOARDS and there is no proof any of those people even purchased any of my systems.

I posted the OFFICIAL feedback on EBAY which are all PROVEN sales. 99% positive feedback.

I rest my case.

You seriously are a fool. But it's ok, most people are.

Enjoy your eternal life in the matrix

TillToTheWhen: The main guy who instigated

The main guy who instigated all of those complaints went by the name "Pooper Scoopers" and he even said (after I finally refunded him) he wished he could remove the fake rip off reports he made with multiple accounts against me.

You can email him if you want to see. lol

Also I have emails from YOU pas, telling me to advertise my systems on your canada websites. If you thought my system was a scam, why would you encourage me to advertise it all over the place?


pasqualie: i guess the world has a different definition of genius

wow top in algebra in grade 1, do you know they dont teach algebra in grade 1 lol

look at it this way if you are having difficulty with a bacteria of 40 micrometers of girardia.

and you making monkey math on how you can see it cuz you change micrometers to 30 milimeters and multiply it by 10 to say its 300 milimeters and say thats why you can see it cuz you have digestive issues. if you look it up the colour is not the bacteria but the colour of undigested food moving through the system and nutrients not being absorbed.

so if you have difficulty with that, i highly doubt you mastered and did matrices of algebra in grade 1 lol. you struggling with basic units of measurement and exponents, and basic math.

but you being an expert microbiologist with your grade 7 math and grade 8 vocabulary has stated you take a bacteria of 30-40 micrometers or in cases 15 micrometers even and multiply it by 10 cuz they string together making them visible to the naked eye now as the reason why you can see the bacteria. when in reality you just seeing the colour of undigested food as stated many times.

this train of logic is like comedy.

it ranks up there with your statements of the hormones you make naturally is the same as taking drugs to get high, drugs to get high same as meditating, drugs to get high same as food and water people eat and drink

thats what triple t's inner truth tells him because truth cannot be explained in words, you cannot get truth from books.

TillToTheWhen: Poor pas got his ego hurt so

Poor pas got his ego hurt so bad so he is now trying to hurt mine.

Difference between me and him is that all I did to him was make some jokes and try to help him wake up. He is posting all sorts of false info about me, he knows very well I am number 1 at sports and he also knows I am a math genius.

Yet he is trying to deceive you all by posting only the few bad apples who complained.

What do you have to say about my OFFICIAL EBAY FEEDBACK, pas? Funny how you avoided that PROOF I posted..

I bet Pas won't address anything positive, all the hundreds of satisfied customers I had, but he points out a few idiots on a message board.

Most of those people didn't but my system. That ONE GUY (poopers) bought it and then posted it on there for everyone to see. And of course the site is run by casinos so of course they gonna try to make a winning system look bad.

But the proof is in the pudding, I posted the link to my feedback.

You just making yourself look dumber and dumber by the second, pas.

Also purposely trying to deceive people is a very bad thing to do. You will see when you are in Hell, what I mean.

pasqualie: it was before i googled you

as you can see when someone googles you, there is one person writing a million different recommendations for you on those sites at different times and over different years even though you refunded him.

if it is one person i am glad you made up with him because with friends like that after getting a refund, who needs enemies.

look at the links and dates. 2009 to 2015, i guess its all one person spending all their waking hours writing stuff about you

TillToTheWhen: I took algebra at home. I got

I took algebra at home. I got a 6th grade math book when I was in first.

Dont be jealous cuz I'm smarter than you. Damn you got a HUGE ego pas.

Wow, you are living proof that MEDITATION DOES NOT WORK

pasqualie: lol you gonna wake me up

maybe i should take character and integrity lessons from you as well. as well as have you tutor me in basic math and vocabulary lol

pasqualie: lol they dont teach algebra in grade 6

you confusing basic adding subtracting multiplying and division for algebra lol.

i can see from your monkey math skills you learning math at home did you alot of good as well.

since you enlightened us with grade 6 algebra skills perhaps you should tell us how you learned calculus in kindergarten as well and mastered it lol

pasqualie: either way i rest my case

everyone can look for themselves and decide.

gluck triple t.

TillToTheWhen: Sorry it was years ago. Maybe

Sorry it was years ago. Maybe it was pre- algebra.

Either way I was 5 grades ahead of what other kids learned.

I mean it's easy anyone should be able to learn it.

But bottom line is, I have been called a genius by college majors.

And then you judge me by what some idiots say on a message board

pasqualie: the day a college person calls you a genius

is when everyone born is retarded, and i mean severely lol.

this is actually like comedy what you wrote. because you are borderline special olympics in my opinion.

i mean think about it, the way you talk and think, and your monkey math skills, do you actually think someone in college after talking with you would think you are a genius lol.

more like edipus complex lol that is way off from reality.

if you were a genius in anything it was being a drug addict and a pathological liar.

just read your posts lol, no congruency what so ever.

pasqualie: you have to actually be knowledgeable

and say things that make sense on basic stuff.

or you look like special olympics or a pathological liar.

by you saying you learned algebra in grade 1 from a grade 6 book, you sound like a retard or a liar because they dont teach those math subjects in those grades.

it makes it appear that you didnt even go through grade 6 which might be the case.

TillToTheWhen: How do I have complaints from

How do I have complaints from 2015? I havent sold my system to anyone for years, other than my previous customers. None of them complain, that's why they keep purchasing my systems.

Still waiting to see what you have to say about my offical feedback?

Also why would you block me on google, yet converse with me on public message boards?

You have no respect for this website, cluttering it with nonsense. Try talking to me in private like a man, if you have something to say. Nobody on this board cares about your stupid delusions about my systems, which you have never even seen or used.

TillToTheWhen: Bye Pas. I wont even read any

Bye Pas. I wont even read any future messages from you

You are by far, the lamest person I've ever talked to in my life.

pasqualie: dude why you asking me if why you get negative feedback

i am not the one ripping people off

TillToTheWhen: No, you can't rest your case,

No, you can't rest your case, until you address my OFFICIAL EBAY FEEDBACK

(Not what random people said on message boards)

You wont address the positive feedback, because you are a liar.

And believe me, you will be judged for every bad thing you have done in life. It's gonne be hell man once that judgement time comes. I suggest you stop purposely deceiving people.

And I know what you're doing. I'm not stupid. That's why you're ignoring my ebay feedback

pasqualie: Christopher Gianguzzo,Mgmprofits, Jbrockbetting, Tilltothewhen

Your aliases is one explanation for your record Christopher Gianguzzo, as you rip off enough people you have to change your aliases and seller account names on paypal and ebay.

As well if anyone goes through the other threads recently started by his alias here TilltotheWhen, Christopher Gianguzzo currently Mgmprofits. Well there is an interesting discussion I posted where people who got scammed by mgmprofits, well they look at his feedback and saw the ones that gave him positive feedback on his ebay seller account.

well the ones that gave him positive feedback bought his system for 1 cent. which indicates he made fake accounts sold it to himself for 1 cent to give himself positive feedback.

because he was selling his system and ripping people off for upwards of 1500 dollars.

notice how his real name christopher gianguzzo is associated with not only his current selling name mgmprofits, but also ones he got bad reputations for and deleted, like jbrockbetting, flawlessroulettesystem. So christopher gianguzzo is associated with all 3 aliases of mgmprofits, jbrockbetting, flawlessroulettesystem, as well as his alias on truthcontrol here of Tilltothewhen.

TillToTheWhen: If I was ripping people off,

If I was ripping people off, why would the same customers purchase from me, over and over again throughout the years?

I really feel sorry for you man. Your hell is gonna be intense.

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