Are you a Guardian

by Brakel on September 23rd, 2014

If you read the book by Anna Hayes,Voyagers 1 &2, you get to know how guardians help in the process of ascension......(Not part of the book)There could be 65M of them on earth,they decide to incarnate on this earth through the human womb but it comes with a risk of them being entangled in earths chaos,they wont remember their origin or they will jst get some karma on their head.But as they grow up they have problems,it could be financial,emotional or other things,they have old souls but they are usually the shy timid type but when they discover their power within.......So some have awackened,some are still in their illusion and they are supposed to help humans know or realize their origin.Some know or guess they could be guardians,they wana meet their fellow guardians or some know what their mission is.So where are these people...Reptilians have imprisoned souls here with the so called Net and humans are dang stubborn and they still rely on church to be their saviour.

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contactorion: Interesting.

I saw somewhere that just before this guy died he told his family he was to be a "guardian of the soul" said he saw little glowing balls of light around him.

Brakel: H

so he found out when he was dying?He never got to do anything,like protecting someone or leading them in the right path?

contactorion: Dont know.

Cant remember where i saw it.

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