by freedmftr88 on September 5th, 2018

    I've heard several version of who's on the top regarding The New World Order.

    There's a Christian version that says it's Satan / Lucifer that's on the top.
    There's a version or at least I would assume that it's perhaps people who suffer with the dark triad as well as perhaps maybe specific personality types but their cognitive functions are as flipped deep into their shadow sides as much as a human being can handle it.

    Or is it indeed malevolent extraterrestrials in a continuing fight of duality ? As mentioned on

    Or perhaps the David Icke theories that there's aliens in human skin.

    I made a comment regarding if Energy is an Entity or magnetic atoms controlled through thoughts and feelings ? Or even collective entities ?

    I'm still in basic 101 learning about everything . Maybe it's relating to my some what recent spiritual awakening during my Twin Flame ascension but it's like I'm guided to all of this stuff and very much interesting in know the truth of what's going on in the world and why.

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    Quinton: This is the million dollar

    This is the million dollar question. It's a really interesting question that can go many directions.

    For example, what exactly is a human and what exactly is an alien? Are human ETs still ETs? Are humans here any different than some human ETs living on other planets? Are all humans here the same? Are some humans here ETs? You know what I'm saying.

    I think the NWO goes further than simply 3rd dimensional stuff which is where it starts to cross over into the ET realm. We of course hear of inter-dimensional entities that are not physical at all. When we look at this from a larger perspective I think we start to shift away from a physical, dualistic perspective into that of a spiritual, oneness perspective.

    I think when we look at the bigger picture we see that this life here is not an accident and it is a unique experience that we chose to create and experience. And in this regard we can't even call the NWO evil. It is just a part of this experience playing itself out.

    I think when we take this perspective it becomes quite clear that it's obviously not humans running the show, unless humans are the end all, be all authority on physicality, which I don't think they are. There are lots of physical entities at work all contriving in their own ways as they too experience this 3D reality. You're as much an actor against the NWO as others are actors for the NWO. We all have our unique agendas.

    I'm a believer that many different types of ETs and entities exist, in all densities, not just 3D. We have consciousness expanding in infinite ways in however many densities there are, in whatever way that works. So we have energies working in all ways at all levels culminating into this 3D reality and we choose to interact at this particular frequency in "time" for the reasons of our choosing.

    So to answer your question, definitely not ran by people in my opinion. Of course it is compartmentalized and there are people who work for higher entities. But at the end of the day the rabbit hole goes as deep as the universe.

    Quinton: By the way, these are great

    By the way, these are great posts you've been creating. These generate great discussion :)

    freedmftr88: I was just recently reading about a NWO Whistleblower

    Thank You Quinton. :)
    Ironically I was just reading this article on In5D.

    It's interesting because at first glance , it kind of sounds like a dystopia George Orwell 1984 inspired satirical scifi novel . But it's just mindblowing when people find facts to back it all up.

    Tarheel: we are all still learning

    That's the reason for my being here at people here go way outside the box.
    I currently believe that earth is a colony being influenced by many different groups with many different agenda. I also think that earth may be simply for experimentation. I keep remembering that Elon musk said there's a 0 percent chance we are not in a computer simulation...interesting to ponder,eh?

    freedmftr88: New Age perspective of Earth Mission

    One of the things I hear on Twin Flames 11:11 as well as on In5D is how ( from the New Age ) point of view , spirits were send to Earth to heal the world because their soul is filled with love and joy. Relating to empaths helping with Earth's ascension.
    Also I remember hearing the similar thing from this video about lightworkers .

    freedmftr88: Relating

    Relating , I noticed Quinton has a new article relating to 5D Earth .

    freedmftr88: Aliens or Humans Analysis

    If they were ran by humans , then would they have something on the lines of Dark Triad ?
    How does personality type come into play ? If there was an MBTI analsys regarding who runs the world , would "STJ" that has dark triad be likely ? I would say somewhere around the areas of " T " most likely .
    And such an individual would feel justifed under such a brotherhood as a secret society and a taste for hierarchical power ( Authoritarian / Totalitarian ) .
    As I read in the Anarchist FAQ , there's two kinds of people. Those that are submissive to authority and those who want to exercise it.

    However someone who practices dark occult practices and trying to channel dark entities , That part I would say is more iNtuitive than Sensor.

    Now that aspect of Dark Magick alone raises yet another question. Is there a dark parallel universe of evil demons or malevolent extraterrestrials or both but channeled separately or together ? Also what does this say about the duality of good vs evil. As I mentioned in another post , I think Good and Evil actually means Love vs Fear. Hate and Anger start with Fear. Ego is unconscious and defensive not looking for the power within like Soul does.

    I think I written a post asking about Black Magick in general because from what I've read , it can totally be channeled the same way as someone can with spirit guides. Spirits are freakin real and you got to be careful but once you know what your doing , the better you get at it.

    freedmftr88: Black Magick or Demons ?

    Does the Illuminati practice Black Magick or are the demons themselves meaning dark entity spirits ? Also is there really a separation between non-human or ex-spirits and Extraterrestrials ?

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