Are americans ignorant?

Are americans stupid?

This is what the whole world thinks of America by the way.

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Annunaki77: America is an Awsome Nation filled with Heroes!.

Never Underestimate the Spirit of Liberty. America despite all the Shadow Government Activity will always be FREE.
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
America is an Awsome Nation which is in the Process of Waking up.
America is the Envy of the World.

It will always be Free because the Kods will it so.
For all time.

Aliens or not American Heroes will Kick Ass.
I still believe in Her Awsome Glory for Good.
Baptism by Fire.
I am a real american


Tarheel: Born in The USA. Follow the leader.

Jealousy fosters negativity, as people always want to break down The Winners. He's still pissed from when we kicked their asses 2+ ceturies ago. ToniEEEE wil take pot shots until he finishes himself off. Then they will try to come at us again with an new set of mental midgets for our amusement.

bluesbaby5050: The UK Did Not do so good at -----

The UK did Not do so good at the 2012 Olympics. The USA KICKED BUTTS!! Try and TOP that TR!! You Never made Second,or even Third place! Now that Must of Really Hurt!! Hahahaha! Who Sucks Now? Your Always Knocking the Americans!! Your Just Jealous! Your a Joke!

bluesbaby5050: That's why the Americans are---

Called the Giant! The title used to be,"The Sleeping Giant. NOT ANY MORE!!! That Giant is Now Wide AWAKE!! And that is the Great peoples of America! This land ,and it's peoples are the REincarnation of ATLANTIS!! Long Live America!!

Terran resistance: -

hopefully it will go the way of atlantis

bluesbaby5050: SORRY, Your Wrong Again TR, As Usual!!

The United Kingdom has 2 years BEFORE IT GOES THE WAY OF ATLANTIS!! The Kods/Gods have Already spoken to you about this. I/We Hope you Can Swim!!

Terran resistance: the uk had the third highest amount of gold medals

the uk also has a population the size of one state of america, if there had been fifty UK's then it would be a fair test.

bluesbaby5050: Third Don't Count!

First Does! And Second is only a Runner Up!

bluesbaby5050: Washington was also REbuilt,and---

It has REmained that way to this day!

reginahoward: Nope. I believe, americans

Nope. I believe, americans are superior. :)

Terran resistance: to be honest I cant wait until china is the next superpower

and the godless chinese are in charge, there will no longer be any religious idiots holding us back.

And western nations can adjust their economies, and have a growing primary sector again.

Tarheel: Do you promise to hold your breath?

England is the Mother Country, so America inherited it. You are an exemplary UK shitforbrains. Now you're employing controversy to get anyone to read your happy horseshit. You're running out of bullets, DissED-Info Agent ToniEEEE.
Bruce Bueno deMesquite has already proven that China will implode under the weight of revolution before that would ever happen. Any other bad ideas, Shitforbrains TonIEEEEE?

Terran resistance: shouldnt you be on another thread blaming the jews?

this is how much of a fuck I give, what you think

bluesbaby5050: Hey TR---

If that was the Truth,You would NOT HAVE POSTED THHIS BACK TO HIM!! Hahahahaha!

bluesbaby5050: HAHAHAHAHA!

Good Stuff!! Hahahahaha!

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