Are Americans Harvesting Ukrainians for Flesh?

Are Americans Harvesting Ukrainians for Flesh?
Skin and Bone:
The Shadowy Trade in Human Body Parts.

Tyler Bass
Forbidden Knowledge TV
March 28, 2015.

Each year in the United States there are over 2 million tissue and organ transplants. But nobody knows where all of the body parts – bones, muscles, tendon and skin – come from and if the medical products they end up as are obtained legally. Pathologists are accused of extracting body parts from Ukrainians under “scandalous” circumstances – body parts that are hot sellers in the United States.

Though organ harvesting companies are nonprofits doing work vital to saving lives, they are also publicly traded companies pursuing the bottom line. As a result, tissue harvesters receive bonuses for extracting the maximum amount of skin from a given donor. What’s left over after tissue harvests disturbs family members of donors.

“Human beings don’t do such things, taking advantage of our tragedy,” said one Mrs. Malish, a Ukrainian woman who only learned of tissue extracted from her son Sergei after seeing deep cuts on his wrists at his funeral.

Her son hung himself.

Mr. Malish said a visit to court confirmed that harvesters had sold off Sergei’s body parts. “They make money with our misfortune.”

The meat consumers buy from a grocer is subject to quality and sourcing controls that donor tissue is not. Due to that lack of oversight, William Hale, a recipient of neck bone, underwent a scare that he might have contracted Hepatitis C from a donor. In the event that organ banks have to recall tainted tissue, the banks are not keeping track of how many patients received tissue, and where in bodies tissues are implanted. - MORE Here:Human Corpses are Prize in Global Drive for Profits.
This is the first installment of a four-part series. The business of recycling dead humans into medical implants is a little-known yet lucrative trade. But its practices have roused concerns about how tissues are obtained and how well grieving families and transplant patients are informed about the realities and the risks. Read the full investigation at


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pasqualie: Blue

If your higher self resonating with articles like this, then starseed or not, you are way out in left field. You have to ask yourself why are you drawn to such articles which do nothing other than spread disinformation, have no value, as well as promote fear and body consciousness and victimization. You will find everyone who has read the title probably rolling their eyes. This is up there with that nutcase coleen thomas on youtube who says the pleidians shot down the missile off san diego, and like her false prediction they cut a deal with george bush that everyone was gonna get 5 million dollars on this planet to atone for the sins of the illuminati on 2012.

Not only is it hogwash, but it resonates with fear and body consciousness. People associate new age conspiracy like this with new age people who walk around with tin foil hats.

And posting this doesnt educate anyone or make them aware of what is going on. It is humorous, but in a sense its also sad that someone would write material like this so that they want attention or have to make a living by putting out this drivel.

bluesbaby5050: You are quick to Judge me

It's only news. These events happen because of the reptilian agenda. There's big profits to be made in this business. Who rules? THEM. Judging others does not come from your Higherself. People should become aware of the truth of their present reality. The human slave trade is in involved in this as well. Take your heads out of the sand.

searita: organ harvesting is real

Pasqualie seems like a troll, maybe one who just can't handle the ugly harsh truth. those elites do this for profit, we are their cattle. They are dark souls. Many so called good orgs. are evil to the core.

bluesbaby5050: Both humans , and cattle/horses/goats mutilations are all

Are all falsehoods too? Way too many people have investigated this area, and have found the truth of who/what/and why this has been happening all over this planet. Your not kidding anyone here. It's been going on for thousands of years on this planet. By the way, I never do 'NEW AGE DRIBBLE'. If I'm a joke then so are Millions of other sane people as well. The messages you post on my topics are just the kind of lies you tell hoping others will stay blind, and distracted. That's WHY THIS WEB SITE EXISTS.

bluesbaby5050: As a matter of Fact......

If you read my lists you'll notice my postings are very diverse, and I cover many different topics, and I post from many souces, and of all walks of life, and I also posts diverse documentaries too. I get plenty of thumbs Up, and your comments have no affect on me. If you have a problem with my subject matter, then DO NOT READ IT. It's that simple.

pasqualie: Let me ask you something blue

You believe cloning is possible and already being done. And they are already growing and creating human organs on animals. If anything we have all see scientists grow a human ear on the lab mouses back.

so why would they have to go into a civil war and harvest human organs off of people, when they can just grow it in a lab? and heck while we at it, why is it just the americans, why not the russians, or the chinese or the swahili's or the zulu's. the mayans, aztecs and inca's they were involved in human sacrifice as well as alot of tribal groups, as well as reptile worship, why the heck not them also?

and it is not news, it was called something else in another thread last night.

bluesbaby5050: OL is entitled to his own opinion

As you are too. It's freedom of choice, and I'm fine with that. These types of wars are ancient, as the informed person is well aware of. To do this outright in public would out rage people, and then all hell would break loose in many countries on a huge scale, and this would be because people would revolt at this preditory behavior on humans to other humans. It's taboo to devour other people like Jeffery Darmer did, and others just like him.

bluesbaby5050: This is an insane world, and a planet of polarities

Many humans have done horrible things to other humans, and most of those humans are hybreds of reptilian breeding, and mixing of the two species since the Fall of Atlantis. Humans from planet Earth are not the only victims being cargoed off this planet for profits, and this happens on alot of other slave planets too. It's native tribes of the ancient races that inhabited different continents that have been tricked by the aliens that visited this planet thousands of years ago, as most people on this site well knows. It's's nothing new, scan this web site, and you'll find it on here. I'm NOT the only person that post similiar topics since this site came into existence. Check all this out for yourself. And the same goes to others that don't like what I post on here, DON'T READ IT, AND THEN MOVE ON.

bluesbaby5050: @Pasq. Always attacking me will get you no where

Get a life, or a hobby to fill your time. I notice that ohers on this forum post similiar material to mine, but they go un-noticed, and people do notice this. I get messages of thanks on this forum, and inside my inbox too.

pasqualie: I am not attacking you blue

I am trying to get you to use discernment in materials like this, which you consider news.

bluesbaby5050: If your not happy with this site because it is NOT ALL PEACE

And Harmony, and all Airy-Fairy, then you should not bother to visit this site. Posts your COMPLAINTS TO QUINTON. IT'S HIS SITE, AND HE'S JUST FINE WITH WHAT I POST. IT'S FREEDOM OF CHOICE HERE.

pasqualie: No point in further arguing

I let you be and let you go on believing articles like this is news. If you like fear and victimization programming then more power to ya.

bluesbaby5050: CALL IT WHAT YOU LIKE

YOU DON'T FOOL ME, AND YOU NEVER HAVE. It's Real news, and NOT FABRICATED. It's posted for discussions only, and to inform others that might happen to miss it. Not everyone reads the whole newspaper, or the whole lists of news on the internet either. This topic came from the Ukraine, and I'm sure that they want the world to know what they are going though. Maybe we all can learn from this. It's a start. WAR IS HELL!

pasqualie: And the issues isnt the observation the world is in polarity

That is just a true observation, the world is in polarity. Its fixed and hard coded in polarity.

The discernment is you resonate with this kind of material and you like polarity. And you may or not realize it but you are propagating polarity. Thinking you can solve the problems of polarity on the same level of polarity.

The greater question is, if you resonate with and like polarity, what does it say about your consciousness level, propagating it.

bluesbaby5050: Your wrong

You assume way too much, and your judging me again. I'm not trying to save the world, only MYSELF! I only INFORM people. Hiding the truth does a dis-service to humans. I choose otherwise. You will not get anywhere trying to provoke me into arguing with you. I stand my ground. Your physop job is outdated.

pasqualie: You are propagating

fear and victimization programming and polarity, under the guise of spread the truth in what you refer as news in articles like this.

wolfe: So how many of those 2

So how many of those 2 million transplants each year are from organ donors? I'm not saying this is true of false, simply that may drivers sign on for organ donation. Each donor usually have many organs to donate. I don't have a hard to wondering where they came from.

bluesbaby5050: Are Americans Harvesting Ukrainians for Flesh?

Where there are large profit's to be made in harvesting human organs/flesh, many countries engage in these activities. Those people with huge sums of money will stoop low to get their needs met and they will even buy from the black market, so why wait when they can get them illegally? An example of this would be the now deceased David Rockefella that had 7 heart transplants during his life of 101 years. Many organs are also taken from young people that are kidnapped too. Those children are used in many illegal activities for the rich and famous all over this planet. And the wars are just another method used to achieve this.

BenjaminFalkenrath: I must say. It is true. If

I must say. It is true. If any wish to not believe then fine. Look around you. go sign your children up for the Masons Child Find so they can kidnap your kids and sell them to the highest bidder. My brother in law works for a company that contracts with a major air line who works with a very large organization that deals with alot of blood and tissue. He is just a middle man, but he's has to transport tissue, Iris, other body parts, not just blood. Is sick. If you don't think the shit doesn't go on you are mistaken. It is in our back yards. Not just over seas.

bluesbaby5050: It's happening in all countries

Yes, I do agree. It is happening even in the USA too. There are No exceptions. We humans are a commodity, a food source on many levels . Not just in the physical bodies to be sold and traded on planet, and off planet for thousand's of years. So don't be fooled.

BenjaminFalkenrath: We've known this for ages now

We've known this for ages now. They've been doing this with our bodies, our energies, and all humans are for longer than we've known. We've been traded for longer than gold. An it will not end until we rise up an take them out. I can deal with the headaches and the bad dreams, so long as I keep my family safe then I'm doing my job...

bluesbaby5050: Are Humans Being Harvested for Body Parts?

Yes! We are being Harvested for Our Energies for our Blood for our Organs for our Eyes for our Brain Stem Cells, and for our Souls. We humans are a Food Source like cattle. We are being harvested for the huge Sex Trade and Smuggling Operations in all countries by any method and means possible. By air and by underground tunnels inside this planet and by sea in submarines and on ships of all kinds. PIZZA GATE IS VERY REAL ! This is a world wide organization and it has been EXPOSED!!!

BenjaminFalkenrath: Very real yes. Only fools

Very real yes. Only fools believe otherwise. Even the "humans" or the ones who think they're ahead of the game an are doing the dirty deeds down here on earth are still just pawns being played. By the ones running the game.

Crackdown: bluesbaby5050, I am very

bluesbaby5050, I am very happy to see you again too! :) Sorry my chat isn't working - I could see your messages but can't send my own... Please check out my new thread - , maybe you'll find something interesting at these online maps - just please make a screenshot ;)

bluesbaby5050: @ Crackdown.......

Hello Friend across the ocean to beautiful Russia! ? ? I'm so glad to see you here again. I want to wish you a Happy New year! Thank you for the link's. I will check them all out. ?

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