Architects of Light and Secrets of the Indigo Children & The Arthurian Maji Grail King LineageAnd Contemporary Indigo Children.

by Chris on July 31st, 2013

Architects of Light and
Secrets of the Indigo Children

The first section of this workshop is more experiential in nature: understanding and practising energy sensing, visualisation and the creative power of thought. The second section provides a context for understanding who and what the Indigo Children are, their historical significance and why so many Indigos have incarnated here at this time. The term 'Indigo Child' refers to both young children AND adults.. An awareness of the Indigo phenomenon can be of assistance not only in ascertaining one's own life purpose, but also equips one to be of genuine service to others who carry this genetic imprint. The accompanying handbook contains all charts and summaries used in the workshop.

Included in the topics that are discussed in these materials are the following:

●There are 3 types of Indigos: Their purposes include:

Type 1: Planetary grid work projects

Type 2: To bring back the 12-strand potential

Type 3: To help solve the polarity imbalances of the races

The genetic code of the Indigo is the key to their purpose. The gene code is more than what appears to be DNA on the 3-dimensional level. Scientists use term DNA to mean the core blueprint of the human gene code but what they are calling DNA is really a chemical translation of only a small portion of the core blueprint or "template". Understanding the nature of our DNA brings us understanding about the relationship between our bodies, minds and spirits. The Indigos are bringing back the knowledge of our genetic heritage. ● To understand Indigos, we need to understand the ascension process. The experience of matter is built on a core of consciousness. ● Core consciousness involves Fire Letters or scalar wave patterns that, when activated within the DNA, allow the body to turn to light, allowing particle and anti-particle to fuse and turn into 'fire' and transmute from one dimension to the next. Distortions in the Fire Letters leads to distortions in the DNA. Because of distortions, only 3 of the 12 DNA strands representing the 12-dimensions of Ourselves are currently active. ● The history of our Earth Races is a history of "bio-spiritual evolution". Indigos are both ancient and future races. ● Indigos and Humans are part of what are called "Guardian Races".

● About 99% of autistic children are Indigo 3's. Autism occurs when the non-Christiac Being within the Indigo 3 person tries to take over the Christiac Being (Oraphim), shutting it down and freezing the person's ability to communicate. This results in the personality going into terror. An "inner war" is going on inside on an unconscious level. ● Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: A lot of these infants are Indigo children. The child Being finds a way OUT because they realise they're not going to be able to activate the gene code the way they had intended, and not going to be able to do what they came to do. So they leave and look for another body as quickly as possible. ● Indigos often have asthma and jaundice as infants and often have spleen problems because the body is not quite ready to handle that level of frequency. ● At an early age, Indigos will have bleed-through from Parallel Earth because they have 2 sets of memories running concurrently. They might also be birthing with a lot of incarnational memory running before they open their eyes or before they talk. ● Authority is an issue for Indigos, because they have a higher authority, their connection to Source, and if you try to violate that they are going to push back. ● Experiences of Indigo Children on drug therapy.

● Angelic consciousness is really between Dimensions 6 and 9. Both terms ET and angel can be misleading and set you up for manipulation. ● Our stellar heritage and the fact that all Humans and Indigos possess ET genes. ● Holism: a way of using our minds that is from a higher level of consciousness and that will change things that go on 'out here'. If we want to heal our world, we need to learn to use our minds differently. ● What we perceive as light here is something that has an oscillation rate that's faster than that of our own. Imagining light: we are imagining wave patterns of higher frequency. When we do visualisations, when we use our minds creatively inside, we are creating literal manifestation patterns by using the core of creation which is scalar waves. We are directing them with Light. ● Connection between heart chakra and astral body. Ways of having intimacy without doing harm to ourselves/ while still protecting the integrity of our own bio-fields. ● Importance of doing Maharic Seal before any energy work. Energy sensing. Learning to sense each other as energy/ seeing beyond the illusions. Sensing energy signatures. ● Meditation: finding our Sirian (6th Dimensional) Selves.

The ancient "Lost Arthurian Maji Grail King" lineage is alive and well today, scattered throughout the globe as the Indigo Children Types 1 and 2. The contemporary Indigo Children Types 1 and 2 carry dormant within their cellular memory the reincarnational heritage of the Arthurian Grail Kings Elohei-Elohim Lyran-Sirian Oraphim ancestry. Within their DNA Templates they carry the Universal Fire Letter Sequences of the Flame-keeper Melchizedek Cloister Priests. Indigos Types 1 and 2, who have from 24-48 Strand DNA Templates, are the contemporary incarnations of the Consummate Signet Councils and Regency Signet Councils of the Rainbow Round Tables (Angelic Human Universal Star Gate Security Councils of 798,000BC). They began returning into full incarnation about 100 years ago in preparation for the scheduled 2000-2017 Stellar Activation Cycle (Star Gate opening cycle). Indigo Children Type-3, who have a maximum of dormant 12-Strand DNA Templates, are the contemporary lineage of the Noah-Abraham-Moses Pleiadian-Nibiruian Nephilim Jehovian Anunnaki Illuminati (Sirius A Bipedal Dolphin People Anunnaki and Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki descent), who entered the Emerald Covenant for DNA Template Bio-Regeneis in 1875. Indigo Type-3's have a dominent human Oraphim soul co-sharing the body with a Fallen Annu-Elohim Pleiadian-Nibiruian Nephilim soul that has entered human incarnation for Bio-Regenesis of the 12th-DNA Strand Template, which is missing from the Anunnaki genome.
Indigo Type-3's are the children who have been targeted by the recent Illuminati false "disease" "ADD-ADHD Campaigns" (Attention Deficit Disorder-Attention Deficit-Hyperactive-Disorder"). In this campaign, a false set of disease criteria that represent symptoms of difficulty in 6th-DNA Strand Template activation (common to Indigo-Type-3s) were established by certain drug companies on behalf of Illuminati organizations. The "ADD Railroad" Illuminati Conspiracy moves silently through medical, psychiatric and educational systems, as children displaying the "symptoms" are shepherded into drug therapy. The drug therapy suppresses natural DNA Strand Template activation, blocking the D-12 sub-harmonics of Inner Christos frequency in the Strand Templates, which allows for covert interdimensional manipulation through the Nephilim portion of the DNA Template coding. Natural Holistic Healing therapies are wise options for assisting all Indigo Children Types. Indigo-Type-3s are predominantly Lyran-Sirian-Oraphim-Angelic Human soul essences who are assisting in the evolution of the less evolved, often aggressive, Nephilim soul with whom they share the body. In some Indigo Type-3s, the Nephilim soul attempts to take over dominion of the body and personality, which disrupts the natural balances of the bio-energetic field systems, brain chemicals and hormonal production. These bio-chemical disruptions, caused by core essence bi-soul conflict within the DNA Template core, can create occasional or chronic extremes of mental and emotional polarity, such as legitimate cases of "Clinical Schizophrenia" or "Split Personality Syndrome".
The biological and genetic issues at the root of Indigo Type-3 difficulties have their origins within the realities of SOUL and the multi-dimensional bio-energetic anatomy through which the consciousness of the soul enters the body through the DNA Template core. As the casual element of Indigo Type-3 difficulties emerges from the bio-spiritual Blueprint and energy systems beneath the manifest DNA, the solution to their challenges is in maintaining the natural energetic alignment of the D-12 Inner Christos Divine Blueprint within the DNA Template core.
Indigo people of ALL Types, and especially Type-3's can be assisted by:
• Frequent use of the Temporary Maharic Seal Bio-Regenesis Technique

•Opening of the 12th Chakra 6-inches below the feet

•Progressive use of the Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System ® for core template Divine Blueprint alignment.

Through these core template restoration technologies, the Angelic Human Oraphim portion of the Indigo-Type-3s co-joined hybrid soul can link with the personal D-12 Maharic Shield Inner Christos Divine Blueprint. Establishing and maintaining the integrity of this tangible, energetic Inner Christos Divine Blueprint frequency alignment within the DNA Template core prevents the Nephilim aspects of the soul from gaining digressive control of the body and personality. Beginning core template restoration work while progressively "cycling off" (not abruptly stopping) drug therapy affords the Indigo Type-3 who has entered Drug Therapy treatment the best opportunity for personal safety and DNA Template recovery.

Various other Holistic Healing modalities and life-style adjustments, such as the following suggestions, can help bring out the best in any Indigo Child.
· Toning and Color Therapy.

· Controlled Breathing Exercises.

· Energy Running and Meditation Techniques.

· Aromatherapy.

· Light use of Vitamins and Herbal Supplements.

· Frequent physical exercise.

· A diet of healthful organic, chemical free foods with little dairy or red-meat content. Smaller portions of healthy foods eaten more frequently.

· Daily time away from high-energy situations such as those found in crowds or groups. Protection from harsh, disturbing or "emotionally charged" environments; they naturally, subconsciously "model" the mental and emotional climates around them through direct bio-energetic field co-resonance, often taking on the repressed energies of others and expressing them in amplified form.

· Quite, low-stimuli home environments, reduced exposure to television and computer screen viewing and increased daily exposure to natural sunlight and moon light (Indigos are more sensitive to light, sound, electromagnetic fields and the natural environment than are other humans).

· Non-dogmatic, non-judgmental, explorative spiritual study and inner self-exploration through writing, art, music, dance, creative visualization, dream exploration and trained Consciousness Projection (Out-of-Body Travel) using the Temporary Maharic Seal.

In childhood, and sometimes in adulthood, most Indigo's need gentle, loving, affirmative, but not authoritarian, "Coaching Assistance" in learning to focus their energies and attention. They are more acutely sensitive, on biological, emotional, mental and astral levels, to the peripheral environment and energy fields around them and to the inner perceptions and experiences within them. Due to their genetic design, they often experience pain, pleasure, fatigue, light, sound, emotion, temperature and vibration much more intensely than other humans. These elements of experience can be perceptually distracting to Indigos. Indigos benefit by reduction of distracting elements in their environment (accommodation) and through progressive, low-key "coaching" using the "Buddy System-WE DO" approach. Consistent, frequent, loving verbal redirection of their focus of attention to the desired application, applied simultaneously with gentle, loving, direct physical touch, and "focusing WITH them", rather than "telling them to focus" in a specific way, allows Indigos to adopt the "posture of focus" held by the "coach". Through such "Focus Modeling" the Indigo can progressively gain the energetic cellular imprint through which they become able to more easily regulate their own mental focus and bio-energetic fields to the desired, "modeled" focus of conscious awareness (adaptability).

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Tim Lovell: wow


bluesbaby5050: This Information is very Correct Chris..............

As I said before, the Indigo children, and the Crystal Children are incarnating now more then ever before. They have been since the very late 40's, and the 50's onwards. They are the pioneers that paved the ways back in the SO CALLED, Hippy ERA, and onwards. They rebelled against all wars, and injustices, and they also attended many protests back in the widely Televised Media. This is all recorded LIVE AS IT WAS HAPPENING, and the films still exist in the archives in the public libraries. This is FREE to view, and costs nothing to look this up. I was born in 1952, I actually tried to come into the Earth realm in 1950, but I lived a sick short life in the hospital from my birth as my lungs became congested, and I never got to go home from my birth. I quickly got another chance to come into the Earth realm again, as my mother got pregnant again soon after for another nine months. I was sick again at birth, but I managed to hang onto life, as it was touch, and go my parents said. Same thing, my lungs. I always KNEW that the child before me, was me! A girl. I had RETAINED that memory from the first try. I even remembered my name my parents gave me at birth back in 1950. It was Marylou. My second name is almost the same as the first choice. So, you see it is possible to have early memory from your past lives, even if it is a Short one. I am that such case. This is the reason I shared this with all of you here in this forum. So Please be patient with your self, and I promise you it can, and will happen to you too. Your memories will come back to you, sometimes in bits, and pieces, and sometime a lot. I had remembered mine because it was at my birth stage, and both were very so close together. Thanks for posting all the information about this process Chris. Hopefully people will begin to see how complex all this DNA material really, and how it all come together. That's why I said it takes time, and studying, and it will become possible.

Tim Lovell: yes very nice info also I

yes very nice info also I have memories of most of my past lives this cycle and others from atlantis the cycle before this also ete lives it can be a lot to process but you get used to it :)

bluesbaby5050: Your right about that...........

People get so sad, and depressed about this topic. But, it is because DEEP WITHIN THEIR SOUL MEMORY, they DO Remember. They don't realize that this has to take some time for some people, for their past life memories to surface, and to come into the CONSIOUS level of their minds, then, they will know without any doubts from a deep level what they are. Why not share some of your past lives experiences with this forum Tim, if you FEEL COMFORTABLE with this idea. What were they like? And what time periods were they? What sex/gender were you during those times, and what was the ages in those lives, and the locations, if you know. Thanks.

Tim Lovell: well my first life this cycle

well my first life this cycle was in the mayan civilisation , I was male and played the ball game very well I was a captain of the team but each weekend when they did the twins ceromany the captain of the losing team got sacrificed , well I took too many risks and missed the ring and next day got painted blue and the pulled me spread eagle over a stone on the top of the pyramid and cut my heart out with an obsidian blade:( then cut of my head and kicked my body down the side not a good first start life lol, next I went to china in the time of Kublai khan where I was male again and a horse dealer I died when a horse fell on me a slow life there tho, I think next was 3 dolphin lives kind of time out lives then I was in france a male again and had a big tudor type house in Bordeaux area this was around 1645 well this life ended tragically as I had a huge argument with my wife about money (ofc) and ended up hitting her and she broke her neck :( this life I am repaying that karmic debt tho, I had 1 life after this where I was female in 1920`s and smoked a lot and eventually died of lung cancer and now im here

bluesbaby5050: Repaying that Karmic Dept..........

So, I take it your now with the person you were married to in France, and her neck broke because of your temper? I find this very interesting. You now have to control your anger issues without violence, and get along with her, even though you might not be a good match?? How's life with her now, (IF I MAY ASK?)I do not mean to be nosy, or prying, Just very Curious! I love this topic.

Terran resistance: there

there is no such thing as karma tim, this i know for certain

Tim Lovell: as for atlantic I remember

as for atlantic I remember the alien landings when they gave the control crystal box to us and about the forming of the new law of one I remember waiting for them to deliver the great crystal which was to be put on top of one of the buildings on the island and I used to be one of the leaders there who controlled it it powered everything and we setup other crystal amplifier towers , it was going well until the covert reptilian insurgency that even I didn't know about at the time we only had the sons of belial to deal with who were in legue with them then they overpowered the great crystal and the whole thing went down and we all reincarnated down in sumaria and you know the story ...

bluesbaby5050: So you remember the real cause of the fall of Atlantis then?

The Pleiadians were also a part of the blame for the fall of Atlantis. Do you remember the politics clearly back then, just before the events surrounding the demise of Atlantis took place? It took 1000 years before that continent went down, and so there was plenty of time for the majority of people to exit to Egypt, and to migrate to other areas as well. The Pleiadians also had their huge mother ship connected/ intergrated into the land mass of Atlantis back then, and when it came time to leave, the Pleiadians left a lot of the people in Atlantis to find ways to escape the best they could, and some people never made it out, so they died. They COULD of assisted all of the people, and they were Capable of helping the rest of the population to get out safely, but that didn't happen. So those Pleiadians that took part in that event have Karmic ties to the Earth people now because of this. Do you recall anything regarding this? Also, the Warlocks had misused their occult energies/powers of the giant Crystals for their own benefits, and this is what caused the demise of Atlantis in the first place.

Tim Lovell: other lives I rember are on

other lives I rember are on erra in pliedies I rember the sentient trains etc and the oxygen producers I worked on the problem of getting O2 from the limited water also on the orbital station forming the ship hulls into shape with my mind etc you had to turn on the light amplifiers in the corners to help when you did this for the giant long motherships tho it took about 24 of us :) but these memories are all fragmented tbh

Tim Lovell: well she is not directly in

well she is not directly in my life atm but any light I earn etc goes to her its complicated but next topic :)

Tim Lovell: I just remember them

I just remember them overpowering it the sons of belial and everyone trying to escape and as it went down looking up and seeing all the long cigar shaped ships escaping into the rift then it was hell and wishing it would end soon ... this was in another dimension remember so its hard here to get details, by then I had reincarnated so was no longer the leader but when I ran the great crystal we only used it for good that's what the et`s said only ever use light for good the law of the one at the end it had got quite bad the divisions etc also the other planet maldek I remember where most of the people went who didn't follow the law of the one then it got destroyed by using the great crystal as a weapon on it I cant recal details on all that tho :)

Tim Lovell: if you want to remember just

if you want to remember just before the fall listen to this song and look at the picture :)

bluesbaby5050: Just Curious :)) Where did you reincarnate to?

After that Life in Atlantis? Where were you living, and what did you do for a living, and what Time period if you can recall? Thanks a lot, and I know I am enjoying this, as I know others in this forum are/will too. I hope others will add their past lives to this forum also. It's a great, and interesting read. It is our history to share, and to learn from. Again ,thanks Tim Lovell.

Tim Lovell: um it was the same place just

um it was the same place just another life but I wasn't the leader then but it was the life when the crystal was overpowered and went into a cascade failular and the `fall` happened the great crystal essentially was a solar energy collector but could be used for anything you just had to be in the room under it and have the control crystal box and you focused you mind on it to use it the ceiling of the control room was decorated with patterns but I cant remember the details :/

bluesbaby5050: So you had two lives during Atlantis.....

So your saying the First life in Atlantis you were the leader, and used the crystal for good in Atlantis. And you had your second life experience later into the future of Atlantis, and then it fell. Where did you incarnate after Atlantis,OR Was this when you had needed to rest, and you had the two dolphin lives after Atlantis? ( To rest from all that trauma, and death all around ) Am I correct so far?

Tim Lovell: no the dolphin lives were in

no the dolphin lives were in this cycle not the atlantis one and I can only recall those last 2 lives there I had more incarnations there I am sure but do not remember them atm its hard when dealing with multidimentional memories

bluesbaby5050: Why didn't you leave with any of the Pleiadians before it fell?

I know you were a leader, and you had responsibilities to the people, and for the use of the Crystal, but was your reason for staying behind because the" Fall " happened so fast near the end, and there was not enough time to organize any way out? Which would be to go of Planet at that time. Thanks for the video, and the terrible images in my mind's eye of the horrible scenes, and the feels of helplessness, and frustrations, and all..... I had pictured this in my mind long ago, but the music, and the picture was plenty. ( PANIC) ! Thanks again.

Tim Lovell: because I didn't listen to my

because I didn't listen to my intuition most if not all the bad guys got out because they knew what was going to happen the whole thing was orchestrated because the reptillians needed to get rid of the great crystal and atlantis so they could implement their plan of frequency control to harvest fear of humans on earth the sons of belial were in legue with them they had insurgents in atlantis that looked human but were retialians at the end only a few of the good people escaped the lucky onesthe rest went down to the 3rd density in summeria and the frequency control began and now we are just coming back up and out of it after all that time and as you can see on these forums etc people are all getting their memories back and awakening :) anyway I need to make dinner :D

bluesbaby5050: LOL-Thanks plenty!

Enjoy the rest of your day. This has been great, and I thank you a lot, and I know the people in the forum, will also feel a deep remembering from reading this here, and MAYBE this will help them in this past memories, and their past live RE-call :)

elle-jay: Where do I get the handbook Architects of Light?

Where can I get the handbook and workshop DVD for Architects of Light and
Secrets of the Indigo Children?

Lovely: Thank you!

Thank you so much for this article. I can't wait to implement these Holistic Healing modalities and life-style adjustments into my life.

PeterC: Type 2 I guess

It was a very nice summary. Thanks for the article - it made me think and realize a lot. Since years I know it that I am an indigo , also life brought me friends who are also touched in spirituality and they helped me a lot to know more about myself and our world. Since my childhood for me it was difficult to connect to this world and to its people. Totally other things, patterns and norms are the ones I follow and I still learn to accept it - sometimes I am confused - do I do things right or asking myself what do i do wrong, As an artist it also can cause me hard times :))) What makes me now ask again newer questions is that how to handle myself. After this article and several other ones I am sure now that I am a Type 3. I feel often that I have a dual personality and I chase the ballance and dedicate myself to the ''light side'', but sometimes I have darker moments such as anger or bad mood, in younger age I had anger attacks (speaking loud or breaking things), nowdays I just let it go or keep my temper low and controlled.

Back to the article the details are written here are incredible and they match on me. When I was born the lights went out in the hospital, so my borning process was made with candle lights, my mother told me this bizarre story. I was almost dead, the doctor was working hard to bring me to life. As a child I had asthma and I decided to work on my body to become stronger. Luckily nowdays I have hardly any complain about it. I can only feel it if I have a massive cold or flu or if my work really needs my stamina (professional dancer). Since I am 5 as a thunder my love and connection to ancient Egypt appeared. And since then it is something what I am close to. 6 years ago I started to see some memories of my past life there. Funny, but last week I had a very weird dream aobut it too. Since last year I also have a feeling about who might I have been there. What I find as another interesting thing is the Annu - Nephilim string. The Amarna period where I might have been lived - this special family had connections with these bloodline. Beside it unconsously I like to read about these creatures i am curious about their stories. However I chose the path which is the light one. I work on hard to stop my dark side working - eating healthy, learning from my mistakes and analizing myself a lot, also not chasing pleasures and seeking for silence and ballance. Crowd also makes me annoyed and frustrated.
What is interesting a few weeks ago I chatted with a man from Kuwait who is an indigo too I guess and he gave some information, he mentioned that I am a ''destroyer'' and I have Nephilim imprint. Now i know what he meant. Well, I am stronger than any Elohim creature. I want to build, create, help on people not to destroy.

Through this writing , my question is - is it possible that since 3.300 years my sould was somewhere else? I dig in my memories, meditate on other lives, however I only remember at this Egyptian one. And since as a kid I feel uncomfortable in this very modern world. Still or of thinking on an old way, it's hard to describe, but I hope you know what I mean :)
Another also interests me : I have simian lines on both of my hands. Is there a connecon in between indigos and these lines??

I would be more than happy for some replies.

Thanks in advance,


PeterC: Sorry, I just see my mistake

Sorry, I just see my mistake : I meant : ''TYPE 3 I GUESS'' . It is 02:30:) I'm not fresh .

LoliApolys: thank you for this :0 glad to

thank you for this :0 glad to see iam not the only one having issues so ex-stream on the bottom list X.x this may help me to focus on what i need to do to calm my senses. my sences have been so over run when 2012 came about i knew the physical awaking was happening and that it was going to hurt but not that much. i had issues with sun light or the suns energy its was overwhelming @[email protected] sound and vibration were enhanced. astral and ethereal energy scenes were almost to much and became debilitating for me. still having issues with my new chakras it has expanded my scenes a lot and having issues calming them and focusing to use them. its odd when you an feel the vibrations of color x.x

Tarheel: Everything will be okay.

It's being done at a rate that we can all handle.

LoliApolys: aw i wanted to explode and

aw i wanted to explode and have my body back XD i do not what to slow. so the government dose not slap me on the examination table o.0 0.o some more. i can just see it ww3 stopped from nonhumans popping up everywhere and aliens coming down to pick up there exsperiments and kin XD

Terran resistance: clinical scitosphrenia

clinical scitosphrenia is caused by having more than one soul.

ascensionangel: Just been told I am Indigo 3.

Just been told I am Indigo 3... how do I find out more information on this
and what are the techniques and systems you talk about in the article?

Tarheel: Cerca trova

Seek & ye shall find.
It's around, AA.

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