Apparently No means yes

by Crigitine on March 15th, 2012

Even after the masses flat out said no, do not do this to us, no means yes. Even after 50 thousand plus people said it.


Crigitine: First they give money to

First they give money to stage wars and hide that money has anti drug funds, but now to take the final front that people have for unconditional release they are calling it anti piracy, with the illuminati and the government regulating entertainment its a slap to the face to protect their own means of suppression with jail sentences and through the roof fines.

Personally I'm hoping for this invasion in November, not only will it reunited and awaken the people when the governments run and hide to their underground bunkers, there is one hell of an ass wooping that is long over due.

Fal: I think I am going to have to

I think I am going to have to get a bunch of firewalls now. This is not cool... I stopped my pirating years ago, but still... This is just not right.

Crigitine: I'm fairly certain this will

I'm fairly certain this will be used to weed out a lot of people who wake up. According to Alex Jones you are flagged a domestic terrorist if you look at any forms of apocalyptic ends and you can bet your ass that sites such as this will be on this long list. A lot of people do not preach what they see for whatever reason, and using this will tell the government what we do not.

Gentlemen we have been given our dead line for our efforts.

I don't have fancy words to dispell fear that you might have upon seeing this, but hiding this from you would be wrong. They will be standing on the edge of this awakening knowledge and tell us that going any further is dangerous for our well being. That some knowledge is best left alone. Hiring people to run around screaming this is fake and not real, thats not working for them anymore. With each they feel something is coming. Be it china trying to release the truth, this project of invasion to come in november, or something beyond crazy.

Keep an open mind, and probably defense of some form.

Crigitine: heh

Upon rereading this, this is not pertaining to anyone here, they will get to the edge of the awakening knowledge after they implement this movement. I can see how people will see this pointed in a different direction, I make this is in a new post instead of trying to covering it up with an edit. Love and light.

Tarheel: I actually like Obama personally, but ...

He's a very personable, well spoken man and I think he means well. He hasnt the support. Ive heard a lot of other stuff now about him bowing to The Q and GB sr/Jr which make me shrug, stuff that I dont like.

He's taken LIBERTIES that Im afraid were NOT afforded any President.

Imagine if he'd had a Congress that supported some of his policies and not come out against everythg the guy tried to do, though.

Last time it was "executive privilege or some BS like that but now they are just goin ahead with it...what is it..AFTA ? I wish he were more careful.

I think he's hurt himself wity this gas thing and some other stuff yall are telling me hes guilty of.

Crigitine: I'm not going to lie to you,

I'm not going to lie to you, I've never payed much attention to him..or politics for that matter. Up until last year I kinda stayed out of politics mainly because I could never find someone who could explain it all to me, but I do remember back in highschool all of the campaigns to get Obama in. Its been a long and crazy journey since hes been in.

Tarheel: I ONLY said I like him PERSONALLY.

I wish he would not have had to battle the partisan politics bullshit.

GOP blocked everythg he tried to do. How would anybody really KNOW what he could have done?

Of course, I'm ANTI-PARTISAN politics. That's why Im all for Ron Paul. Even though he's GOP, GOP hates him because he VOTES independent on all measures.

GOP is for The Rich, and The Rich only and The Dems wanna GIVE entitlements to anybody with a pulse.

USA needs someone who walks the middle ground between those two debacles.

Kod save The USA.

Fal: Well, there are some people

Well, there are some people that have the right ideas. In Florida, you now have to take a drug test to get on welfare.

I believe this is fair, considering how I have to take a drug test to get a job.

This should cut down on some of the 'eligible' people, saving the government a few bucks. I do, however, believe they should have follow up tests to make sure the people on welfare don't start using drugs.

This only being an issue as long as drugs are illegal.

I also believe everyone should have health care, but it does need to be affordable. I don't think taking more money away from the taxpayers is the right idea. I know it costs about 700 a person, a month, for health insurance, based on what my co-worker has told me. That is if you can't get benefits through a large company like Wal-Mart, which in that case it would only be about 100 a month, tops for mid-grade insurance.

I don't think the wars are necessary. If the middle east wants to blow themselves off the map, let them. The rest of the world can watch, and stay at peace. The fighting between them has been going on for thousands of years, and it has no end in the near future that is predictable.

I know its just a ploy for money and control, but if we have actually spent 14 trillion dollars in the last 10 years on just these wars alone, then affordable healthcare shouldn't have been an issue if we just stopped lobbing missiles and shooting our guns. It makes sense to me.

Basically, it does come down to what Ron Paul wants to do. Audit the Fed, balance the budget, and stop the wars. That will definitely get us back to financial prosperity.

I believe he walks closer to the middle than everyone else. I walked into a DD this morning and heard Romney actually admit he was an "economical heavyweight". Such BS.

Sure, Obama is personable, but even though he has been blocked by the GOP, the Dems would block any Republican when they try to do something. It has been going both ways.

There is a little ditty I was told a few years back, it goes something like this.

A girl came home from school and her father asked how her day was.
She said "I think I want to be part of the Democratic party when I turn 18".
Her father, a republican, stirred his coffee.
"So, how are your grades this quarter?" He asked.
She replied with some pride "I have all A's".
The father took a sip of his coffee and set the mug down.
"Well, lets take those A's, and make them C's, or D's and give them to some of the other students that have bad grades so they don't fail."
"No way, dad!" she replied. "I worked hard for those grades, and some of the other students just sit around and do nothing"
The father smiled and said "Welcome to the Republican party".

bluesbaby5050: Fal, this gave me a good chuckle.

Thanks.I needed that.

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