"The Apology"

by Starperson on February 5th, 2014

I know that philosophy, especially Ancient Greek Philosophy, can be confusing, cryptic and sometimes boring. But I also know that you don't have to look too far to see the lasting effects that this type of philosophy has had on the development of modern society. So, I continue to read it and explore some hidden meanings.

Socrates was Plato's teacher, mentor and friend. Unfortunately, Socrates never wrote down any of his teachings. After Socrates was put to death, Plato became his voice. They both liked to teach through thought provoking conversations called dialogs.

In 399 BC, Socrates was arrested and charged with: Not recognizing the Gods recognized by the State; Inventing new Deities; and Corrupting the Youth of Athens.

"The Apology" refers to the trial that Socrates endured as remembered by his friend, Plato. Socrates' self-defense dialog was anything but an apology. It was inspiring and convincing. I certainly would have let him walk. But the court did not see it that way.

After his conviction, Socrates was offered exile, imprisonment or death. Spoiler alert...he chose death by poison.

Many of us, including myself, have been required to read, dissect, ponder and ultimately write about every aspect of the great philosophers. Back then, I did not ponder...I just wanted a good grade. As my college days become a distant memory, I ponder now.

I have an entire cabinet full of my graded philosophy papers. Some are well written, but all lack insight. Because I love philosophy today, I will not share any of my college papers with you. You're welcome.

However, I would like to direct you to a place where philosophy is funny, interesting and irreverent. I am going to rate this link "R" (language). Read "The Apology" as you have never read it before. Leave your sensibilities behind and enjoy:


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obsrvantlouie: Synchronicity

“Then I showed again, not in words but in action, that, if it were not rather vulgar to say so, death is something I couldn’t care less about, but that my whole concern is not to do anything unjust or impious” ….Socrates – Apology

I just stared the complete works...I had read some of the works but hit and miss. The way Socrates could "break down" an argument was and remains truly amazing....simply listening to the words people say and understanding the meaning of the word. This is why I avoid words like "need and can't" they place restrictions and limits on the soul...and the soul has no bounds.

obsrvantlouie: Also, reading Philosophy

Especially reading Plato, this is excellent to keep the mind "fresh and sharp", even if your vocabulary is extensive the pronunciations of names and style of speech keeps the reader "laboring" a bit more then modern day literature. And, if the day comes where you have all the vocabulary down and also decided on how you want to pronounce some of the names....you have reached a point where you can really consume, dive in and focus on the lesson at hand.

Every other college should be named Socrates

If a person has never read Plato....they have been robbed of their brain.

Can we still lean from Plato? You bet your ass we can....another nice post.

Tarheel: Post the papers.

You're cruel, Dude. (laughing)

But, Imagine being engaged in a conversation with Socrates & Plato.

Great post, Starperson !

dvogel: Plato is yet another

proof of the values of the ancient Egyptians. He spent 13 years there with the priest Sechnuphis. He as well recognized at that time that not only Greeks could be philosophers.

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