The Apocalypse: The 7 Vials of the Wrath of GOD

I've always found old writings interesting. Especially books with a hell of a history about them. One in particular is the bible. Now, granted yes. I find worshiping any book itself blasphemous. The Bible I feel has many good points & good readings, stories, and tales of old. There is a lot left out. A lot to be desired. Much unanswered. An a damn shame to in especially how it is used to mislead groups of people into surrendering their lives,v monies, or time for foolish falsehoods, teachings, misinformation while being pushed into unrealistic ideals and giving all that they don't have away.

I look at all wrong in the world today an I laugh and think to my self. Surely there are parts the must be true right? As sure as we have the sun and moon, and as sure as the world turns just as I am writing this, or as you read this... I have never been able to get Revelation 15:7 out of my head. I mean it isn't that I think it won't happen. Oh I know it will. It is more I wonder, what the hell I will be doing, or where I will be, or what my job is going to be at that point kind of think I always wonder.

I am not a Bible scholar. But I am an inquisitive son of a Trucker.
I'd like to hear your thoughts on this... What do you all think?

You think there will be one, won't, not sure? Crazy?
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BenjaminFalkenrath: "Be Not Afraid"

To Quote Ray Liotta in the hit TV Show Shades of Blue.

"When an angel first visits a human, you know what they say? “Be not afraid.” Why do you think they say that?"

"Reason why angels say, be not afraid, is because they're terrifying. They're not the cute little things you see on greeting cards. They're powerful creatures who dole out judgment and enforce the will of God. "

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