anyone else feeling this?

by LoliApolys on March 14th, 2016

Hiya everyone I am a sensitive person when it comes to feeling eitheral energy or the presents of others who are other kin or star seeds but things have been going crazy the last 2 weeks were I live and even normal people are feeling this too. I will just be sitting here or walking around and randomly I feel like my physical body is going to pass threw what I am standing on or if I try to grab something. My body feels light and rainbow like.I Astral travle with out having to go to sleep and I know what it feels like to be summoned to another person on the astral so I know what that feels like but this feels diffrent. Though I keep hearing this multi frequency kind of like someone hitting a bunch of windchimes all at once. Can anyone help?

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Fire Dragon: ground yourself

It's normal when energy is upgraded and it will continue. Track solar flares, geomagnetic storms, noctilucent clouds and air pressure changes. Think that you have an attachment which is your angel or your light body, you name it, and it usually stays 'up there' in another dimension and higher vibration so it often drags the physical body up. That's why grounding yourself is important because we're gonna stay on the Earth while it's been transforming its energy from 3D into 5D. People become more sensitive to such energy changes since our bodies are being upgraded, we have so called Ascension symptoms because chakras are opened, cleaned and modified along with the DNA purge. Don't resist, it's all prepared to make you feel better - to process the energy of love. But you can always inform the Universe that you want it slow! :)

LoliApolys: iam would rather have

i would rather have it fast i have been waiting for the ascension since is was 3 years old XD i hate being in this meat sack that looks nothing like my soul :( i see my self in the mirror every day and know my life is a lie. not being able to use magic that is of natural abilities dew to the vale. being out of place in human society cuse i am different and can not nor will not stoop to such a low lvl of damping my energy. after 2012 came around i become almost prone just leaving my house from the suns energy, the vibration of peoples auras, feeling them walk around me. the way they smell it was a rough few years....i still have issues. i can walk out side and just tell if the suns acting up. unfortunately grounding my self just made things worse for me x.x it heightened my abilities even more almost to the point were i was losing my self.

BamfOttO: anyone else feeling this?

Wow, reading your post I had to re-read it twice to make sure it wasn't mine from another site. It wasn't of course it wasn't, but I almost wrote word for word the exact same initial statement. I am pretty in tume with the natural energy of this world I would say a 6 or 7 out of 10. Most people run at a 1 to 3, that is pretty much not even believe there is a universal energy, witch is just mind blowing. I have been noticing in others and myself that the universe is out of wack for the last two months, I can say it seems to be coming back to it's order.

LettersToCleo: This frequency is just coming to an end

Just as the earth is calling back aspects of itself by having large numbers of species go extinct. the 2-5 or 10 percent of humans in best case that are able to raise their consciousness and merge their aspects of higher self are also moving on.

the rest that dont make the transition they just go to another planet that is being created where they can try to get out of the matrix by raising their energy and consciousness where they can get to 5th dimension or beyond. it just wont be as humans but another species. you are spirit or soul or energy so you just go into another body on another planet and try to make the transition there if you dont make it here.

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