Anybody other than me think the release of Wrath of The Titans movie is awfully coincidental?

by Tarheel on March 5th, 2012

The major motion picture release of Wrath of The Titans is end of this month. I believe this is NOT a coincidence, that it was intentionally released this month so we fear The Star Nation people return. Remember the dates Edisonik gave us?

5/22/12-6/15/12 is the time frame we were given.

Coincidence or not?

Do NOT fear The Star Nation people when they come, for they come to assist Humanity !

And yes, Edisonik says that many are HUGE! remeber the sizes, people?

Somebody tell me what Edisonik told us about tyheir size. I need to know Ya'll were paying attention.


bluesbaby5050: YA it all ties in with----

The rest of the world events to come,I think.BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: This is the great deception?

When the ships de-cloak?The time frame is the Venus eclipst.May 22to June 15th.May 5th is the Venus eclipst. I for one-am NOT GOING NEAR ANY OF THOSE SHIPS,OR INSIDE ANY! NOT TILL I FEEL MY GUT SAYS IT IS SAFE! THIS IS MY OPINION. BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: WE NEED TO HELP OURSELFS!

Not wait to be helped! This is still my opinion! People need to go inside their hearts,and feel what is the real truth! NOT TO FOLLOW THE HEARD LIKE DUMB SHEEP TO THE CLIFFS !BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: Starships----!

I for one,and my family,am NOT GOING ANYWHERE NEAR THOSE SHIPS! I do NOT care to venture to them,as they ARE NOT ALL HERE FOR OUR-HUMANS BEST INTERESTS! THEY WILL HAVE THEIR OWN AGENDA'S .I have already BEEN ALERTED TO THIS FACT! I WILL NOT become their food source! Once you go inside those ships,YOU ,AND YOUR CHILDREN WILL NOT BE COMING BACK OUT!! I would rather be Safe then SORRY! THIS IS A WARNING! The Falcon Goddess of the Feather.

bluesbaby5050: To Tarheel-The ET'S SIZE?

Edisonik said ,That they Range from our heights to 20 To 25 feet all! The ranges fall between these ranges as well. Their weights can be from our weight ranges to 500lbs ,and higher. Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

bluesbaby5050: To Tar---Your Owl got loose?!!

Go look for it! BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: To Wmarkley---?

Check your inbox.

wmarkley: ok

I will, i was reading a note on the GFP website, it looks kool, sounds great. but i dont believe it YET! here it is: to this kind of news i say:

Annunaki77: Please don't Panic

Take it easy , do not Panic.
It's freaky and stuff but do not Panic.
The Falcon should have kept Silent. But I cannot change his mind.

Just Pray for Peace every Night because your Consciousness is Connected to the Great Spirit.

bluesbaby5050: THANK YOU ANNU---

Thank you Annu,you help us in these times of testing.We thank you. Your daughter of heaven-BB5050.

Annunaki77: Don't thank me, Thank Creation itself

The Great Spirit has had enough of these Wars. She is not to be messed with.

bluesbaby5050: Just like Mother Nature.

Does anyone remember this commercial? It was funny for it's time.There was a couple of them. It's Not Nice to Fool with Mother Nature!! BB5050.

wmarkley: yes

it was a margerine commercial i believe.

Chris: kanesh what do you know about the malevolent Et Confederation

The leaders of the Malevolent ET Confederation in our Galaxy are the Alpha Draconian Reptilian Ets from Alpha Draconis starsystem then you have the Orion Group From the Orion Constellation who do the dirty work for the Draconians and then under the Orion Group you have Grays from Reticuli 2 Sirian B,s Alderbarans Hydra Reptilians and Orion Reptilians, Reptillians from the Altair star system and a malevolent chameleon-like Reptilians from the 'Bootes' star system .The races in the Orion Group consist of a mixture of Grays Reptilians, Humans, Hybrids and other species. kanesh what do you know about the malevolent Et Confederation that plauges they Galaxy are they still in control of the 22 starsystems that are controlled by the Draconian Orion Empires.

Annunaki77: These Empires have been around for Billions of Years

The Draco are Awsome but I do not like what they do to Conquored Planets.
They must learn to Evolve or get left behind.
Evolution will affect all Eridanus Men and Women of all Humanoid Forms from all Star Systems in this Galaxy. It is time to Evolve or get left behind.

The 4TH Dimension is already here. You all feel a change don't you?. You sense the Quickening. This is Evolution.

Chris: oxicarians kanesh

kanesh are the oxicarians you said who serve the Orion Queens still here on earth asisting the Black goverment.

Annunaki77: These Goofs have been dealt with

I believe the Bird Men kicked their butts. They are no longer any concern.

bluesbaby5050: To Chris,These ETs are the ones from the CON-Federation of light

They are the Bad guys.I tried to explain this many times before in this forum. Remember where they come from.They go by the name of the Pleadians. And many others are also with them from other places in our galaxy.They will use words like they came here to save us,and this planet from the bad ET'S. Remember this,These words are Clues.They are coming here for their OWN Agendas! NOT OURS! Some Look like us, and some do not. Do NOT let this Fool you.They have been Channeling many messages to Earth for a long time under the title name ,Pleadians.. Again ,DO NOT be fooled by their words,and promises to save you.This is your Clue.Listen very carefully to the words that they use. Our Kanesh has also explained them to all of us.He did this again for Chris above these threads,Please read what Kanesh said about them.Falcon Goddess.

bluesbaby5050: These are the bad asses in our Galaxy.

Please read what our Kanesh has told Chris again.They are the CON- Federation of light. Falcon Goddess.

wmarkley: i never panic

No worries, just live and be happy, If there really are ships surrounding this planet there isnt much we can do about it, and if they decloak i will reach for my camera because some day someone will say that it never happened, lol if they are friendly then we have a big party, if NOT! then we still have a big party, a WAR party like the indians used to have before going to battle. but friendly or not, DO NOT get on your knees, even if they are 15 feet tall, stand up and look them right in the eye, and greet them.

bluesbaby5050: To Warkley -----?


wmarkley: kool

I will drink to that, lol and lobster goes great with beer.

Annunaki77: The System will Panic

Humanity will just be in Awe and Wonder.
The Funny thing is that these Ships will not go away so the Establishment can Debunk them away as Geese or Clouds or Swamp Gas.
They will Collapse under their own Lies Once and for all.

No more Lies.

bluesbaby5050: YIP-PEEEE!!

I FOR ONE!! Can NOT wait for the no-more lies! I do not know what this feels like,,as I have never felt this way before! I guess?? I'll have to followw my guts instink, lol! -and c what happens??I know I will be just fine! ,,,As I will be in one of Tarheel's BIG FAT BUBBLES,and FEELING SAFE!! Because I am the ONE in Real Control! Hahahaha! BB5050.

edisonik: Yes Annunaki77

The Lies and Deception will come to an end.
That is Destiny.

wmarkley: no more

No more deception sounds like music to my ears, i always believed that " every dog has his day" and humanity is going to have their day, its about time, there is no doubt that i incarnated at my time to witness this, and to help out in any way that i can. and im sure that there are some other things for me to do too, i will cross those bridges when i get to them. im sure that i have been feeling the quickening that Annu77 has spoken of, i know that i have been hearing it for almost 3 months now, this constant vibration ringing in my head means something.

Ecbra de Oaoj: well...

I wait if... they came to here that came a lot of beautifull women to dance with us on party...

I know that its ; serious but... dont resist...


Annunaki77: Bingo Wmarkley


wmarkley: Life

Yes Annu i have had an interesting life from the beginning, i have had a great life full of all sorts of emotions, i have been all around the world and met its people, and shared good times as well as bad times with them. I have felt all the emotions that come with being human and the one i dislike most is fear, so i dont do that one anymore, i may get apprehensive at times, but i dont fear anything other than going to my 15 year old sons room and catching him playing with himself, lol

Ecbra de Oaoj: yes Tarheel

yes yes brother, me and I think more persons are payng attention here and on nature's sights.

You apoint and question about a movie and perhaps correlaction with this stuff;
I think Holiwood make some subliminar propagandas and bring in time informations and; more yet. efects like 3D last Teseus' film just; ets are able to produce. lol...

I will not surprese if someone one day prove that video and audio tecnology in films like these came form... alien inteligence. today.

I would like to; make more than wait and; see the show but... what could be it? ahh... I would be one of actors... Lucky Skywalker or Kirk in my dreams but...

I and... we. finaly. Have our owner missions; all right... its wonderfull too!


lets... expect atention and; going to next act.

yes, yes... Peace and Harmony

Love and Hapiness

Son of Leod: Wmarkley.... I know what you

Wmarkley.... I know what you are talking about. I am getting a constant ringing in my ears when I lie down for meditation and sleep. It sounds like songs sometimes and a few times I have seen lights flash in my pineal eye. I have even heard electronic beeps sometimes. I have invited all benevolent star beings to assist me. I feel different and I don't wish to be left behind like the others. I have followed the path, I have searched for the light in the darkness, no more shall my heart and mind be bound by fetters of darkness. I have even tried to help people start their own path to the truth. The only thing I fear is being left behind. I don't want to reincarnate here anymore if darkness an injustice remain to reign. I had a dream 2 weeks ago, where I literally said I want to go back to the Source. As a conscious though that has nothing to do with the situation at hand. Love and Light to all of you. Brothers of Light, if you leave I wish to go with you..

wmarkley: you will

seek and you shal find, you will not be left behind, you travel the right path. just be patient and enjoy this physical life while you can. there is much to enjoy, even during hard times. i feel the vibrations of change too, and hear them non-stop, it isnt uncomfortable, kind of reminds me of the sounds camping and sleeping outside, the sound of the crickets but a little higher pitch.

marklee: Mother day quotes

NO i don't think so,you think so no problem every one in the world has its own idea some will mach and some will not,thanks on giving these information's,keep sharing this link.Mother day Wishes | Mother day Messages

HebrianDaniel: Balance change

i cant wait its a time to change the Balance of this game most of the side were to the Evil ones they got on the winning side. well as for now but sooner it will have to change the people really start realize what really happening and still confushed however many still want to say in their reality they born with because they cant handle with the real reality because its very complex.
however illuminati cannot really extreminate 90% of the world its almost impossible but things will change for future however not sure for bad or for good...

bluesbaby5050: To H/D---

Things Will change for the GOOD. DO Not be afraid son. Do Not feed them fear.This makes them Strong. Do Not give them Your power when you do this. They are to show up by July 15th of this summer. Do Not believe them.They are the liars,and the decievers. They want to take over this planet,at any ways they cans.These are the ones that EDisonik,and Annunaki 77 have been telling, and teaching us all about. Be brave,we are all in this together.We will win.Take care of your self.We love you H/D. Remember this. Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

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