Anti-Christ Found?

by obsrvantlouie on November 3rd, 2013

My theory is very simple...

The alleged man Jesus = the Sun

* Therefor

Currently many people believe these are the end times or as I do "The Beginning" of a much broader existence. This conjecture has led search for an ANT i CHRIST. Keep in mind that numerous documents and examples exist of the personification of Christ. Christ is actually personified as the "SUN" and if you are not aware of sun worship and it's prevalence throughout history you are behind. Now, let's be one yet has discovered a viable method to educate and prove "anyone" that any specific religion/belief system is THE PROVEN WAY TO A HIGHER POWER...whatever power you chose to affiliate with, allow others their right to choose. However, duality and polarity cannot be argued...

Now, the astute observer recognizes to various degree the operation of symbols via pictures, words, colors, dates, times (fully astrological) that PERMEATE our societies, cultures and planet. Most intelligently attribute these signs and symbols to the practices of an unseen hand also referred to by many names and understood by various degrees of spiritual advancement. Simply watching the videos "In plain Sight" and "i, pet goat 2" (both available youtube) should be sufficient enough proof..if you're still a doubter, an infinite amount of examples exist.

Furthermore, this unseen hand likes particularly to present it's forecast for events to come via linking said coming "event" through the aforementioned channels (signs, symbols, pictures, words, technology etc).

C/2012 - S1 ison

Everyone is looking for niburu, wormwood, planet x and whatever else it's reference.

Everyone is looking for the ANT i Christ.


So then...should we be looking for the ANT i Sun?

According to
The word comet derives from the Old English cometa from the Latin comēta or comētēs. That, in turn, is a latinisation of the Greek κομήτης ("wearing long hair"), and the Oxford English Dictionary notes that the term (ἀστὴρ) κομήτης already meant "long-haired star, comet" in Greek. Κομήτης was derived from κομᾶν ("to wear the hair long"), which was itself derived from κόμη ("the hair of the head") and was used to mean "the tail of a comet".

I S O N....

Comet I S O N....there is much debate about the uncharacteristic activity of this heavenly body. anti-sun = ison.....could this be?

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Tarheel: Good post,OL. This should spark debate.

Very controversial, OL. But, it is your nature my friend. Who would've guessed you would post the likes?

Don't stop being OL, OL.

Quinton: Interesting way to look at it

Interesting way to look at it. So you're suggesting that anti-sun is comet ISON?

Tarheel: Here's an astronomical update on Comet ISON.

For those interested...

They are now calling ISON "The Comet of The Century" but I've heard that nomenclature before. Chrishek made a post that was inferring it is a ship full of Reptilians, as I recollect.
Who knows? I don't know what to believe any more, so I focus more on self most of the time.

obsrvantlouie: Knowing and believing...

Brother Louie link was awesome...and yes brother, anything this iconoclast can do to make more minds think is high upon my priority.

To borrow from Robert Morning Sky, paraphrasing; "A woman looks out in the woods and see's a bear. It's the most beautiful bear woman has ever seen. Warm, gentle and kind. A man comes looks out into the woods and see a bear. It's the most ugly, gruesome and violent creature man has ever seen. Now, what is the truth? THE truth is THE BEAR. Some days she is violent and some days he is gentle. Tarheel, don't waste your time in what to believe, take stock in what you know and leave belief as it is....simply speculation until experience brings knowledge able to discern into wisdom.

I try to focus on the now before anything else...myself is always included along with the moment. I take what works for me piecemeal from here and there making it my own and I have found that this and practicing allowance (acceptance of anthers decision but not necessarily approval of it) leads me to harmony and balance.

obsrvantlouie: Only a theory...

I am theorizing...but yes, there is substantial evidence. Watch "i, pet goat 2" by heliofant (Be sure to watch it's original form before watching the analysis. If you are unfamiliar you can also watch an interview with the director and Alex Jones). There is much to consider in this video and grizzly gaz does a fine job of analyzing some @

Tarheel: Ask Star about what a Bear looks like.

In case you didn't read a previous reply of his, he had a CLOSE encounter a couple of weeks ago IN HIS HOME !

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