Another Amazing Installation of the 'One day on Earth' Suite

Another Amazing Installation of the 'One day on Earth' Suite.
Mind Boggling Nature Cinematography [click image to enlarge]

Alexandra Bruce
July 12, 2014
I just don't feel like running bad news today.

This clip, on the other hand is BEAUTIFUL!. It's another installation of a series, from which I broadcast one part two weeks ago, of what is, quite possibly the most exquisite series of nature cinematography that I have ever seen, set to the music of composer, Rachel Portman's "One Day" Suite.

This one begins with a forest fire and a tiny field mouse, with her nest beneath the tree roots - and her unspeakably cute and teenier mouse pups - and then, the stunning regeneration of the forest, as it can only been seen through time-lapse cinematography.

If you've never done this sort of work, it's hard to describe the degree of difficulty and patience and sheer amount of work involved, in putting into each and every flawless set-up; remembering, as well that the camera rig was composed of two, in order to mimic the stereoscopic effect of the experience of human eyesight ("3D"), with perfectly-timed camera moves, using everything from Skycam, where the rig is mounted on wires, flying above and through the treetops; to "hothead" cranes, etc., etc.

There is also the adept use of every kind of lens and focal length, especially from the extreme macroscopic angles, achieved from either endoscopic or fiberoptic lenses, giving us the sense of intimacy that would come from being the same size as the smallest mouse pups in a huge forest.

ALL shot with perfection of exposure and focus, shooting at every frame rate imaginable - from the thousands of frames per second of photo-sonics to stunning time-lapses, where one photo might be snapped in a day, accompanied by a subtle camera move, which when played back, creates a moving shot displaying developments in nature that may have taken weeks to occur in "normal" time.

The sacredness of Creation that is PRESENT in nature never ceases to amaze.

The human ingenuity and creativity, for discovering ways to reveal it, in ways not seen by the naked eye spring from an inherent LOVE for the natural world, of which too many of us are deprived and for which we ache.

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