Annunaki, Chem-trails, Solar Flares,Electromagnetic Shield comprimised and a realization I had!

Something to question: I have been educating myself in a number of areas and have a thought to ponder and I wonder what others might think about my realization.

a couple of months ago I was busy enlightening myself in one subject or another going back and forth between Annunaki history, Astrophysics, Government Chem-trails, etc... as I usually do!...just trying to get as much input as possible and I put some pieces together and now I'm wondering what others might think of a theory I came up with.

I was thinking about the Chem- trails and the Aluminum which they contain and I was really trying to examine the situation to understand why they are spraying and why they need to use aluminum in some people believe the government is trying to poison us and the way I think about it is that there is a reason for everything and while the aluminum is obliviously bad for our health I was not satisfied with the answer of the government is just trying to poison us.

I thought there must be an underlying reason and then it hit me! I put together what I had learned about the Annunaki with what I had learned about X class Solar Flares, the Earths Electromagnetic shield, the Galactic Alignment and the problem we are having with the fact that our Ozone has a huge breach in it which actually compromises the electromagnetic shield protection ability to protect us from both the Solar Flares and the Potential of Powerful Gamma Rays when the Galactic Cross Alignment happens

and as I thought about this combination of things I started to put everything together like this.

We know that a galactic alignment is coming up in which we have a high potential for gamma ray bursts ...we know we have the X Class Solar Flares coming and we know our ozone /electromagnetic shield is comprised, we also know that with its depletion the gamma rays and solar flares are potential a catastrophic problem and we know that we need to come up with a solution to our problems..... which is the electromagnetic shield protection/Ozone and Global warming (the ozone prob I believe is a natural cycle which this time has been added to by man but that's a topic for another day ) and so anyway I had a realization of what might be the reason for the Chem-trails.

I put all of that together with the fact that the Annunaki had a problem with their own Atmosphere having a breach in a layer which left them in much the same situation. that in itself is the reason they headed out in the Universe in search of Gold and found earth to mine of its Gold and then used it to put into their atmosphere to essentially fix their problem.

I started wondering if our government might be doing the same thing with the Chem-trails and the Aluminum ... by using Chem-trails to place enough fine particles of Aluminum into the atmosphere it could possibly repair it and might actually give us protection from the Solar Flares and Gamma Rays by way of its reflective qualities.

I know that sounds weird but with the upcoming predicted solar flares we are expected to get this next yr and with the Potential for Cosmic Gamma rays coming with the Galactic Cross and the looming Global warming Crisis.... since thinking about all of the above I now believe they are using the Chem-trails to try and fix the Big hole in our Electromagnetic shield ...It would fix three problems in one! I would appreciate it if you would let me know what you think!


edisonik: Soulenlightenment the Answer will shock you

This is a Falcon Master Perspective I don't think Kanesh will mind.

You are a very trusting person, you want the truth will I will brief you on some startling details that your Governments will not tell you Soulenlightenment.
The Chemtrails are poisons that are being sprayed into the Atmosphere to destroy your health and the health of the Population, then the Next Question will be why are they doing this?, they will use the Logical Excuse that Humans are multiplying exponentially , they are Increasing in Population so fast that in the next Century the Planet will be totally depleted of it's Vital Resources which will mean the Extinction of this Species.

Their Calculations go like this every 3 Days 300,000 Children are being Born Worldwide, every 10 Days it's 3,000,000 Children there isn't enough Resources to Feed everybody if the Earth suffers a Catastrophy and According to their Alien Contacts at this pace Humans will face Extinction by this Next Century.

The Governments have tried to control our Birth Rate through Fabricated Wars ( Yes all Wars have been Orcastrated and Planned therefore not Real ) the Dying and Suffering was Real but the Governments were all in on it.
They have tried through Disease, the Global Vaccine Programs to Help Africa against Small Pox was a Cover for the introduction of the A.I.D.S and Ebola Bioweapons to destroy the Black Race.
The Introduction of the H1N1 Vaccines and Flue Shot Vaccines these too are Bioweapons designed to Destroy your Health and Reduce your Numbers through Disease and Suffering.

The Population Problem is Real but their Answer is Wrong because they are handling Humanity like Cattle and not Divne Beings with Dignity Soulenlightenment. This is why the Certain Governments have The Draco Reptilian Empire , they are a Rebel Group from the Contellation of Orion, they are holding Humanity Hostage.

Certain Governments already have the Technologies to Create Motherships and Spacecraft that can take humanity to other Fertile Planets, Companies like Lockheed & Martin, Los Alamos, Skunkworks and other Companies are already Mining the Moon and have Colonies of Workers on Mars and other Planets, the First Colonies Landed on Mars in the 1960's with back engineered Motherships which Governments kept hidden under the cover of the Ocean.

So Humanities Future has been Hyjacked by the Draco Reptilians , they need Humanity as a Food Source and the Alien Greys are Servants to them.

Prince Enki is Furious , do not believe the Lies of the Media they only Serve their Reptilian Masters, what you need to do is Pray for Peace and for Grace to do the right things for the Days ahead.
You are a Divine Being Created by Prince Enki, you are not Animals for Reptilian Consumption.

Live Long Soulenlightnement the Gods Favour you believe in only yourself and do not trust Government.

Colleen Thomas has studied the Chemtrails & the Draco Reptilian Pirates

Some of Our Ex Presidents are also Possessed by Reptilian Possesion
Look at the Reptilian inside him.

Humanity has been enslaved by these beings for Centuries, they Dine on Death and Feast on Fear, this must be stopped and it will be stopped but first you must wake up , Humanity must wake up otherwise they will repeat the Same Suffering just like the Past Century , we owe to our Children not to repeat Wars this Century and we need to Create something New for Humanity something Apart from Controlled Government that will Benefit Humanity.

We have been Decieved and our Future has been taken away, we must take it back.

soulenlightenment: Thank you

Thank you for giving me new insight..into my journey. :) I knew that population control was an issue but I did not relate it to the Chem-trails...another day another piece to add to the puzzle again thank you for sharing.

inanna17: Aluminum

Dear Sister,

Aluminum came to me this morning. So did this little gem when I put a message into the Gematria calculator.

Gotta love it - Enki has quite a sense of humor

'Always wear tin foil in your hat'


soulenlightenment: Aluminum

nice to meet you inanna17:)
Tin foil hat well well lol
I do love it!
it seems like that phrase has come up on in many instances lately lol

Annunaki77: Peace and Love two the Females of the Species

Goodwill and Great Respect for you Create the Human Race great Mothers of Creation.
I dedicate this Piece to Women , the Partner to Man, a Partner in the Battle for Existence.
May the Women of Earth be Strong , Beautiful and be One with Creation and Great Lovers for their Men.
Lord Enki Created Women a Partner to Man , Peace to you Women.

Viewer Discretion Advised

Who is Greater Lord AYA , no one absolutely no one Mighty AYA Lord of Creation son of King Anu.

Hail Mighty AR 1 Craft of the Wolfen Kings

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