Anna Hayes on Mono Atomic Gold: A Hidden Reptilian Agenda to Undermine DNA Activation.

by Chris on August 5th, 2013

There are numerous new concoctions of this stuff now surfacing... all basically the same substance called “White Powder Gold”, at various levels of strength. The Mono-atomic Gold is a milder version than some, but I would consider the following carefully before using it. White Powder Gold has ancient roots to Egypt and beyond. In 1998 I was given a body of data on that substance from the Guardian Alliance, which I never had time to typeset or publish.

The Guardian Alliance says White Powder Gold and related substances create a temporary improvement in body conditions, and in spiritual expansion experiences, and at the same time they erode the first 3 Strands of the DNA Template, by creating “Molecular Compaction”. The substances temporarily “fire” the dormant codes in the higher dimensional DNA strand Templates, releasing bursts of higher frequency into the DNA template, creating temporary “windows” to the higher dimensions and giving the physical body a temporary boost. But the firing of the higher strand codes, before the lower strand templates are activated enough to process those frequencies, creates “frequency overkill” in the lower strand template (LSD type drugs do this too).

The higher frequencies begin to crush the natural crystalline arrangement of the scalar-wave grids in the lower strand templates, like a hammer on a quartz crystal cluster. The lower strand templates progressively erode, creating mutation in the physical DNA, and deterioration in related body systems. (The Internal Bio-Regenesis Techniques from the Guardian Alliance fire the higher strand codes, but they simultaneously work to activate the lower strand codes to receive the higher frequencies, following the organic sequence of the DNA template in bring in the frequencies of the higher dimensions of consciousness... this is the natural way, and does not harm the DNA template or body).

I am told that White Powder Gold substances create a pattern of addiction in the body over time, they are progressively needed to maintain the general health once the lower strand DNA templates begin to unravel; this creates a viscous cycle of more gold = more template decay = need for more gold. Eventually the strand templates mutate the physical DNA and accelerate one’s unnatural passage to the otherworlds. Modern science knows nothing of the DNA templates or what substances effect them, so they can’t really tell anything about the substance except that it appears to create beneficial results “on the outside”.

No offense intended to the people involved with manufacturing or taking Mono-atomic, but I have come to trust the Guardian Alliance opinion on such things due to the extensive information they provide on the DNA template functions, so personally, I wouldn’t touch the stuff.

Natural forms of Silica supplements assist in the general well-being and DNA activation process, and the Guardian Alliance supports the light to moderate use of such supplements (they also say aloe-vera juice helps the body clear the more rapid release of toxins associated with DNA Template activation. There is a whole book waiting to be translated on the Vibrational Compatibility of Foods and Supplements with the human body and DNA template, but there are a few books first to write before we get to this one).

Regarding White Powder Gold-type substances, I do know, from clear reincarnational memory, that a strong version of the stuff was used in the Pharaoh days, and a Pharaoh I once knew did himself in and finally went insane from using the ancient White Powder Gold to achieve “enlightenment”.

I am also told that the ancient Sirian Nibiruian Anunnaki and Nephilim harvested earth for the element of gold because they had found a way to make a version of White Powder Gold that could be ionized into the air of their planet to create longevity of their biology. What they didn’t count on was that it created genetic dependence on the artificially manufactured substance, and if progressively higher concentrations were not imbued into the air, their bodies sickened and died rapidly.

After depleting their gold elemental supply, they turned to earth to harvest the element for production of the White Powder Gold-type substance, to sustain Nibiru’s atmosphere. Somewhere along the line they received some kind of genetic repair assistance from some other stellar race (Hathors, I think), that weaned them of the White Powder Gold dependence so they no longer needed to have the stuff in their planetary atmosphere, but their race still bears the genetic damage caused by use of the stuff.

The Guardian Alliance warned me about White Powder Gold in 1998 (before I ever heard of Mono-atomic), saying that the Drakonian Kurendara race of Nibiru (Nephilim-Dracos hybrids) were reintroducing the recipes for White Powder Gold on earth to help digression of human culture and malfunction of human DNA. According to Guardian Alliance, they introduced it as a “quick fix” for spiritual enlightenment, knowing that it would wipe out the integrity of the first 3 DNA strand templates, so humans would no longer be able to hold the natural activation of the higher DNA strands and the levels of consciousness that correspond to them.

Now, the substance is making it into the mainstream, with some sci-tech versions being contrived, and nobody really knows (except perhaps the star races and the Kurendara Nibiruan) where the great inspiration to make the stuff really came from. Food for thought when considering White Powder Gold products.

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Tim Lovell: interesting stuff :)

interesting stuff :)

bluesbaby5050: Stay Away from th White Gold!

I have seen this White Gold in Ads in many Health books, and ONLINE, so I really do know it is out there. It's always better to raise your bodies frequencies the Natural way. Just do your CLEARING, as much as possible, and try and keep at peace within yourself.

Tim Lovell: *snorts a line* ...joke :)

*snorts a line* ...joke :) just drink pure water and eat healthily other stuff just pollutes you :)

xamo1: Just drink more pure artesian

Just drink more pure artesian water, but don't forget some non processed salt.
Salt will let your organism to produce little bit more NaCl acid, witch will dissolve all grease. Together with water it will clean all the sanguine veins and lymphatic ways. And You can eat everything you want, doesn't matter vegetable or meat!
Processed salt contains aluminum oxide, same stuff from chemtrails..Sugar too!

bluesbaby5050: Clearing DONE though REleasing Painful Memories.....

From your past, and past lives. It is releasing painful past, and past lives, because they are stored inside the human body, and you will re-incarnate with them until you come to terms, and deal with them. This is done by crying to Release the painful experiences caused by you,or others. One must also forgive the other person then the use of seeing the person in your minds eye, and then you will become lighter the more you do this. The is an important exercise people must do to raise their vibrations higher, and to go though ascension. It is part of the mutations process, and it can't be done fully with out doing this. We all have unpleasant memories from our past lives, and we have to clear them to be FREE of them or they will hold you back.

bluesbaby5050: Your correct about EN.KI 11ORION11...........

He truly had the right idea. But, he had to sneak in his DNA-Fire-Codes, and this was a NO-NO, and this costs him greatly in many ways. He did this for his humans that he truly loves.

bluesbaby5050: And this is true too...........

And this is why I always said to this forum, that there are NO SHORTCUTS, and that people need to study these concepts, and methods in order to get the Right access to achieve the desired effects. I also said some people are lazy, and they are always looking for those shortcuts that are not for your BEST desired results.

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