The Angelic Relms are on high Alert!

by Gaurdian Angel on November 21st, 2010

In the year 2000 the Forces of Darkness were supposed to release their oppression on humanity, yes in the year 2000. The forces of darkness didn't do as they were supposed to,so the Angelic relms are on high alert from 2000 till the next couple of years.
If the Angels are on high alert then humanity must be on high alert and defend liberty and democracy. If you people do not wake up the people that the Governments are conspiring against all of humanity then we as a global people will be trapped into a world that has no self rule, just slavery and genocide.There is a war going on in the Angelic Relms, they are fighting for you humans you must defend your rights also.

Humanity must defend liberty at all costs,it doesn't matter what Religious background you are humanity is under attack.

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