The Andromedans from the Star System Zenetae

by Chris on January 13th, 2018

The Andromedans from the Star System Zenetae
All right. I want to start off by reading some information given to me by Vasais. In short, who the Andromedans are is that they come from the region of the Andromeda constellation and from a star system in that constellation they call Zenetae. They are a telepathic race, although during the last 30 years I have tried to teach Moraney the English language. He has taught me how to "read" their telepathic communications, which are holographic. It’s been an interesting situation. Now, when I write down what Moraney says, I write it down exactly as he says it. When you go to the Leading Edge Research Group web site and you see that, it isn’t that it is mis-typed, but it’s exactly the way they say it. I have made a promise that is the way I will present it. They are a race with light-blue skin. They were on Earth some 62,000 years ago for a period of 62 years. My connection to them is that at that particular time, I was one of them that was here. I volunteered to come back here and be here for this process, raising third density up into fifth density. I’ve asked to see the "fine print" on my "contract", but they have yet to produce that. So, I would like to start off with this material told to me by Vasais on June 5, 1996:
" We have been in communication with many races regarding militant decision-making. We all agree that conflict in the end serves one purpose - to create fear. This, we know, removes the original intent from creations. We are hopeful that sincerity will gain momentum." Now folks, what is happening here is happening out there. I have said this over and over again.
I wish I could just come up to you and say "everything is love and light". It would be wonderful, but it would be a lie. We have challenges, and as long as we stick together we will make it. But, we have to stick together. Your neighbors are not the "enemy". Your government really isn’t the "enemy", but they want you to believe so. They want control over you.
General Observations on Andromedan Society

Val: What have you observed about Andromedan society?

AC: Well, I will give you the most striking things. They're incredibly happy. There is a peace, tranquility and humbleness about them as a race .... it's more of a feeling... an emotion. They are not like us. Morenae is the only one who has gone to the trouble to physically learn how to use spoken language. Vissaeus has always been telepathic. The others do not talk. They just watch.

Val: You probably feel like you are "under a microscope".

AC: You can "feel" them listening to your mind, but they don't infringe. Val, it's very hard to explain. Let me give you an example. If you knew somebody was spying on you, and you went about your daily business mowing your lawn and throwing the trash away, you would be ignoring them even though you knew they were spying on you.

That's what it's like. I don't have a problem with that because I know that they're trying to learn about us. Many of the ET's hold us in awe, and they are fascinated by us. The thing that fascinates them the most about us is our extreme range of emotion. They are awed because emotion is such an incredible creative force.

Val: Albeit coercively misdirected.

AC: Yes. Now, the Andromedans themselves are not very emotional. In other words, you can feel their emotion, but when it comes to expressing it, they all appear to be very stoic.

Val: What?

AC: They don't show it.

Val: Oh.

AC: I mean, they are very straight-faced. It's like they are "all business" even though you can sense the emotions. I remember when I first started having contact and I was taken to a place where there were Andromedan children, who moved away from me because I was Earth. Now, the children are taught about the different worlds and races, and because of the Andromedan holographic technology, it's easy for them to create environments where their children really know and experience what Earth humans are like.

Val: Well, what are they like amongst themselves?

AC: They are very much like us, except that there is always absolute silence. The children are not real expressive. They don't run and jump around all the time. They have a lot of self-control. When they do run, they don't bend their knees, like the Japanese or Chinese. There is a lot of smiling, but there is not deep laughter. It is as if you were going to a "mute class."

Val: What is the pairing like in relationships?

AC: Well, there are three sexes. Male, female and androgynous. What is interesting is that the androgynous beings tend to be teachers. In the middle of their mother ships there are huge parks. In the ship I was on, the park was 25 miles square.

Val: Can I safely assume that they do not have a social "power structure" because they exercise personal self-control? They don't need an external political power structure?

AC: I have never seen that. No. There is what we would call a "science team", that can also move into a military role if it needs to. The Andromedans go to school for over 150 to 170 earth years, and they are taught all the sciences, arts, and everything. They participate in those fields, doing the actual work, while they learn.

Then, they have an opportunity to teach what they've learned to the young ones. The oldest and wisest teach the youngest what they know. They express this concept as the "law of consistency." The young ones gain the benefit from most of the knowledge of the entire race.

Val: Do they consume food?

AC: I have seen them eat fruit, which they grow on the ships, but for the most part all I have seen them eat are little green tablets. It's kind of like an alfalfa tablet, but it has a really wicked taste. I volunteered to eat it, and Morenae cautioned me against it. I took half and tablet and chewed on it and immediately threw up, right there on the ship. He told me it was because of the oxygen that was in the tablet.

Val: Do they have blue blood?

AC: Yes, they do.

Val: So, that would mean their blood is copper-based?

AC: Correct. You are the first person to ask me that.

Val: So, they must come from a binary star system.

AC: Yes, they do. They say quite a few of them are binary systems.

Val: And our system here is binary, but on a different frequency where Jupiter is a sun on the fifth density?

AC: Yes.

Val: So, on a different density, our Sun might not be a sun, possibly?

AC: Possibly.

Val: Well, what is our Earth in the fifth density. It is already there on the fifth, or is it a transformative process from the third?

AC: Right now, the Earth in the fifth density consists of a huge blue halo.

Val: So, on the fifth density, Earth is a "budding creation" ready to manifest itself into physicality?

AC: Yes.

Val: So, what else is interesting about Andromedan society?

AC: In everything they do, nothing is ever wasted. In other words, all of the things they do involve education. It's almost as if everything they do is geared to "stretch" them more, challenge them more, and make them a more intelligent, more understanding, aware race. What is really interesting is that they are absolutely not competitive in any way. It's something that comes from each one of them individually. All of their social functions are focused on education and not distraction.

Val: Whereas the function of our society is exactly the opposite. No wonder it's going nowhere. Do they have any kind of pseudo-religious structure within their society, or is it simply an appreciation of the "is-ness" of the universe?

AC: I have never seen any activity like that. It is as if they are "plugged in" all the time. There is just a serenity that is part of the race itself. I think it was Paul the Apostle who said, "always be in prayer." That's what it's like. It's like they're always "in prayer".

Val: You said one time that their eye change color when they think or contemplate something.

AC: Their pupils change color. They tend to slant a little on the inside and outside, but for all intents and purposes they are round. It's like a cross of the "round-eye" and the oriental eye.

Val: That must be fascinating to watch.

AC: Well, I had a lot of trouble with it in the beginning. I was so focused not only on their eyes changing color, but with the flashes of color on their forehead between their eyes. I was so involved with this that I wasn't listening to what they were saying to me. They would have to repeat it over and over. They didn't understand why I wasn't paying attention to what they were saying.

Val: How tall is the average Andromedan?

AC: I have seen them as tall as nine feet. Morenae is about seven or eight feet tall. He says he weights the equivalent of 450 of our pounds.

Val: What is the shape of their skullcase?

AC: Just like ours. I have seen some of their very old females, where the skin gets whiter, and the skullcase tends to be elongated in the back. Most of the males look similar to us. They are all hairless.

Val: You must be quite a fascination for them, then.

AC: I have given quite a few strands of hair away


Those ET�s from Andromeda are also described by Alex Collier as having been direct descendents of the Lyrans who experienced some difficulty when first leaving the Lyran system due to predatory extraterrestrial races, but eventually settled in the Andromeda constellation in the star system �Zenetae�. Collier describes the nature of the Andromedans as follows:

Everything that they create technologically is used for the advancement of their race. It is for educational purposes only. But, it can be used in defense. No, they do not have a military, per se, they are scientists. What they do is send their children to school anywhere from 150 to 200 years, in our linear time. They teach their students all of the arts and sciences. They are literally masters at everything. Then, at that point, they have the choice in what it is they want to do, and they can change their minds anytime and do something else. So, they are given all the tools. Everything is for education. Nothing is for distraction. They would never conceive of creating television as a distraction. Never. Everything is to help them evolve, and their science and their technology can be used for defensive purposes -- mostly the holographic stuff. [115]

The most significant feature of the Andromedans is that they are instrumental in the Andromeda Council which is a grouping of approximately 140 star systems who deliberate upon Earth. In a 1997 Interview, Collier described the Council�s deliberations as follows

Now, in our galaxy there are many councils. I don't know everything about all those councils, but I do know about the Andromedan council, which is a group of beings from 139 different star systems that come together and discuss what is going on in the galaxy. It is not a political body. What they have been recently discussing is the tyranny in our future, 357 years from now, because that affects everybody. Apparently what they have done, through time travel, is that they have been able to figure out where the significant shift in energy occured that causes the tyranny 357 years in our future. They have traced it back to our solar system, and they have been able to further track it down to Earth, Earths moon and Mars. Those three places. The very first meeting the Andromedan council had was to decide whether or not to directly intervene with what was going on here. According to Moraney, there were only 78 systems that met this first time. Of those 78, just short of half decided that they wanted nothing to do with us at all, regardless of the problems. I think it is really important that you know why they wanted nothing to do with us. We are talking about star systems that are hundreds of millions of light years away from us. Even some who have never met us. They just knew the vibration of the planet reflected those on it. The reasons why they wanted nothing to do with us is that from their perspective, Earth humans don't respect themselves, each other or the planet. What possibly can be the value of Earth humans? Fortunately, the majority of the council gave the opinion that because Earth has been manipulated for over 5,700 years, that we deserved an opportunity to prove ourselves - to at least have a shot at proving the other part of the council wrong. [116]

Another contactee who mentions the Andromedans is �Adrian� who was extensively interviewed by researcher Sean David Morton and found to be credible. Adrian�s testimony was supported by extensive photos, film and witness testimonies. [117] According to �Adrian�, the Andromedans play an important role in forming councils that deliberate on Earth�s future thereby independently confirming Collier�s testimony. The Andromedans are one of the main extraterrestrial races most responsible for crop circles. He argues that the crop circles are intended both to inspire humans with the possibility of extraterrestrial communications, and to warn negative extraterrestrials of the consequences of their actions to control and manipulate humanity.

The Andromedans� chief activity appears to be facilitating decisions of the Galactic community in dealing with difficult problems such as the current Earth situation, innovative strategies for resolving conflict, the education of youth and inspiring humanity with the possibilities of extraterrestrial contact. The global solutions they promote include assisting the growth of psychic/crystal/rainbow children, peace education, exposing elite manipulation, promoting improved global governance, and diplomacy and conflict resolution.

The Andromedans are human races from the starsystem the Andromeda constellation they have light blue skin and are a telepathic race. Female Andromedans are 7 to 8 feet tall and the males are 7 to 9 or 10 feet tall some are 12 feet tall and the Andromedans can weigh up to 450 to 600 pounds. the life forms in Andromeda are human, they're plant, they're animal, they're insect, and they're also etheric, and plasmic conscious life forms in Andromeda. The Andromedans are 4,5000 years ahead of us technologicaly and are very spiritualy advanced race aswell. The Andromdans are desendents of Lyrans who fled to Andromeda from Lyra. In the Andromeda constellation, there are at least 28 different races. Now, the Andromedan people teach their children everything. The oldest and the wisest are the teachers, and hold nothing back from their children. Those with the most experience teach others what they know. This is called by them the Law of Consistency. They know that their children are their legacy. They don’t "dumb them down" like the educational system here does. They would never ever think to do that, because they are proud of their lineage and their heritage. They know that this is who they are, and their young people are who they are. Ladies and gentlemen, if you have children, you owe it to them to teach them what you know, and don’t let anyone else babysit. Don’t let the television babysit, because it is teaching them what to think, not how to think. More on the history of the Zenetaen Civilization

Alex: Let me answer that question this way. I have that question written down to ask them, because you gave me a question like that before to ask them. But, they did tell me that there was a time when they first left the Lyrae system, after about 21 generations had gone by, where they found themselves hiding. Again, I don't know all the details, but they were being hunted by another race. They were living in hollowed-out asteroids and moons. They were moving all the time.

Val: This is the whole Zenetaen civilization.

Alex: That's correct, and I do not know how many there were. They were basically living on craft and having to move around all the time, looking for a place that was safe. Well, there were beings from the Casseopian system that helped them, and apparently at that point in time the Zenetaens were under a kind of imposed dictatorship, because they were in survival mode and one person took control of their civilization.

I can remember Morenae saying that it was imperative that they receive help, because they may not have evolved out of that, had it gone on any longer. What happened was that they were taken to two solar systems in the Andromedan Constellation.

We know them as "star 42" and "star 44". Star 42 is Zenetae, which is now their star system. Star 44 is Tishtae. Star 42 has 27 planets around the binary stars. Star 44 has nine planets, but all of the planets are equal to or greater than the size of Jupiter. They at this point were all terraformed.

Val: These beings from the Casseopian system interacted with them approximately how long ago in our terms?

Alex: About 2.5 million years ago, but perhaps a little longer.

Val: Has the Zenetaen skin color always been blue?

Alex: No. It was red at one time. Their original forefathers were red-skinned, and I am told that the Lyraens and Vegans were red-skinned at that time.

Val: How did the progression begin to where the skin color changed to blue?

Alex: Apparently it had to do with a pigmentation change caused by the ingestion of certain minerals...

Val: Copper based minerals.

Alex: It was in the food and everything they ate, and the double sun had an effect on this too. You have to remember something here. We are talking about fifth density beings, not third density, so you have the additional three color spectrums. I always try to take that into account when comparing them to us. They do literally live in another frequency.

Val: So, were they ever in third density?

Alex: I am not sure about that.

Val: There seems to be a prevalent assumption among humans that things "start" at a level of third density existence. But, that's a misnomer, because...

Alex: No all the races have been or are third density.

Val: So, since the period approximately 2.5 million years go, do you have any idea of how their civilization has grown and changed since then?

Alex: No, I don't know. All I know is where they are now because that's the only way I know them. That would be a question I would have to ask them. Male-Female Relationships in Zenetaen Society

Val: How would you define and/or characterize the relationship between males and females in the Zenetaen society?

Alex: How would I characterize it? Now, understand that what I am giving you is only my impression from watching them interact when I was with them continuously for a period of three months. I would say that they are equal, and that they are treated as equals.

I experienced a moment where there was a type of celebration in which one of their women, who I believe was about 470 years old, was leaving her assignment as part of an agricultural science group that developed new types of fruit and things for them to eat, because she wanted to become pregnant and raise a child.

There was a celebration. Not all of the women do this, of course. Many of them decide to remain doing what they are doing in the position of creativity they are in, in terms of a "job" or "career".

Val: In terms of the concept of a "relationship", at least on the highest human level that you can conceive of....

Alex: I can tell you this. The men totally honor their women. If a group of four or more women are walking together down a hallway, men will stop and move to the side and slightly bow their heads as a greetings. Again, there may be communication going on, like "hello" or "how are you?", but I didn't hear it because they are telepathic and nothing was specifically directed to me.

The only real sounds I heard were associated with their music, and Morenae asking me questions, wanting to know how I felt about certain things. The very first time I walked in, we left the smaller craft which was in some type of a hangar and we walked through what I could describe as a "liquid type of light". There was some resistance, and as you walk through it you could feel a "wetness" on your face.

The length of this material was about four or five feet. You could breathe in it. It was like a "liquid" but it wasn't. When you got to the other end of it, you were in this long hallway and you were totally dry. He told me that this was a process they used to disinfect all disease or anything they might have carried with them from where they had been.

Val: In terms of the idea of relationships, at least as we consider them, all the ideas that involve co-dependency and this don't exist in their society, I presume.

Alex: I have never seen anything like that.

Val: Do men and women walk around in pairs?

Alex: Yes, they do.

Val: Visually, then, there is just a picture of harmonious existence.

Alex: In my perception, that's exactly right. To be perfectly honest with you, Val, I did not see any evidence of dysfunction whatsoever. In fact, it was one of the most positive experiences that I have ever had.

Val: Have the Zenetaens ever been under a control system in their history to where they were "under the gun" from another race or species? Have their ever been, to your knowledge, critical periods in the development of their civilization. If so, how could these be characterized?

The Nature of Andromedan Music

Val: What about Andromedan musical composition and the nature of their music?

Alex: What they do is as they are traveling, they will record solar systems holographically, or the planets individually, and they take the holographic sound patterns relating to them and blend them with other sounds of other planets, suns or galaxies. They create their music from this.

Val: It is literally music of the spheres.

Alex: Literally, and I have to tell you Val, there is absolutely nothing like it. It's like the most incredible orchestra you could ever imagine, but it makes your soul vibrate, it really does. It's so profound.

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