The Andromedan Perspective on Human Biblical Matters.

by Chris on January 13th, 2017

The Andromedan Perspective on Human Biblical Matters

As far as the "savior scenario" is concerned, I have been told that it has been put into our belief systems to disempower us. Now, this is touchy, so I am just going to share with you what they have said. And, I am going to "pick" on the New Testament, and I apologize. Again, I am not trying to offend anybody. I am just sharing information that they have given me. This is their perspective.

Most of the Old Testament, especially Genesis, consists of pirated versions of Chaldean texts that were constructed in 651BC. The being that we have been taught is one person, Moses, is in fact two people. One of the people was Moab, a Chaldean chief, and the other one was Prince Sesostres in Egypt. The authors in 651BC put the two together and created a composite character. So, it is not what it appears to be.

When we get to the New Testament, the nine Epistles of Paul were apparently brought from India by Apollonius of Tyana. The four Gospels were obtained by Harriman Armandi in India. There were Hindu in their original form, written by Apollonius, who was also known as Paul the Apostle.

The being that we know as Jesus did in fact live. He was crucified through the palms. But, according to the Andromedans, he did not die, but lived out the rest of his life and died at Massada in 64 AD. Now, I don't know about all of this - I wasn't there. They also say that the last version of the Gospels and the Epistles were translated by Euphilius, a Catholic bishop, and that the original books in their original form are at the University of Upsal, and that they are called the Codex Argentinus.

The original handwriting is in Sumerian. That is all I know, and again that is their perspective.
Q: What about Adam and Eve?

AC: It was a tribe, not just two beings, according to the Andromedans. We received the "Cliff Notes" version of it.

Q: The idea that Moses may in fact have been a composite character doesn't seem to detract from the idea that "he" was in the right place at the right time, and was able to be a leader.

AC: You are absolutely right. Now, where is the best place to hide a lie? Between two truths. You change it just enough so you can't put the pieces together. Remember, this whole thing is about self-responsibility, self-rule and self choice. They have altered the truth just enough that it has kept all of us holding back, waiting, and waiting. Lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime.

Here we are, making a decision to hold ourselves back, because we are waiting for someone to come and save us. It isn't going to happen. They say it just isn't going to happen. They don't want to come in here and "save" us, because they don't want to baby-sit, and then if something "happens", we can always "blame them", and the cycle starts all over again. We don't have time - the Earth is sick.

We have no other place to go. I know this is not the answer you want to hear. It's not the answer I want to hear, because it means I really have to bust my ass to fix my life. But, I don't have a choice. It's just the way it is.

Q: But there is a saving reality. There is the truth that brings people the challenge to grow internally to be able to keep up when the planet goes into 4th and 5th dimension. It puts a great responsibility upon us as individuals.

AC: Right. Now, let is assume that Jesus is a reality. Jesus did say, "ye shall be greater if ye shall have faith." There's a profound message in that - "these things I do, ye shall do greater, if ye have faith." There is a profound message there. Please don't ignore it. You are awesome. Every one of you is awesome. Don't buy what you have been told (in cultural social reality). It is a lie. You are awesome.4 - The Holographic Record of Christianity
(Spanish version)
Q: Can you be specific on what the Andromedan viewpoint is on Christianity, especially in view of the fact that they have holographic access to all events that have happened on Earth? I mean, what are some of the specifics?

A: You know, I don't like talking about this, because I was raised a Catholic. I was an altar boy. The truth broke my heart. You know, to find out that what I thought was reality really wasn't. Where I'm at with it is very personal, but I'm not counting on anybody to come down and save me. The Andromedan perspective of the whole scenario is really different that what we've been told.

Q: Well, it's apparent that there were several characters in history with the name Yeshua, translated loosely as "Jesus". There's Yeshua Ben Joseph, etc. How did all this develop?

A: Okay. Basically what happened was that the Catholic church created a composite character, because at the time they were expending a lot of resources putting out religious wars. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but like many things it got perverted. Yeshua Ben Joseph, was a Jewish rabbi who lived from 70BC to 9 BC. He was apparently crucified at some point, charged with being a thief.

Prior to that there was a man by the name of Rabbi Hallel who apparently died in 100BC. Rabbi Hallel was called "The Great Teacher". Many Christians are led to believe that a man named Jesus was called this, when in fact it was Rabbi Hallel. Now, what happened was that the New Testament composite character of "Jesus The Christ" was created by the Council of Nicea.

Most of the words that are attributed to this composite character, referred to colloquially as "Jesus", were in fact spoken by Apollonius of Tyana, who the Bible calls "Paul of Tarsus". Because Rome had their armies scattered all over the place and all these wars were over the subject of religion, what the Council of Nicea decided to do is essentially create a "State Religion".

So, what they did was combine the religions of the east and the west, both of which were concerned with Sun worship. Those in the West worshipped Hesos, also called Hess. Those in the East that worshipped the Sun worshipped Krishna, which in Greek is called Kristos. The very first "Bible" that was put together in 325AD.

They took some books that Apollonius of Tyana had brought back from Burma, called the Codes of the Initiates (which concerned themselves with man's relationship to the seasons, among other things) containing lessons that were handed down to those particular Holy Men in India during that particular period in history. The Codes of the Initiates allegedly contained words that were spoken by Krishna. The very first "Bible" was called the Helios Biblios, which means "The Sun Book". This is what they did in the very beginning.

Q: When was the Helios Biblios assembled?

A: Between 324 and 355 AD, by the Council of Nicea under Emperor Constantine The Great. Then they slowly developed a "God", a personage, to replace the Sun, and slowly changed the books, disposing of the material detailing reincarnation and many of the other teachings. They changed meanings, and every scribe that worked on this thing kept changing things as belief systems were revised with the prevailing times.

Q: How about things ascribed to the historical "Jesus" such as the Sermon on the Mount?

A: The exact words ascribed to the historical "Jesus" with reference to the Sermon on the Mount were found in a Turkish museum, authored by a Greek Senator in 64 AD. The Church went out a gathered all the information they could at various times in history, and they suppressed what they didn't agree with or what they didn't want the people to know.

Q: Then, who was the healer in this whole scenario?

A: That was Apollonius of Tyana, who the Catholic Church referred to as the "Anti-Christ", despite the fact that he was also known as Paul of Tarsus, mainly because he encouraged rebellion against Roman tyranny.

Q: And Yeshua Ben Joseph?

A: From what I understand, he was of the royal line, but he tried to create rebellion against Roman tyranny as well. Now, there was also another Yeshua.

Q: Another Yeshua?

A: Yes. It was a very common name than in Judea. He was a rabbi who was also a rebel, of sorts. He died at Massada in 64 AD, and his presence at Massada was why Massada was attacked. His name was Yeshua Malathiel. The bottom line is there was no "Jesus Christ" in history at all. It was a composite character, and history reveals this fact.

Q: Now, Robert Morning Sky revealed that the specific crucifixion that involved a Yeshua was a mock crucifixion, in that the person did not really die, because he was given an herbal mixture to simulate death, and that Bar Abbas was in fact the son of the Yeshua concerned here.

A: Yes, if you take the name Bar Abbas, which is a two-word name (not Barrabas, as in the Biblical product of the Roman Church), and you go back to the ancient Hebrew, it means "Son of the Teacher" or "Son of the Master".

Q: So whose son was Bar Abbas?

A: Yeshua Melethiel.

Q: His son.

A: Yes, and from that grew the lineage in France.

Q: The lineage in France? That is where Alex Christopher's book Pandora's Box picks the trail up. The so-called "bloodline of Christ" that related to the mission of the Templars.

A: That's right. It related not to Yeshua (Jesus) Malathiel himself, who died at Massada in 64 AD, but to his son, Bar Abbas, who survived and went to France.

Q: This is also connected with the "blue-bloods" and extraterrestrial genetics?

A: That's exactly right.

Q: So Yeshua Malathiel was a "blue-blood"?

A: Yes, he was, and he was connected to the House of David, and if you go all the way back through the line, through David, and you get to Moses, who was a human-extraterrestrial "half-breed".

Q: So, was it Yeshua Malathiel who was involved in the "cross scenario"?

A: I don't know for sure. The only place I have heard of the story that Robert is talking about is from a book called Crucifixion By An Eyewitness (which does not at all imply that Robert got his data from that book, just that the book mentions it)

But, the Essenes were herbalists and knew how to mix potions and knew about this kind of thing. Of course, the real secrets about all of this lie in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Q: Which the Israeli government have locked up, or at least most of them, and will only let a few select people see a few of them.

A: Yes, by the Israeli's and the Roman Church, because what the Dead Sea Scrolls show, according to the Andromedans, are that "Christianity" and "Judaism" were really one thing, one religion, and they also tell the true story of who Yeshua was, as we have spoken about here.

Q: Yeshua Malathiel?

A: Right. Rabbi Wise in the 1950's and 1960's did an extensive study of the death warrants and death certificates of those who were crucified during that time period, as the Romans kept records, and the only Yeshua listed as being crucified was a man coincidentally named Yeshua Malathiel, who was listed as a traitor and a thief. Mary of the house of Magdelana was the wife of Yeshua Malathiel.

She came from a very well-to-do family who raised doves for sacrifices put on by the Pharisees at the temples. I think the book Holy Grail talks a little about that, too. The Jewish tradition was at that time that any man 13 years of age, who was a rabbi, must take a wife and have children. That was the law.

Q: How did the crucifixion scenario arise with Yeshua Malathiel and his son, Bar Abbas?

A: Well, the story behind that is that they took Bar Abbas because they knew that the father, Yeshua, would come after his son. The story goes on to say that a ransom was paid, and they did a "mock" crucifixion in order to hide the fact of a payoff to the Romans.

Malathiel did not leave the area. He continued to do what he did and died at Massada. There is apparently a scroll which is in the possession of the Russians that proves this, and the son, Bar Abbas, was escorted to France with the rest of the family.

Q: So, presuming that somewhere along the line Christians or Jews would read this material, what would you say to them if they feel concerned by it?

A: Well, all I would say is that true history does not support the idea or the proof that a "Jesus Christ" lived. It does prove that Apollonius of Tyana was real, and the other thing I would say is, "you've been duped". There is no middle man between you and the Creator, and your relationship is directly with the Creator.

Q: Of course, this is why Gnosticism has been so suppressed throughout history.

A: Yes. These "churches" exist only because people "believe in them" and support them financially. If you take that away and say, "my relationship is with the Creator, I don't need a middle man", then "there is no need for you." Let's face it, the church is politics and a form of government.

The Andromedans share very much the same viewpoint as some of the Pleaidian groups - that all religions on our planet are forms of government, and they don't see any difference between government and politics (power-brokering), in their perspective. I mean, people used to have to pay priests in order to "assure their place in heaven".

Q: Are there any religious systems on this planet that are at all beneficial?

A: There are two religious systems they say have been beneficial, and they were the original form of Buddhism and the original form of Shinto. All the other stuff is designed to hold you back and control you. That is their perception.

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435: Say What?

Here is a list of 492 contradictions in the bible:

When studying the "bible" in Hebrew and Greek, one can find an additional 100 or so contradictions.

I also recommend "How to understand your Bible" by Manly P. Hall, as well as "God-Man: The word made flesh" By George W. Carey. If you are feeling really motivated, pick up "The Restored New Testament" by James Morgan Pryse.

Based on a couple of decades of solid research, I agree with a vast majority of what you state above.

"Sermon on the mount" was also attributed to Buddah, long before it was attributed to "Jesus."

"The Bible" is a literary forgery. It is plagiarized from top to bottom. It is a compilation of many of the older mythologies from many of the cultures of the ages preceding it. In it, however, is a hidden system of geometry. There is also the philosophic and poetic allegories and metaphors- both of which can be discovered with relative ease, provided that one is able to do away with preconceived notions about the "authority" of the "Word."

To discover the geometry hidden in plain sight, one must study the old testament in Hebrew, and the New Testament in Greek. The reason for this, is that the "Letters" of both of these alphabets are also numbers (same with Arabic). Most English speaking people are not aware of this fact. Therefore, I am saying that the true sublime import of the bible is to be found in the numbers, not the letters. The names of the books of the bible, along with the "chapter and verse numbers" dictate what form of equations to use. It is a system of geometry. This is ONE of the meanings of the "G" in the Freemason symbol. The New Testament is loaded with Pythagorean theorem, Platonic solids, and Greek philosophy in general, especially the Logos of Plato (being explicitly spoken in John ch 1.)

"Jesus" wasn't even a name til the King James "Authorized" Edition. The 1611 King James says "Iesus", as there was no letter "J" back then, and still to this day there is no "J" in Hebrew, Greek, or Latin. The "Iesus" comes from the Greek "Iesous" Which is "888" or the "Higher Mind." All of this stuff is symbolic, none to be taken as literal history. Yes, "they" did take some of the "adventures" of men of the time, and craft this composite "Savior" from some of them, such as Yahshua Ben Pantera, Yahshua Ben Yoseph, etc, and also "Barabbas" as stated in this original post is two words, not the name of some guy hanging on a cross!

The "crucifixion" is a "cruci-fiction!" It has many symbolic meanings! One of which, is that "Jesus Christ" is symbolic of "Christ Consciousness" "located" in the "all seeing eye" which is located in the MIDDLE of the "right brain and left brain." So the "two thieves" from the "Crucifixion" allegory represent the two sides of the brain, with "Jesus" the "all seeing eye" placed in the middle! One of the messages being: The all seeing eye wants to do "good and wholesome" things all the time, but the thoughts from the left and right brain "steal the show" and a person doesnt do the original planned "good deeds." There is much more to this, but I'll stop for now in regards to this "Crossification."

Job, and Joseph "being stripped of his robe and sold to Egypt" both are initiation rites. In addition, they represent the "being stripped" of the "heavenly life" which we enjoyed before incarnation. You can see this in todays media when a "star" gets accused of some law breaking action, and also in when the stars "suffer" embarrassment in front of the world, etc.

I could keep going, but I gotta get ready o go to class. Thanks for reading.

BenjaminFalkenrath: Exactly! This is what I was

Exactly! This is what I was saying before. An, I might misspell forgive that I say Yeshua. But that might not be correct spelling but same, true. Which is why I prefer not to say "Jesus" As "Jesus" is the name I see used negatively as a tool of control by dark forces which is a complete insult to Yeshua. In my eyes....
He being the son who did come down to try an show us a better way.
I view him like a very wise, very loving, caring older brother. The way I see and remember him is as someone to highly regard, follow, an emulate. As for what I remember... I remember the realization that the cross would become as the name Jesus. A Negative tool used again for control. As the dark beings an other outsiders use it as a lightened beacon to literally coerce wayward souls off their given path into the false light an into the soul trap.

435: I highly recommend "Freedom

I highly recommend "Freedom from the known" by J. Krishnamurti

You can download the PDF free online.

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