Before and After Soul

by CosmicGasBall on October 24th, 2017

Does the universe have a purpose? "Purpose implies intent." What is the intent?
My question is that if the universe has no intent then what sustains it? If nothing but mere presence, who's to say it won't end. If souls are eternal, where do they go when the universe ceases? If you also believe in the "One" theory, even then where does it go if not able to be contained in a universe. If it's not contained in a Universe, the soul, then where does it reside when not in a body?
Nothing can be permanent, we have not always been here much like our galaxy has not, or even the universe has not since it was not until the big bang. So what was before? What's after? Time can not just start. There can not just be something from nothing. So what is it? Before there was a universe, what was there? After, what will there be? All these soul branches, stemming from one and having these experiences and for what, if even the universe itself does not last forever.
I try to picture the stages of life, and by life I mean Soul, not body; IF you believe in the theory of One, what was before the one? How can there be one if from nothing and if not from nothing, what else is there? Maybe it is because everyone puts such an importance on time itself when in the grander picture it doesn't exist?
I just cannot not think about it. Where does the soul reside after a body when you break the reincarnation cycle? Space is what comes to mind but what about when that ceases? All these experiences, knowledge, creations, wisdom, love, as a whole - what happens to it outside of the cosmos and what IS outside the cosmos?

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