An Ancient Story from Sirius A

by Annunaki77 on January 29th, 2011

The Children of the Feather are Waking up, many have realized that Tyranny of any shape or form must be fought with Zest, Courage and Vigor. Fear and Cowardice is shameful and it always guarantees Death and Enslavement. I will tell you Humans a Tail from the Siris Dog Star System, on Sirius A, There was Once a Nation Called Trakakur, the People there were of Dog decent, they were like humans but they looked like canines, they had families and had to take care of their people and their Nation but they were oppressed by their Tyrant King Trankoramun, he was ruthless and heartless for many years.
The Trakakur People died daily because of the constant Slavery they had no Voice or Courage, they were only taught Obedience and Servitude, while the Evil King lived a life of Luxury and Disgrace.
One Day the Gods from an unknown Galaxy saw the injustice and Blessed the Trakakur People with Star Seeds, these Newborns were made of King DNA.
To be free one must fight from Cradle to Grave to Defend the Greatest Jewel of all and that is Freedom, these Children became Canis Warriors , they fought the Evil King and they knew they will Die, but they didn't care about Death for Death was not important since so many were dying anyway they mounted a Resistence against the Kings Royal Army.
The Canis Warriors embraced Battle Like Hungry Wolves on a Hunt and their Dish was the King of Trakakur King Trankoramun.
Blood was flowing on the streets but it wasn't the blood of the Canis Warriors but the Blood of the Royal Army of Trankoramun. The King was Defeated and the Tyranny was over after many Centuries of Oppression and Tyranny.

It takes Courage to take back your freedom, Cowards are a Disgrace because Peace is not given freely one must always defend freedom to the Death if need be because without Freedom you are better off Dead, Slavery is worse then Death.

You are all Warriors learn to be Courageous and always Defend Freedom because Cowards surely Suffer fates worst then Death.

Liberty and Freedom are the Greatest jewels.

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bluesbaby5050: An Ancient Story From Sirius A

Great Advice, from an ancient wise one.

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